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Of 13 elected UKIP MEPs Farage is left with only 5

Posted by Greg Lance - Watkins (Greg_L-W) on 25/09/2013

Of 13 elected UKIP MEPs Farage is left with only 5

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The corruption of EUkip’s leadership
their anti UKIP claque in POWER & the NEC 

is what gives the remaining 10% a bad name!  


Of 13 elected UKIP MEPs Farage is left with only 5, or is that 4, who claim to support him!!



it is interesting ton note just how divisive and incompetent the pretence of leadership by Nigel Farage is!

You will note the general degradation of standard in the party and particularly amongst the activists and the claque – UKIP under the control of Farage has always been of the politically misguided op[inion that it is numbers that coun t, failing to understand the principles of leadership where gravitas and the calliber is far more valuable that mere numbers.

Of the 7 leaders UKIP has had since its foundation, it is a sobering realisation that only two remain members of the party and one of those is Farage – The others having left in outspoken acrimonious terms relative to Farage, in the main.

Do also consider that at least 74 elected members of the party NEC have quit or been forced out, mostly citing the behaviour of Nigel Farage as their reason. Often as a result of a style of kangaroo court beneath contempt such as the witych hunt against Chris Pain who we gather was forced out as he was seen as a threat by Farage and trumped up claims that he was supplying factual information to myself and team Junius were used, despite there being not one shred of evidence to back the speculation.

The bullying misogyny of the leadership clique has also ensured that not a single competent & intelligent woman has survived for any period in a position of consequence most noticeably commencing with Janet Girsman who was elected to the NEC but blocked ever from taking up her seat.

Farage even resorted to trying legal action to force Nikki Sinclaire out but lost the case resulting in her strengthened position where it was she who left UKIP in disgust as an MEP on ethical grounds.


The list of competent women who have seen through Farage’s inept leadership and the style of his deeply unsavoury cult includes many more like Petrina Holdsworth, Linda Guest, Rachel Oxley, Barbara Booker & numerous others.

Of the 18 MEPs UKIP has managed to elect Farage now finds himself with only 5 who claim to support him and even some of those would seem to be hanging in there in ther hope of taking over when Farage falls.

UKIP voters elected 13 MEPs at the last election but few remain so is a vote for UKIP just a vote to get an MEP elected so that they can then sit with a different party or a different group?

Interestingly UKIP’s own web site shows their claim to still have 11 of their 13 elected MEPs yet can only identify 8! Even of these 8 there is no sign of support from some for Farage’s party!
MEPs as at 26-09-2013
Well lets have a brush with reality!

Roger Helmer is NOT a UKIP elected MEP – he is a turncoat from the Tories w3ho having announced he was resigning was thwarted in his ambition to have his choice of successor and then in pique withrew his resignation and to spite the Tories threw in his lot with UKIP where in many ways he is more of a liability than an asset!

John Bufton has effectively quit supporting Farage & his party as he has stated he will not stand for UKIP at the next election, but it is understood he may well stand for another party or as an independent. John Bufton as UKIP’s MEP has openly stated he totally disagrees with Nigel Farage’s  diktat policy relative to Wales!

Trevor Coleman having followed Nikki Sinclaire’s ethical lead and quit Farage’s odious racist, anti homosexual and extreme EFD Group. Having promised, when he stood as a UKIP MEP, that if The UKFirstParty did well he would leave UKIP & join them one has to realise that neither Farage nor even UKIP can trust this self serving man who so rarely turns up to the EU may well be expected, when he loses his staffing allowances and ot6her expenses may well share aims with the failed UKIP leader Alan Sked!

William Legge aka William the 10th. Earl of Dartmouth was of course a failed Tory wanabe who became a placeman of Nigel Farage’s who seems to have been a sad disappointment with no financial support of consequence and all too willing, despite his inherited wealth, to accept his salary & expenses. In watchjing UKIP relatively closely for over 15 years with relativeluyn close ties I have yet to note ANYTHING of consequence tyhat William Legge has done towards the aim to Leave-The-EU beyond make a spectacle of himself and UKIP by having a tantrum in The EUP when he failed to get his own way – akin to a spoilt 3 year old.

So in reality Farage now finds that of 13 MEPs elected by UKIP voters he now only seems to have 4 still on board and of those 2 would be all too willing to knife him in the back if they thought they might gain his position as leader.

One sometimes wonders if the bullying oaf with his threats of personal attack Stuart Agnew has any future as he is still under investigation, together with David Bannerman, for his boasts of fraud made on camera to Daniel Foggo’s assistant and The Sunday Times.

We then regularly note the oleagenous, unethical and dishonest Gerard Batten makes little contribution of value to the core values of UKIP, unless of course Farage is willing to admit those core values include extremist incitement and criticism of Muslims, likely to encourage racial hatred based on the perceptions that Muslim equals Asian & African, and is a sound cause for hate speech based purely on relative superstitions.
Batten is more closely linked to the EDL it seems than the original grass roots UKIPpers though I appreciate the populism of such irresponsible behaviour has attracted a large number of ex BNP supporters.
To listen to the obsession Batten has with his misunderstanding of the Bilderberg Group members one wonders if he has any role in UKIP beyond embarrassing its more ethical supporters.

As for the odious liar and fraudster Derek Clark, who its seems has avoided jail for the same offence that Tom Wise found himself sentenced to 2 years in prison purely on the defence of his geriatric status – well so far I guess. As a supporter of Farage’s, though he is of little relevance or consequence, Clark can not be faulted as this aged and venal individual has been all too willing to prostitute ethics and his Country for tyhe security of tenure of his position.

In terms of leadership it is clear from the divisive nature that has been manifest even amongst cronies, drinking chums and placemen Nigel Farage is clearly u8tterly bereft of talent as the results show.
That is not for a moment to denigrate his ability, when on form, as a performer.
All be it his antics in the EUropean Union parliament are of little value, as he is seen largely as being the leader of the intermission jesters – almost no-one, in statistical terms, ever sees his well crafted performances, leading him to ever more insulting behaviour to gain recognition if not credibility for the total lack of gravitas, research or competence of UKIP.

Although, by dropping their standards and becoming ever more willing to pander to the lowest common denominator and align with the extremists, racists and anti homosexuals, Farage has raised the number of supporters for his act of cheeky chappie down the pub when his ruthless and centralised rigid control of the party belies the act of being in some way libertarian.

The rush to the gutter has beyond doubt placed UKIP as the apposite dustbin in which to cast ones protest vote in EUropean elections, though clearly the British public do not consider them reliable or a safe pair of hands in domestic politics – hence their abject failure to come anywhere close to having an MP elected and when out of over 1,700 candidates in the local elections a mere 147 were elected the squabbling increased and the vracks opened up leaving UKIP with a showy facade for the naive but no substance for the ethical.

The failure in either domestic elections and serial claims of intent to professionalise have left UKIP as clearly unfit for purpose, with falling ratings and ever widening cracks amongst the few remaining riders on the gravy train, despite the cynical self promotion of Patrick O’Flynn in The Express, which calls into question the paper’s objectivity and ability to report when its chief political journalist is seeking to feather his nest as a UKIP candidate!




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