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HS2 & More Hypocrisy From The UKIP Fuhrer

Posted by Greg Lance - Watkins (Greg_L-W) on 02/10/2013

HS2 & More Hypocrisy From The UKIP Fuhrer

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HS2 & More Hypocrisy From The UKIP Fuhrer!
A Guest Posting with my comments!



More Hypocrisy From The UKIP Fuhrer.

The following is taken directly from UKIP’s 2010 manifesto. It appears in the transport section.

“Invest in three new 200mph plus high-speed rail lines including a new line between London and Newcastle with a spur to Manchester, a London-Bristol-Exeter line and a linking route via Birmingham.”

Note please the words new, high-speed, and link.

So that would be HS2, then.

But now, of course, that others have taken the lead and roused opposition, it becomes prudent for the little man in the silly suit to pretend that he was against it all along. In fact, he has even claimed that UKIP is the only party to have opposed HS2. 

Calling for it in a recent manifesto is a funny way to oppose it!

Or perhaps they thought that nobody would notice!

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I think it was only their turn coat Peer and at the time Party leader Malcolm Lord Pearson, who has clearly not read the manifesto.

In fact he didn’t even know his party’s aim was to oppose the Tories against whom he urged a number of UKIP candidates to stand down!

That also was not in the manifesto – though I see it is now mooted by Nigel Farage clearly his sad puppet Tim Acker has no say as Policy Director just as Will Gilpin was sabotaged by bad leadership and bad practice!


There is of course no sound or viable case for HS2 which is a staggeringly costly vanity project.

The cheaper and far more sensible solution is to set out earlier if you wish tyo reach your destination sooner!

It is also well worth noting that railways have throughout their history syphoned work and people OUT of the provinces and rural areas to ever larger conurbations. Likewise jobs!

Further it is self evident that, by casting ones mind back a like time and noting the intervening progress, the country and technology will be incredibly different by the time HS2 was running if vanity prevails and it goes ahead.

Video conferencing may well have become a three dimensional experience by then and the need for travel will thus diminish considerably.

To liken rail as a service in Britain to that of continental countries is just dishonest as it is NOT the cost of transport which is the problem on rail it is the cost of handling! Britain is a tiny island by comparison with continental EUrope where goods and people can be transported 1,000s of miles with only one loading amnd unloading cost whereas in Britain few journeys exceed 150 miles and most are under 100 miles for that same handling cost.

No wonder our railways are not viable they are and will remain excessively expensive!

There is in fact a very sound argument for dismantling our railways as then commuting would become all but unviable and businesses would decentralise spreading jobs and wealth more widely and evenly, stabilising these United Kingdoms as a balanced area and pandering to the green lobby and the warmists by reducing the need for travel and the polluting influence of trains!




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