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Mike Nattrass is in the main correct about UKIP

Posted by Greg Lance - Watkins (Greg_L-W) on 24/09/2013

Mike Nattrass is in the main correct about UKIP

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The corruption of EUkip’s leadership, 
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is what gives the remaining 10% a bad name!  


ex. UKIP MEP Mike Nattrass is in the main correct about UKIP & the corruption of the Farage cult!!



UKIP watchers may well be interested in the statement below by Mike Nattrass that I have received, which is doing the rounds:


stood up and supported the campaign against UKIP becoming a Pan European Party. I said that single parties across the EU would be a clear stepping stone to EU Federalism. (just like Republicans and Democrats across all USA states).

Nigel was incandescent when the members rejected the proposal because he was denied more money, I was blamed.

2. I
flagged up the fact that that Nigel started paying his wife (back in the 2004 parliamentary session) after telling all UKIP MEPs at length that one of the Golden Rules was that no UKIP MEP could pay a wife.

He secretly paid his wife without consulting the other UKIP MEPs and he was found out. Just like the pigs in animal farm changing the rules to suit themselves, he gave no apology.

He knew that I had exposed him.

3. I
campaigned against the UKIP Constitution, because it put all the Party’s power into the hands of one person, Nigel Farage.

That Constitution was passed by 91.8% according to Nigel. I doubt if many members read it before voting!

Nigel was aware that I advised members to vote NO.

4. I
pointed out that the EFD EU Group which Nigel leads (to get more money) contained Italian racists. I wrote to the NEC giving a dossier on Mario Borghasio and others … it was ignored and I left the EFD Group.

Later Mario openly supported the words of the Norwegian mass murderer and went on to racially abuse a black lady Italian Government Minister.

Did I get “well spotted, Mike” no I was the problem.

There are other aspects but you may see my point by now……… he who speaks the truth is fixed by Nigel’s hit squad. As time goes by the truth of what I am saying will be understood. Every party needs democratic discussion on policy…..not Farage’s Totalitarianism.

The Hit Squad continue to eject truth tellers and over the last three weeks two NEC members have been expelled, Doug Denny and Chris Pain for being honest ….. so where is the incentive to tell the truth within UKIP?

I first joined the UKIP NEC in 1997, I have been Party Chairman and later Deputy Leader and agree UKIP policy and have many friends within the membership but to allow the whole of our efforts to fall into the wrong hands was never the objective.

As for expansion, it is a fact that UKIP is now better known but the party had more MEPs under Roger Knapman than it does today. You will note how a number of UKIP MEPs have left and others are “marked down” on the MEP selection voting list. e.g. William Dartmouth and Gerard Batten …. quite simply because they do express their own views (however neither was in the vote rigging meeting)

UKIP must be known for policy, not for lack of honour and lack of truth.



Clearly Mike Nattrass is seeking to clear his name having been not only a stauncfh supporter of Nigel Farage and the corruption of UKIP as we should all remember that not only was he very much a part of the team that instigated much of the corruption but he also invested a considerable amount of his own money to ensure he personally remained a part of that and kept his place on the gravy train.
Nattrass has in fact largely destroyed his credibility by making claims that seem very exagerated, as with his claim that HE exposed Farage’s unethical payment of his wife Kirsten when it is very clear he did nothing of the sort as it was information I was party to and was published in the broadsheet media by Daniel Foggo.
It must also be recognised that with his bullying mannerNattrass was seen as very much one of Farage’s enforcers and it is seen as actions to improve his own position that found him providing offices for UKIP and playing an on off relationship with the undeniably racist, anti homosexual, extremist UKIP grouping in the EU as members of the pan EU EFD Group which hje did lit6tle to oppose until he had the opportunity to follow the e3thical lead of Nikki Sinclaire when he and Trevor Coleman sometime UKIP MEP quit the group.

The on off Hokey Kokey behaviour of Nattrass can also be seen in his seemingly unethical dealings with the EDP, to whom he made aedvances and agreed not6 only to speak at their conference but the terms of his joining The English Democrat Party, on which he reneged, at the last minute, on the flimsiest of grounds.

It is also worth noting that of 18 elected MEPs UKIP currently has only 7 sitting

Nigel Farage
South East Region
Stuart Agnew
Eastern Region

Gerard Batten
London Region

John Bufton
 Paul Nuttall
North West Region
Derek Clark
East Midlands Region
William Dartmouth
South West Region
+ of course the self serving
Roger Helmer who was elected as a Tory and in revenge for not being able to force his chosen successor now sits with UKIP on their extremist, racist and anti homosexual EFD Group, where he is more a liability than an assett.

Trevor Coleman is still technicaly an MEP in UKIP though he rarely turns up and would seem to be such an infrequent visitor that he is I believe in jeopardy of forfeiting his allowances and losing his staff! Do also note he followed the ethical example of Nikki Sinclaire and quitthe odious EFD Group, thus no longer sitting with UKIP.




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