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Little Audience for Nigel Farage or UKIP!

Posted by Greg Lance - Watkins (Greg_L-W) on 13/10/2013

Little Audience for Nigel Farage or UKIP!


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There Seems to be Little Audience for Nigel Farage or UKIP!

Hi,it may be a touch of over enthusiasm by the individual who made this compilation to say ‘Nigel Farage predicted everything#, but there is no doubt that on some things relative to the EU he has been correct in his predictions and his researchers have got it right.

However although this compilation selectively shows him doing what he does best, when he is on form, it is of very little influence and the relevance of the EU Parliament is shown by just how few people turn up to make their sound bites for the audience in their constituency and as with all politics it is clear the politicians tend to concentrate on getting re-elected rather than acquitting their duty to their electorate.

Speeches in the parliament are heard by very few people and listened to by even less!

Even those who viewed, or at least opened, this video, possibly to see what it was and click off after 10 seconds has not even reached 15,000 world wide in almost 2 months – rather less than this blog and that of team Junius!

Junius blog, Eric Edmond’s and this one do at least have the satisfaction of being read on a regular basis by media and UKIP senior members & staff and providing a searchable archive of facts and opinions relative to UKIP, as of course does Dr. Richard North’s.

It is probable that a realisation of just how limited the circulation of UKIP’s message is may well be the reason their claque and the ill informed in UKIP spend so much time desperately, and frequently dishonourably, seeking to defame us.

Interestingly it would seem that somewhere around 2/3rds. of the viewers of Farage videos and also seemingly Farage’s Twitter and facebook are from countries other than Britain and thus of little electoral value.

It is also worth noting that Farage has little to do with the internet, being largely computer illiterate, in terms of hands on they are far more the feelings of Annabelle Fuller in her paid capacity, when it comes to writing his Facebook and Twitter – this inspite of the foul mouthed Fuller’s leaking of candidate personal confidential material on the web and hers and Farage’s lies on the matter, John Whittaker, then UKIP chairman and a UKIP MEP assured the NEC that she was personna non grata in UKIP forever, shortly before he resigned being unprepared to lie and do Farage’s dirty work for him!

It does rather show just what an incompetent and dishonest leader Farage is and how he holds both democracy and his own placemen on his NEC in contempt rather giving the impression that like Adolf Hitler he has surrounded himself with ambitious low lifes who will do his bidding in return for favour and preferment with the aim to rise to power with bully boy tactics and duplicity in disregard of democratic process, allied to the scum of EUropean politics!

None of this of course gain says that Farage on a good day is good as a performer, as shown by making a compilation of such ‘good days’ which follows and is well worth the 14 minutes viewing.

Having watched the video, which a friend phoned me and made me aware of, I felt it apposite to comment on YouTube as follows:

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Greg L-W. 1 second ago

An excellent compilation showing Nigel Farage on form at what he does best – sadly the message reaches so few due to the poor structure & failures of UKIP as a party with its racist anti homosexual partners, poor research, lack of gravitas & corrupt claque of anonimised praise singers.

To expand UKIP has rushed to the gutter seeking populism and abuse to appeal to the lowest common denominator losing almost all its activists of any merit or credibility employing chums as praise singers – So Sad!

Greg L-W. 1 second ago

In 2015 Britain will be some 900% of GDP in debt, we can be assured that in 2017 the referendum will be so rigged and skewed that it will be lost by the EUroRealists.

The sad fact is that in 20 years UKIP has failed to gain meaningful traction & has failed to educate the public at large becoming sidetracked in tom foolery & stunts for populist notoriety & providing no sound source of non divisive facts and data.

Sadly as the flagship of EUroScepticism despite Farage’s talents UKIP has failed!

BridlingtonWarrior Replied with his opinion:

BridlingtonWarrior 1 day ago

No, UKIP has not failed at all just today UKIP got it’s 2nd counselor ever! it already has the 2nd highest amount of MEP’s in the European parliament. It has overtaken the Libs in the opinion polls and now has a higher membership than the Libs also by 2015 they are expected to be the 3rd biggest party in the UK so I ask how has UKIP failed? Yes they have their mishaps but it’s becoming mature and more disciplined. People are sick to death of the same lieing parties and now times have changed.

Greg L-W. 1 second ago

How foolish of me to believe a party that espouses Leave-The-EU that has failed to gain traction in domestic elections of any note to educate & lead the British public could after 20 years bne considered to have failed!!

Out of 1,750 candidates UKIP merely had 147 elected of whom several rapidly were forced to quit.

Of 13 elected MEPs Farage can only consider 4 to be supporting his party.

At this rate it will take over 100 years to achieve its aim – how do you define failure?

To be fair perhaps whoever it is, too ashamed to put their name to their postings and calling themselves Bridlington Warrior!, does not seem very well informed as he claims UKIP has only 2 councillors – yes I know they have very few, with only 147 out of 1,750 candidates elected and several of them having quit or been forced out, but I’m sure they have more than 2 left! Though to be equally fair we need to remember that of the 13 MEPs UKIP had elected Farage now only realistically has 4 left who support him!




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