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UKIP Needs A Bigger Sack For Its Squabbling Ferrets!

Posted by Greg Lance - Watkins (Greg_L-W) on 03/09/2013

UKIP Needs A Bigger Sack For Its Squabbling Ferrets!

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Clean EUkip up NOW make UKIP electable! 


The corruption of EUkip’s leadership, 
their anti UKIP claque in POWER & the NEC 

is what gives the remaining 10% a bad name!  


UKIP Needs A Bigger Sack For Its Squabbling Ferrets! Thgis time it is the then CEO of UKIP who shows his contempt for the infighting and self promotion within UKIP and Chris Pain rernouncing the corruption in the party!!


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From: Greg Lance-Watkins (Greg_L-W)



You may be interested in the eMail below and the relevant attachments.

So that I keep lines of communication open please acknowledge source as

If you choose to use it or forward it.


It will be on my web site later today, when I have time.

Do note that I have a copy of the MP3, which is very clear and as per the transcription I have supplied – sorry my tecNoSkills are not up to posting a copy on this web site and as it may aid in disclosing my sources I have made no effort to upload the item.

ALSO you will be amused to note that I reminded people that today was UKIP’s 20th. Anniversary of foundation in 1993, earlier this morning.

I get the impression it was a good thing I did as it seems to have reminded UKIP, who published the fact at about 15:40hrs.!




PS. Sorry about the delay in posting this but at 14:30hrs. today my Aunt died, so I have been a little preoccupied!



Skype: gregl-w


I never post anonymously on the internet.

For details on accuracy please see:


Date: Tue, 3 Sep 2013 10:36:12 +0000
Subject: Fwd: Conversation re Steve Crowther’s actions to take Cllr chris Pain out of UKIP


The conversation attached below, is between ex UKIP CEO Will Gilpin and Chris Pain, re Steve Crowther’s actions to take hard working, long standing, UKIP activist Cllr Chris Pain out of UKIP.

This relates to late 2012 / 2013, before any of the fake face book posts were posted late May and raises the issue of the total handling of the situation by UKIP. The full conversation would have a serious effect on UKIP and this is not the intention, so the parts are only attached that have a direct impact on the handling of Chris Pain.



This raises the issue that Chris Pain has not been handled fairly by the party.



Questions were asked re the issue that Steve Crowther had apparently picked the final MEP lists, rather than them being selected as a result of merit on the selection process.



This has been highlighted by Doug Denny, who has been thrown off the NEC, because he was trying to correct what he believes to be a floored (sic) process.



The response was that the only way of challenging the process, was via the courts and not through the party or the NEC.



This is not democratic or fair as stated in the UKIP constitution in how we should act as a party.



The main problem is the defamation of character against Chris Pain, which has not been addressed.



Apologies for the rough transcript, but it was done from 2am until 5am in the morning.



Written Words of Recording Re Telephone Conversation with Will Gilpin

Chris Can I ask you a straight question which is involving me, yes, did Steve Crowther have any involvement, on my side, when it came in front of the NEC.

Will   When it came to your three months suspension?

ChrisNo No before that.

Will   What did you mean

Chris Did Steve have any conversations with you or separately

Will   I’ll give you the honest answer I can’t remember the details, but I was well aware that Steve had lots of antipathy towards you, and made it very clear he would like to get you out of the party, and would do whatever he could to achieve that.

Chris that ties in with what somebody else has said.

Will Okay yes

Chris Somebody else quite high up has said exactly the same

Will   Yes, when you arranged your conference and invited me and Kate to speak at it or me to speak at it and I turned you down, because Steve gave me a direct order, that I wasn’t to attend or have anything to do with you, and giving that he was paying my pay cheque I went along with it.

Chris That’s obvious and unbelievable

Will   Just because his argument to me was that the conference was project designed to get you elected, and he didn’t want to get you elected,  we had to do our best not to support it.

Chris That explains on my lead through Lisa and everybody cancelled on the Sunday as well, because they cancelled on the Sunday and we were doing the Sunday training for people and they cancelled, they got the same…

Will   I imagine so I am not aware, but I am sure Steve I didn’t really know him that well, but I had done a couple of bits with him and I liked him, and because he thought that I liked him he could get me to do what he wanted. You know, it has taken me quite a while to realise that, I still haven’t quite figured him out

Chris But to be honest with you how can I say it

Will   I know he doesn’t like Nigel, but on the other hand this is his carer isn’t it

Chris You say he doesn’t like Nigel but

Will   He doesn’t like him, But he knows Nigel is his paymaster, his gravy train


ChrisMore than understanding it he kept going on the same tact that it didn’t matter that they weren’t on your site. I said well of course it does because that’s what people think it is on my facebook site

Will   yeh yeh yeh you were dammed if you did and dammed if you didn’t in fact weren’t you cos if you had admitted they were on your site he would have had you for that, and if you said they weren’t he would have accused you of lying, so

ChrisBut the downside is he knows the fact they weren’t there, he knew they weren’t there afterwards, I actually gave him the proof and sent it to him directly and showed him where they were, and I didn’t get that until the I approached the news editor who sent it through to me. I didn’t know what open part, because I’d been told by somebody else he was using it to take me purposely out of the MEP position, and take me out of the party, which coincides with what you said

Will   Yes I know that is something he wanted to do, I can’t tell you is there was any specific plan, other than he just saw this opportunity and thought, it looked good, you know

Chrishow long  .. has he ever said why he wanted me out of the party? Has he ever drop that reason out or, is it down to Nigel or what,

Will   yes probably down to Nigel probably because you are pushy and Nigel doesn’t like anyone pushy, that might go for the leadership at some point

Christhat’s ridiculous


Will   Steve and Nigel think you are getting too big for your boots, building a power base for yourself, they only want one power base in the party, in other parties there would be lots of power basis


Will   Steve saw his opportunity he got me to get somebody to have a look at your site and obviously it was their report that was read out, you  know, I am not going to tell you who they are obviously because they are still in the party, I don’t think they particularly had a part dropping, they were just doing what they were told

Chris obviously portrayed it in a way, just by him getting you to say all the stuff had been deleted,

Will   yes

Chriswhen he knew the fact that it wasn’t on there in the first place

Will   yes yes

ChrisAlthough is sounds damming in front of the NEC, and in front of disciplinary proceedings he wouldn’t have got away with that, I would have had witnesses and evidence and gone through it bit by bit.

Will   Yes

Chris  it was like everything he threw at me at that meeting, from about the rally in Boston, which he knew about, which had been passed by Paul, and the motion that he told me to do exactly what I did do, and he knows he told me exactly what to do and Piers said the same and to throw all these things in, it was obviously bazaar, I should have had a disciplinary action where I would have got seven days notice where I could have took each bits of evidence in with me, to go through them

Will   which is what Piers said isn’t it

Chris obviously he didn’t want that, because he thought he could con people as a full NEC and twist the facts marginally enough to hit me with other stuff to get it passed


Will   it was gerimanded

Chriswithout a doubt

Will   why they excluded me from the process of course

Chris  yes the thing is it is quite obvious, Steve has done it from day 1 the whole process, pushed it rammed it through, made sure he was showing the subcommittee no minutes from the subcommittee tour at all, which to be fair is not unprofessional it is crooked

Will   yes

Chris  and then actually pushed it forward even further to leave selectors where people are, without the NEC passing a mandate about how people should be  point  scored    and these always through

Will   it’s a win win, either we’re sent the list they’ve given or we reject the entire process at which point Nigel operates the list,

Chris  it would probably be a bit fairer

Will   at lease its know

Chris  I look at what they have done so far, although I don’t agree with that, at least it would save a lot of people time energy and effort in the party

Will   and money

Chrisand money, and a lease it would be straight forward and say that’s Nigels choice and that’s it

Will   yeh yes

Chris  all Steve’s done is pushed it through regardless

Will   well that was the final straw for  me in terms of my enthusiasm for the  post

Chris what you doing now then

Will   nothing I am on holiday for a week and then gonna start working out what to do.




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