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Theft, Racism & other UKIP behaviour causes resignations

Posted by Greg Lance - Watkins (Greg_L-W) on 12/06/2013

Theft, Racism & other UKIP behaviour causes resignations

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Theft, Racism & other UKIP behaviour causes resignations! Chris Pain resigns but lingers on but Peter Georgiou understands his position and quits!



it is interesting to note that UKIP Councillor Peter Georgiou, Norfolk County Councillor for Thetford West, is resigning having been found to have been caught stealing from a shop yet the UKIP Councillor for Lydney in Gloucestershire considers it appropriate to remain in office having similarly having been reported to have stolen from a shop!

On the other hand Chris Pain does not believe he is fit to act as chairman of his local EU Regional UKIP committee yet believes it appropriate to stay in his paid role as the elected representative on the council, which I find strange, in the light of the allegations of racism that seem of some substance and have been dealt with in some detail already on this blog.

Further we are given to understand that despite his strange behaviour on public Forums and other allegations against him in the public domain, by UKIP members, he believes it is not only acceptable to remain on UKIP NEC but also expects Nigel Farage to nominate/select him as a potential MEP candidate on the lists he will personally draw up in cahoots with his direct cronies! In accord with the centralised and authoritarian powers of UKIP – a far from democratic or libertarian construct!

Little winder that UKIP support amongst the electorate has collapsed by 1/3rd. from its far from consequential recent high when of over 1,700 candidates fielded they achieved a far from impressive failure with only 147 elected – several of whom have, like Peter Georgiou have already quit for theft , racism or inappropriate behaviour!

That Neil Hamilton, who recently featured for his sleaze and dishonesty on Panorama is a leading candidate for a UKIP MEP seat and sits on UKIP NEC there is every reason to have expected some fall back in popularity as the facts became more widespread about UKIP’s clear inappropriate behaviour and also their support and involvement in racism and anti homosexuality with its EU partners in The Pan EU EFD Political Group which includes extremists of the most revolting nature!

As I have often pointed out: ‘The higher up the tree the monkey climbs the more you see its Rs’ .

The more UKIP achieves the more it will meet with scruting and the more people will realise it has little or no role or relavance in domestic politics!

UKIP’s Chris Pain insists he will stand as MEP

The UKIP councillor embroiled in racism allegations has countered claims his party had barred him from standing as an MEP.

Lincolnshire County Council’s ward-holder for Burgh and Wainfleet, Coun Chris Pain, was previously believed to have been categorised as ‘not a member of good standing’ – barring him from representing the party in next year’s European election

However, Coun Pain insists the sanctions imposed on him by UKIP are merely a formality while he clears his name and says he has submitted an application to stand as an MEP.

“It’s a mystery where this came from,” Coun Pain said.

The party said last week that it was suspending judgement about Coun Pain’s future with the party pending the results of a police investigation. It has refused to comment on his ability to stand as an MEP or other sanctions supposedly brought against him.

Coun Pain was alleged to have made racist Facebook posts referring to immigrants as ‘bomb-making, camel-riding, goat-******* ragheads’ among other offensive terms.

He has vehemently denied the allegations, claiming his account was hacked in a malicious attack on him and his party.

However, Coun Pain has stood down from his role as the party’s East Midlands chairman pending the outcome of an investigation into the claims. Coun Pain says he has not yet been contacted by the police in respect to the allegations.

He fears the latest rumours were part of another attack against him.

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