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Thoughts on Robin Tilbrooks Racist EDP Cult

Posted by Greg Lance - Watkins (Greg_L-W) on 03/10/2013

Thoughts on Robin Tilbrooks Racist EDP Cult

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Thoughts on Robin Tilbrooks Racist EDP Cult!
His Devious, Dishonourable and Hypocritical behaviour that so demeans any genuine members he may have in his following!


Robin Tilbrook

Robin Tilbrook (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Regarding his odious and dishonest posting on the site I said as follows, which includes a comment he invited but lacked the integrity to post about a week ago!Hi,

surely it is, unlike the article above, correct to define Robin Tilbrook as ‘Devious, Dishonourable and hypocritical’ in the light of the fact that he Deviously controls his comment section to ONLY reflect him in a good light by failing to publish factual comments that expose him for the racist fraud he clearly is.

Surely it is ‘Dishonourable’ to claim that Nikki Sinclaire was thrown out of UKIP when she had recently won a Court case against UKIP and had resigned from Nigel Farage’s extremist, racist, anti homosexual and anti Jewish UKIP Grouping in the pan EU political EFD Group and for having decided to sit as an independent in the EU parliament was then lied about and defamed by Malcolm Lord Pearson of R%annock and others to try to force her out of UKIP.

‘Hypocrisy’ is clearly manifest in that Robin Tilbrook not only selects comments to aggrandise his cult but is most clearly both prejudiced and a racist himself, as shown by the divisive desire to dismantle these United Kingdoms on some str5ange perception of race and English ethnicity as practiced by the lunatic fringe in Scotland via the SNP and similarly the unrealistic ludite Plaid minority in Wales.

May I remind Robin Tilbrook that it was he who invited comment on his blog, without statement of conditions and it would seem he fears fact, debate and reason – perhaps explaining why his little cult has remained just that – little and a cult, failing to make any meaningfull breakthrough in economic or political terms.

My comment, which may or may not be published on his blog, where comment is invited, is as follows:


the EDP draws on its roots of revivifying Robin Tilbrook’s The English National Party of the 1960s.

Face the facts – many consider it extremist to actively campaign & support these United Kingdoms being broken up, be that by Nazi Germany in 1939 or the foolish self serving political antics of Palid, Mabion Kernow, EDP or SNP.

That the EDP willingly compounds this by taking on high profile ex BNP members exacerbates their problem of being seen as extremists.

Robin Tilbrook unfortunately has a track record of damaging his own fan club with rants and vitriolic attacks as we see in his own entry on Wiki:

‘However, Davies announced his resignation from the party on 5 February 2013 citing “a big influx of new members joining from the British National Party”.[10] One of its councillors, Mick Glynn, resigned the following day after the party’s chairman, Robin Tilbrook,[11] launched a personal attack on Peter Davies reducing its number of elected representatives to two.’

Yet again the mouse that roared has emerged with a vitriolic ad hominem rant when his doomed plans to embrace the shambolic and politically challenged Mike Nattrass to try to boost his chances for growth predictably failed.

How foolish to have broken confidence and published early negotiations with Sinclaire, showing his political ineptitude and untrustworthy nature – as with the broadcasting of the details of his negotiations with the foolish Mike Nattrass when he failed to capture his support.

Pray tell – in his political campaigning since the 1960s spanning 6 decades wjhat has Tilbrook achieved and what signs of leadership have presented – leadership is more than betrayal of trust and ill cobnsidered ad hominem attacks!

Perhaps if the EDP is to continue on its extremist and damaging path ity may be time to find a leader of some competence and substance!



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