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Allegations of Rape & Brutal Assault at UKIP Conference

Posted by Greg Lance - Watkins (Greg_L-W) on 07/07/2013

Allegations of Rape & Brutal Assault at UKIP Conference

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Allegations of Rape & Brutal Assault and apparent failure of UKIP leadership to act responsibly at UKIP Conference!!


Hi,for reasons which I hope you apopreciate, I make no comment on this article as I am dependent on the reliability of the legal team at The Telegraph for having checked the story in detail.

A story I was first informed of by a single source some time ago and advised that without greater corroboration I was unwilling to publish the allegations and advised that IF my source was in contact with the young woman he should advise her to contact the police as soon as possible.

I did not believe, in view of the indisputable corruption of UKIP and its all too frequent misogynistic behaviour, as widely reported, that she stood any chance of justice via UKIP’s leadership structure.

It would seem I was correct as any responsible organisation would have immediately reported the matter to the police and ‘held the hand’ of the young woman in question as she proceded with obtaining justice for her allegations. Clearly a partisan barrister in a senior position in the party is no suitable investigator – his opinion of how to act has clearly been shown to be ‘wanting’ as has that of the press officer and spin doctor for UKIP Gawain Towler.

This did NOT reflect on UKIP until it saw fit to hold an amateur inquiry, seemingly failing to give sound advice and clear support to the young woman. One must assume this was to effect a cover up of some sort.

Many will remember the implausible claims of Annabelle Fuller when she stole a mobile phone, House of Commons Press Pas & correspondence from the Tory MP Andrew Budgen whilst drunk at his flat in the early hours CLICK HERE

As I have said, I will make no comment on the veracity of the allegations, nor the young woman concerned but am reliant on The Telegraph’s legal team for the report that follows:

Ukip: Probe ordered into ‘sex attack’ at party conference

Woman activist is alleged to have been raped at Ukip conference but no one told the police.

The attack is alleged to have taken place at the Crowne Plaza hotel where Ukip’s annual conference was held.

The attack is alleged to have taken place at the Crowne Plaza hotel where Ukip’s annual conference was held. Photo: Getty Images

Nick Clegg has been widely criticised for the Liberal Democrats’ lacklustre response to allegations of misconduct made against his party’s former chief executive, Lord Rennard.

Mandrake hears that Nigel Farage is, however, keeping quiet about a sex scandal in the UK Independence Party that is potentially even more serious.

A young Ukip activist claims that she was raped at its last conference by a senior figure in in the Eurosceptic party’s youth wing after a reception at which her drink was spiked with an unknown substance.

When the woman informed senior Ukip officials of what had happened to her, the party did not inform police but carried out an internal “investigation” which resulted in no action being taken against her alleged attacker. The victim has left the party in disgust.

“I don’t know which was worse,” she says. “Waking up the next morning and not being able to see properly or blood running down my face.”

The attack is alleged to have taken place at the Crowne Plaza hotel, in Birmingham, where Ukip’s annual conference was held last September.

It is claimed that at a reception at the hotel hosted by the political website Guido Fawkes, which was attended by some of the party’s senior members, the woman’s drink was tampered with. The attack is alleged to have taken place later that night at a room at the hotel.

“Obviously, I am aware of this story and have known about it for some time,” says Gawain Towler, Ukip’s spokesman. “I was one of the first people to be told about it because I was at the party.”

He says: “When the allegation came to us, we were appalled, and took it extremely seriously. We asked our party secretary, Michael Greaves, who is a former Crown Prosecutor and member of the International Criminal Court to look into it.

“He concluded that the victim was unreliable. We would have been perfectly happy if if she had gone to the police, but she didn’t.”

Privately, a Ukip official has made a series of allegations about the accuser, discrediting her account.

Friends of the alleged victim say she did not want to subject herself to the “trauma” of a police investigation and potential court case.

Earlier this year, the alleged attacker is said to have been confronted about the allegations in public by Alexandra Swann, 24, a former deputy chairman of the Conservatives’ youth wing who defected to Ukip.

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