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Posted by Greg Lance - Watkins (Greg_L-W) on 15/09/2013



For the record – despite the obfuscation, dissembling and outright lies of those trying to hide the truth about UKIP as it is – It is of absolutely no consequence how many read this blog or this web site or my Twitter or my postings around the internet and elsewhere, just like UKIP membership numbers are of no consequence just as it is irrelevant how many watch a UKIP video in America, China or even France – it is a matter of the caliber of those who read the entries NOT numbers.
This web site and all its entries are posted as an archive and if ONE person of influence reads it whether media, politician or individual and it leads to cleaning up & professionalising UKIP & giving it some ethical gravitas and consequence thus making it fit for purpose as a party, which British citizens would be proud to join to Leave-The-EU, it has served its purpose.
This blog is an archive available to all and made as accurate as possible, clearly differentiating between my opinions and values and factual reportage of UKIP.
As is clear: Any error of fact is always corrected, if brought to my attention, and comments are always published – for as long as they are compliant with the terms clearly stated as follows:

We welcome comments but reserve the right to moderate & refuse libelous or offensive comments and those we choose to delete when written by unidentifiable individuals hidden in anonymity in a cowardly manner to defame or abuse.

No comment has EVER been barred or deleted, which is genuine & clearly authored by a named & identifiable individual.

You will note many comments made have been commented on and even corrected by the blog owner.

We welcome genuine comments.

From my conversations with Team Junius I gather their aims were largely similar, as was their aim to inform and provide an archive of facts in support of UKIP becoming fit for purpose to lead to Leave-The-EU, which clearly it currently is not, as it tends to represent its own personal ambitions rather than British self determination, values and ethics.

At the moment Junius team have largely stopped addressing UKIP’s problems, in the belief that it is unlikely that UKIP will have any consequential influence on domestic politics after their failure in the local elections of 2013 when out of over 1,700 seats in which they stood candidates a mere 147 were elected and already they are falling by the wayside and or resigning due in part to lack of vetting, lack of professionalism and in some cases over racism, inappropriate behaviour and convictions for theft etc.

UKIP’s achievements are so clearly the product of a single individual that Junius has stood back from their role exposing UKIP’s ineptitude and dishonesty as unfit for purpose as to continue putting their own jobs at risk is no longer of sufficient consequence in the light of UKIP’s failure to obtain MPs, Police Crime Commissioners, Mayors or any other role of any gravitas or significance in domestic politics in 20 years.

Team Junius, I am told, possibly re-enter the position of political commentary if the situation alters and UKIP becomes of greater relevance in UK domestic policy rather than self serving also rans!

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I NEVER post in cowardly anonymity, nor obfuscate my identity as I believe it is an ethical matter of integrity to stand by ones comments. If unsure or deliberately misleading one should NOT demean oneself by dishonesty hiding one’s identity as a coward or a traitor would.

For the record I have NEVER had personal aspirations politically, nor have I ever stood for office; further I have NEVER joined or been a member or been funded by any political party, faction or similar organisation.

I trust these facts help clarify details for the ill informed and the outright liars who seek to defame me, my blogs, postings and web sites.




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