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The Lies & Odious Behaviour of Derek Clark & UKIP Members

Posted by Greg Lance - Watkins (Greg_L-W) on 25/07/2013

The Lies & Odious Behaviour of Derek Clark & UKIP Members

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The corruption of EUkip’s leadership, 
their anti UKIP claque in POWER & the NEC 

is what gives the remaining 10% a bad name!  


The Lies & Odious Behaviour of Derek Clark & UKIP Staff, Members and some of its cowardly staff & supporters too ashamed to put their names to their cyber dishonesties & opinions!!



having been in contact with Tony Ellwood and others involved at the time I can confirm that his report of the despicable behaviour of UKIP and its representatives and of the proven liars Derek Clark
Derek Clark, MEP

and Don Ransome



are largely correct and as Tony Ellwood has published today, under the name ‘Tiquipaya’:



Junior Member


Join Date

Oct 2011


Those who are quick to offer scorn and ridicule on others,

are often slow to appreciate their equal right to justice and a fair

hearing. Can I use that as the basis for my explanation?

I had two encounters with the Police, both of which were very

harmful to me, and both were the result of the endeavours of

staff employed by Derek Clark MEP. On the first occasion the

Police arrived at my pied-a-terre, an address which I did not use

for purposes of mail and electoral registration, but only casual

occupation for my convenience of employment. It was about 8,am

and some eight Police arrived with a battering ram. I told them that

force was not necessary, for I had done nothing wrong and would co-operate

wholly with them. I was taken to a local Police station and held for about

10-12 hours while they searched my address and removed whatever they chose.

At the end of that time I was not charged, or cautioned or advised to live a more

innocent life. They had received a call to Crime-Stoppers which was wholly devoid

of truth. That was a fearful and humiliating experience, and one from which I have not

wholly recovered. A few days previously one of Mr Clark’s staff warned me to expect

a visit from the Police, and that proved to be the case. Following the event, I telephoned

Mr Clark, and he sneeringly said that it could have been UKIP.

That was to be just the first interest that the Police were to take in me. A report was

passed to the Police that I was transferring capital from the bank account of an elderly

relative and depositing it into another. The Police visited that elderly relatives care home,

and I was able to fully explain the situation. Acting with the power of attorney, I was not

only entitled to make those transfers, but was required to do so. That was to ensure my

relative had security of residence. I was soon to holiday in Bolivia, and I was anxious to

clear doubts that the Police may have had. They told me that they were fully satisfied,

as the home confirmed the financial arrangement which involved me. Whilst in Bolivia,

contacts with the Police informed me that all their enquiries had ceased. It later transpired

that the Police informant had been an employee of Mr Clark, and that name remains on the

investigation file.

Why should that have happened to me? I had been a faithful member and paid employee of

UKIP for some 15 years. The late Geoffrey Kingscott, UKIP General Secretary, had assigned to

me that task of analysing the national account. I reported to him that concerns were justified

and more investigations were needed. I was to encounter immediate difficulties, which finally

resulted in my employment being terminated. If Mr Clark feels that he is being harshly

treated, he is welcome to provide his version of events to the Police or HMRC.

Why should I have to have these falsehood resurrected on the BDF in recent times? They were false

at the time, and that remains the position.Without a blemish on my good name, I am not prepared

to be harmed further by those postings which were published on the BDF. I have written both privately

and through an ‘open letter’ to Mr Butcher. All has been ignored. May I again ask that he provides those

postngs from Mr Pain and Mr Ransome? He can do it privately to me, or through any Police or statutory

agency. This is not a game, but a serious matter which he appears prepared to ignore.

We then hear from too particularly odious fools ‘Independent UKIP’ and ‘FKEU’ both too ashamed of their sneering publishings and distortions to put their names to their cowardly and ill informed opinions.

Ian Gillman would seem to have the measure of them:





Join Date

Aug 2010


FKEU : You are an utter fool. Utterly pointless. You were not, and
have never been part of matters. You do however, unfortunately; have a

The NEC are ” jointly and severally liable “.

I was the only member of that NEC to actually attempt to do something. No person supported me.

I was not prepared to be arrogantly and violently threatened with a
requirement for silence ( in contempt of court ) whilst being” jointly
and severally liable ” for what was explained, and other matters that I
knew were going on. Tom Wise MEP impacts here.

Subsequent to me, Messers Edmund, Abbot and Young found themselves challenged in a similar manner.

It is interesting to recall the circumstances around events at the NEC
with Dr Eric Edmund, and Mr Derek Clark MEP the former national

Mr Clark does enjoy particularly interesting summer holidays.

Following his return from this years travels we must hope that he feels
sufficiently relaxed to unwind all of his knowledge about matters
affecting us, and our greater families.

The unpleasant sneering manner of cowards like ‘Independent UKIP’, ‘FKEU’, Mick McGough’, and earlier imbecilic postings by the likes of Douglas Denny, Skeptyk, Mark Croucher or the lies of UKIP Chairmen, Derek Clark, Tom Wise and the like do such regular and major harm to UKIP and they seem too stupid to realise! As ‘Mike’ points out, in his own inimitable way:




Mike is online now

Trusted Member


Join Date

Jun 2005


Thank God I’m banned from UKIP and can’t be persuaded to give it any money. Anyone agree?





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