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Farage & His Party Lurch From UKIP Disaster AGAIN

Posted by Greg Lance - Watkins (Greg_L-W) on 20/07/2013

Farage & His Party Lurch From UKIP Disaster AGAIN

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The corruption of EUkip’s leadership, 
their anti UKIP claque in POWER & the NEC 

is what gives the remaining 10% a bad name!  


Farage & His Party Lurch From UKIP Disaster AGAIN with no plausible defence, coherent strategy or even visible tactics – dependent on parasitic inadequates as spokesmen and with no gravitas or credibility!!


Hi,I’m no fan of the modern unions and believe they are largely to blame for the rot of British society and its industries, stiffling entrepenuerial efforts and sponsoring the obscene excesses of the Labour Party. Labour like the unions would seem to be largely a scam for rather unpleasant people to exploit the gullible and enrich themselves, in a largely unprincipled manner5.

One only has to look at the vaste wealth Tony Blair created for himself by exploiting political privilege and opportunities or Arthur Scargill who took over a huge union whilst living in a small house with a modest car and exploited the system to create a much smaller and all but irelevant union whilst chauffer driven in an expensive car and living in a large house!

Such a common patern!

I also resent the corruption of the democratic process which has been achieved by unions just as with the various superstition groups in our country be tyhey the bronze age cults & constructs like Islam or christianity or the modern fashionable scams like Greens, Warmists and their odious ilk!

I declined to publish the article below when I first read it on the 13-Jul-2013 as I do not value the opinions of union leaders any more than I value those of prattling priests of whatever superstition! However the article thaty follows this first article adds rather more weright to the comments on UKIP, with which in isolation I largely disagree!

Secret Unite report calls UKIP a ‘pre-fascist’ party: McCluskey’s union says Miliband ‘panders’ to the Right – and plots more control over Labour

  • Scathing report written by former Unite political director Steve Hart
  • Says Labour is not doing enough to oppose ‘austerity’ cuts
  • Criticises Miliband for intervening in Falkirk selection row

By Simon Walters, Mail on Sunday Political Editor


Warning: Steve Hart, a recent Unite political director, wrote the key report

Warning: Steve Hart, a recent Unite political director, wrote the key report

Nigel Farage’s anti-EU UKIP party has been condemned as ‘pre-fascist’ and ‘xenophobic’ in a secret report by Len McCluskey’s Unite union.

The report accuses Ed Miliband of ‘pandering’ to Right-wingers, calls Ed Balls ‘deeply disappointing’, says Labour is not doing  enough to oppose the Government’s ‘austerity’ spending cuts and ‘prevaricated’ over fighting the so-called ‘bedroom tax.’

It praises ‘brave’ rebel Labour MPs who defied Mr Miliband by voting against new laws to force the unemployed to take jobs.

It is scathing about the Labour leader’s decision to intervene in the row over claims that Unite tried to rig a Parliamentary selection contest in Falkirk, Scotland.

And it reveals how Unite is to spend £10,000 on up to 100 Labour target seats, focusing on union- backed candidates – with the campaigns run by Unite ‘constituency captains’ – to try to gain more influence over Labour policies after the next Election.

The document, seen by The Mail on Sunday, was written by Steve Hart, who has close links with the Labour leadership and was Unite’s political director until he left last month after a power struggle.

Mr Hart is a former aide to Ken Livingstone and the son of the late Judith Hart, a Left-wing Cabinet Minister who served in Labour governments in the 1960s and 1970s. The confidential report, submitted to a meeting of Unite’s political committee, launches a highly provocative attack on UKIP leader Nigel Farage, warning Mr Miliband not to ‘chase’ his party’s votes.

‘The UKIP vote represents a dangerous, populist Right-wing vote which is swayed by anti-immigrant and anti-European rhetoric – and nostalgia for a comfortable world that never really existed,’ it states.

‘These are all the hallmarks of pre-fascist movements – which is not to say that UKIP is fascist, because it isn’t, but to point to the dangers of ignoring them and the issues or attempting to chase them.’

General Secretary of Unite union Len McCluskey is in the midst of a bitter dispute with Labour leader Ed Miliband over the Falkirk selection battle

General Secretary of Unite union Len McCluskey is in the midst of a bitter dispute with Labour leader Ed Miliband over the Falkirk selection battle

Mr Hart adds: ‘The threat of xenophobic UKIP remains very real – in common with Right-wing populism and indeed fascism, which is growing dangerously across Europe.’


In the strongly-worded section on ‘anti-fascism’, the report deplores the ‘outpouring of racism’ over the murder of soldier Lee Rigby in Woolwich, adding: ‘Far too many, in the thrall of Islamophobia, sought to blame Islam. Yet rightly, no one blames Christianity for Jimmy Savile’s crimes.’

The disclosure of the report comes in the middle of a bitter dispute between Mr Miliband and Unite General Secretary Mr McCluskey over the Falkirk selection battle. The Unite-backed candidate, Karie Murphy, a close friend and ally of Mr McCluskey, was suspended from the Labour Party after claims that the union tried to rig the contest, a claim the union denies.

It prompted Mr Miliband to order major changes in Labour’s links with the unions. Defiantly, the union’s ‘General Election plan’ says that ‘in spite of current frustrations and anger’ in the wake of the Falkirk row, its ‘strategic purpose and direction remain clear’.

Slur: Nigel Farage's UKIP party supporters are described as dangerous

Slur: Nigel Farage’s UKIP party supporters are described as dangerous

It makes no attempt to conceal its lukewarm support for Mr Miliband, stating: ‘The worst Labour government is better than the best Tory government.’

It gives details of Unite plans to run its own campaign ‘cells’ in 100 Labour target seats, which will provide supporters with resources, including clothes.

‘Unite will build a structure based on one Constituency Captain and field organisers. The Constituency 10 will have responsibility for organising 10 contacts with each Unite member in the seat 20 months before the Election.’

The document makes it clear that despite its setback in Falkirk,  it remains determined to get as many pro-Unite Labour candidates as possible, and in secrecy,  if necessary.

‘Our work in selections is a bit like a swan, all that can be seen is indication of support here or there, while below the water, activity is furious.’

It says the activities of Unite’s political department is ‘dominated currently by candidate selection matters’, and it adds: ‘We  have had to park some areas of  work temporarily – selections wait for no one.’

To read the original article CLICK HEREIt is sad that UKIP with so sound a policy when they espoused Leave-The-EU has become so befouled and corrupt and utterly beredt of competent leadership, ethical standards and any gravitas with the unfortunate Nigel Farage, for all his talents as an entertainer, portrayed as something of a clown by the party he controls to promote him!

Populism may provide ‘shock’ results and publicity but showing ones leader as beset with his various doxies with an omni present, nay even mandatory, pint in hand as some sort of degenerate louthario is hardly meat for long term respect and results, compounded by promotion of his addiction to cigarettes and glee at breaking the law and like a small boy who tells juvenile toilet jokes Farage may get publicity being rude and offensive but he demeans democracy and undermines his own long term credibility.

That UKIP Press Office has a long list of liars, degenerates and criminals as its staff perhaps points the way to the source of his inept PR.

Just how inept the PR is is shown by the vile behaviour of its many faces with a few like Douglas Denny, Mark Croucher, Annabelle Fuller, Gawain Towler, Clive Page, Gulliford, Batten, Bloom and their ilk and the serial use of the corrupt influence of those who shelter their shame at their dishonesty and unpleasant efforts to denigrate & defame those who seek to expose the corruption and have adult conversations to try to make UKIP fit for purpose, by anonimising their output or using pseudonyms in their embarrassment.

Consider this article below where the Farage Party can not even agree on what excuses to use for their odious behaviour:

I was booted out of UKIP for my links to trade unions

Friday, July 19, 2013

A former UK Independence Party (UKIP) candidate in Devon, who followed Nigel Farage on his infamous tour of Scotland, claims to have been expelled for being a trade unionist.

David Smith, a retired teacher and bus driver who was in line to stand as an MEP, has branded his local Exeter branch a “renegade” operation and appealed to the colourful leader to “sort it out”.

Mr Smith, 64, who braved what Mr Farage branded as anti-English protests in Aberdeen and Edinburgh, said he was told his continued membership of the National Union of Rail, Maritime and Transport Workers (RMT) was a case of “mixed loyalties”.

The party has angrily rejected the accusations as “fictional” and “ludicrous” – claiming it has growing support among disgruntled former Labour voters – and said Mr Smith’s membership was simply not renewed because he was “not a team player”.

UKIP has become a political force to be reckoned with this year, taking a 23.2% share of the overall vote to gain four seats on Devon County Council for the first time in May. But in Exeter, where Labour won two seats, taking their tally to seven, the party failed to make an impact on Labour or the Tories, who hold the remaining two seats.

Mr Smith was hoping to be selected to become a candidate for the European Parliament in 2015 until he received a letter dated June 17, from Devon-based party chairman Steve Crowther, declining his application to renew his membership and refunding his subscription.

Mr Crowther blamed the refusal on “repeated and sustained round-robin e-mails” making “all kinds of allegations”. “These allegations have been fully investigated and found to have no basis, yet the e-mails have continued,” he wrote.

Mr Smith claims the decision to exclude him should be taken by the National Executive Committee. He said there was an “unofficial policy” against union members, adding: “I want to stay in UKIP to fight EU domination but I have been pushed out – my question to Nigel is are you going to sort it out?”

In a reply to Mr Crowther’s letter, he added: “After travelling to the other end of the UK, canvassing and delivering leaflets in the housing estates of Aberdeen in the run up to the Don by-election where I actively supported our candidate Otto Inglis and Party leader against vociferous demonstrators, some of which were anti-fascists – this was some reward.”

UKIP South West spokesman James Carver said: “Mr Smith’s membership application was not renewed due to circumstances surrounding a breach of electoral law, and his failure to address that important issue to the satisfaction of the local branch committee, when challenged.

“The allegations in his letter are clearly misplaced and inaccurate – UKIP has many trade unionists as members, and at no time whatsoever was he censured for any trade union activity or membership. This is just sour grapes from a former member, who would not work as part of a team, at a time when UKIP is going from strength to strength.”

To read the original article CLICK HERE.




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