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UKIP Will Do ANYTHING for Publicity It Seems!

Posted by Greg Lance - Watkins (Greg_L-W) on 04/09/2013

UKIP Will Do ANYTHING for Publicity It Seems!

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The corruption of EUkip’s leadership, 
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is what gives the remaining 10% a bad name!  


UKIP Will Do ANYTHING for Publicity It Seems! They may get publicity but clearly get used in return as they offer a home to ANYONE regardless of the reasons!



all too often one hears from the low lifes who pose as spokesmen for UKIP that there is no such thing as bad publicity – one notes how often these spokespeople hide their unpleasant and ill informed self seeking stupidity behind anonymity with false names and lies!

Lord Beaverbrook as a multi Millionaire press baron may well have been in a position to believe his comment but the amount of bad publicity UKIP gets is repeatedly showing them for what they are – a self serving clique seeking enrichment and status and as so often happens with dishonest people seeking their own gains they get demeaned and used!

UKIP has sadly failed on almost every count in domestic politics and seems to have only acted as a magnet for those seeking their own glory and as a dustbin in which to place protest votes.

Yes UKIP membership has finally  regained that which they achieved back in the days of Roger Knapmann’s leadership Steve Harrand even that was based on the lies and false promises made by Nigel Farage to dupe Robert Kilroy Silkn into membership which gained huge publicity and a downgrading of the standards  of its membership.

Let us not forget that Boys Own as a mere pop group had the same number of paid up fans as UKIP has members –

The lack of professionalism and the obvious determination of its star performer to drive anyone who might be a challenge to him out of the party and surround himself with low grade over paid ingrates is all too clear!

With endless poor publicity and incompetent leadership UKIP is going nowhere and after 20 years they still have no coherent strategy, no visible tactics, no clear plan and have still failed to present a viable UK exit and survival strategy when it comes to The EU.

UKIP will never be of consequence until it makes good the shortfall and professionalises rather than organising a revolving door of people joining the party in the hope of professionalising it and quitting in yet another series of bad publicity when they realise just how corrupt, how racist and how self serving are its leadership and its odious cronies.

UKIP pair undecided about their future

POLITICAL CHANGE ... South Tyneside councillors Steve Harrison, Linda Hemmer and George Elsom when they defected to UKIP with, from back left, regional UKIP Richard Elvin and deputer leader Paul Nuttall.

POLITICAL CHANGE … South Tyneside councillors Steve Harrison, Linda Hemmer and George Elsom when they defected to UKIP with, from back left, regional UKIP Richard Elvin and deputer leader Paul Nuttall.

Coun George Elsom, official opposition leader on South Tyneside Council, last week announced he was leaving UKIP, which he only joined this summer in order to smash Labour’s political power stranglehold in the borough.

Now Steve Harrison and Linda Hemmer have revealed they have not made their minds up about standing for UKIP – or any other political party – at local elections in 2014 and 2015.

Although still “committed” to supporting UKIP, which they joined at the start of June, both say they are still considering their future political options.

And both councillors, who represent the Fellgate and Hedworth ward in Jarrow, say they “understand” the reasons Coun Elsom quit UKIP.

Coun Harrison said: “George dipped his toe in the water and decided that he didn’t like aspects of UKIP, and Linda and I respect that.

“But we joined UKIP because we were able to maintain our political independence and because there is no whip on local councillors with the party, as there is with Labour.

“Linda and I still consider ourselves independents. It’s always been about serving the local people in our ward, never about party politics.

“We can call on the power of UKIP on bigger issues, but there has never been any interference from the party at local level.”

Coun Harrison was a Labour Party member for 12 years, but quit in 2003, after becoming “disillusioned” with the party.

Pressed to say if he will stand as a UKIP candidate in South Tyneside next year, Coun Harrison said: “I would have to go through the proper selection process and it hasn’t got to that stage yet.

“It’s not simply that I haven’t decided I won’t stand for UKIP, but that I haven’t decided I will stand for re-election at all.”

But both councillors are still backing UKIP, which will hold a recruitment meeting at the Little Haven Hotel, in River Drive, South Shields, at 7pm on Tuesday.

Coun Hemmer said: “I haven’t decided if I’m even standing for election in two years’ time.

“Being a councillor is a difficult role and I cannot say what the future holds.

“I understand George’s reasons for leaving UKIP and respect those reasons, but all three of us will still work together as independent councillors.

“Steve and I are still independent councillors, but operating under the umbrella of UKIP.

“But as I’ve said before, I don’t do party politics – I do people – and UKIP puts no party whip on us.

“I left Labour because I was disgusted with the party and remain disgusted over issues such as the closure of Queens Road Day Centre in Jarrow.

“But I don’t know if I’m standing as a candidate for any party in 2015.”

Coun Elsom, who represents the Cleadon Park ward, in South Shields, denied that joining UKIP was “a mistake”.

He said he quit because he did not believe membership would help bolster the political opposition in the borough, for the greater good of the people of South Tyneside.

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