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Farage as An Out Take from Alan Bullock?

Posted by Greg Lance - Watkins (Greg_L-W) on 01/10/2013

Farage as An Out Take from Alan Bullock?

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Nigel Farage depicted by The Times as An Out Take from Alan Bullock?
Was the similarity to the subject of ‘A Study In Tyranny’ a deliberate warning all be it subliminal?




one has to wonder if The Times lampoon of Farage is of Saint Farage with his halo of light or merely an out-take of Alan Bullock’s ‘A Study In Tyranny’!


FARAGE, Nigel 69

It is sad to note the many similarities of Farage’s efforts to be taken seriously.

The opportunities are not dissimilar when one considers ‘Guns before butter’ relative to rejection of the imposition of The EU as with the imposition of the terms of The Versailles Treaty!

Selection of a minority on whom to lay blame for our country’s woes also strickes some chords.

Some may recal a strutting little man with a claque of bully boys and bigots gate crashing Hindenberg’s Parliament, the comment from Farage’s chosen one the vile pervert and liar responsible for PR & spin who has stated:

‘‘James, my fault but I told the [Evening] Standard that Nigel would be arriving at approx. 10.30 this morning. They have called and I expect a snapper and a female journalist (of some form of ethnic extraction) at Piccadilly.’

The witch hunts, lies and engineering of Farage’s NEC & candidate selection rigging has much in common with earlier events of The Reichstag Fire and the vilification of those who do not bow down and worship the jackanapes is all too redolent of Crystal Nacht.

Some may recall the perversion and misogynistic abuse of women in Germany leading to the suicide of one young mistress and the provision of another, as women were exploited as breeding machines in a Eugenics programme!

Even the ‘use’ of women merely for entertainment and self gratification and the efforts to exterminate homosexuals and Gypsies, actions currently ameliorated, of course, but none the less notable amongst the leadership clique, their claque and the rank and file, with no efforts to curtail or control it.

Alliances were drawn with the most odious in politics and extremism was a part of the power play, one wuld of course be fair in likening that to Farage’s creation and leadership of The EFD Group and the association with such as Marinne LePen, The EDL and other exctreme and odious factions cossied up to by members of UKIP’s leadership.

You may also recall the punishing schedule of flights and dashing around Germany from rally to rally, with a good turn of phrase and the attributes of a showman that led to the hapless Hitler seizing control of the German Government, having all but bankrupt his party in the first round of the election.

Indeed you may have noticed the rebuke of the outdated style of Bill Cash and the claims that politics has moved on:

To Quote:
‘I have to say Bill, and I hate to say this, but listening to you this afternoon I’ve realised that you are a hopelessly, out of date tribal politician who has not recognised that British politics has fundamentally changed.

‘To ask me, to support a party lead by Mr Cameron, in order we can get back our national independence. You’ve got to do rather better than that.‘

just as was the bullying and attempts at public humiliation of Hindenberg carried out.

The economics of the Weimar Republic in those days were that their debt level stood at 913% of GDP – meanwhile the percentage of dwebt in Britain  will be at 900% of our GDP come the 2015 election a debt that makes the debt of Italy, Spain & Greece seem quite meagre!

Could it be that The Times is drawing attention to the similarities subliminally?


Clearly there is still more time to strut and posture in Farage’s repertoire, but just where is the gravitas, economic reality, political understanding as we face a war, hopefully peaceful, to extricate our Country from the EU and the chronic debt with which it was saddled firstly by the pension terms imposed in 1909 which have now become unsupportable and the polityicising of the implementation of Lord Beveridges Report by the idiotic champagne socialist Aneurin Bevan who quit the valleys for luxury in Sussex with his extreme Communist wife Jenny Lee.

Well you have read your history I am sure and will be able to draw so many more parallels as we watch the irrefutable fact that when observing a performing monkey, bereft of a competent organ grinder,
‘The higher up the tree the monkey climbs the more you see its Rs’.





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