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UKIP’s Consistently Unprofessional Media Management

Posted by Greg Lance - Watkins (Greg_L-W) on 10/04/2013

UKIP’s Consistently Unprofessional Media Management

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The corruption of EUkip’s leadership, 
their anti UKIP claque in POWER & the NEC 

is what gives the remaining 10% a bad name!  


UKIP’s Consistently Unprofessional Media Manage!
Again & again UKIP appoint unprofessional bufoons, criminals, perverts and chancers to handle PR!


yet again, as a party dependent on media to make it noticeable, is treating the media with contempt.
That UKIP’s press office has had a string of criminals, liars, theives, perverts and plants is irrefutable.Again and again UKIP media staff have been shown to be telling journalists outright lies rather than competently managed news.
It is little surprise that UKIP with its lurch to mediocracy to sustain apparent growth – a lurch to mediocracy from a very low base that has, and will continue to, serve the EUroSceptic cause ill – a lurch that has seen the membership crash in calliber in return for numbers with some 270 branches registered with the Electoral Commission and a much boasted of membership of 24,000 when in reality it is clear many branches are very much one man and his dog!
There has been no sign of the much promised professionalising of the party – a cornerstone of the campaigning of Nigel Farage when they cobbled together his win as leader after his catastrophic performance both personally against Berkow and as ‘actual’ leader opperating the strings of the liar and fraud Malcolm Pearson placed to carry the can for the attrocious General Election results Farage’s leadership had guaranteed.
That UKIP is fortunate enough to be riding the wave of increase in EUroScepticism and the collapse of the BNP and the Lib Dims is fortunate happenstance – they still have no viable training, no consistent think tanks, the gutter sweepings as an NEC and plausible candidates or for that matter elected officials can be counted on one hand leaving adequate for a rude gesture to the media it seems!
UKIP has yet to attract enough Tory failures to seriously damage the Tories who are doing much by way of self harm, nor has UKIP attracted a single visible Labour achiever – in fact UKIP has yet to attract anyone of impressive competence or even consistent gravitas (one must discount Prof. Tim Congdon as his support is of questionable merit or consistency) – UKIP has failed totally to capture the huge body of voters who wish to see Britain Leave-The-EU.
UKIP must accept that fielding drunks, thieves, perverts, liars and dishonest chancers as a Press team they will NEVER be taken seriously by the media and having no training of calliber for its people it will endlessly find itself with candidates like Councillor Henry Reilly, Godfrey Bloom and the others with their foot in their mouth.
To be recognised as of political consequence one must act in a consequential manner and not be best known for being something of a one man band with parasitic acolytes of exceeding low calliber and questionable integrity – nor is confidence enhanced that the party leader is in fact the performing monkey who displays the party insecurity with the most common claim of him being either related to his drinking and smoking habits or cheeky chappy used car salesman appeal to a voting grouping of little loyalty of sustained ability.

UKIP chief’s ‘Provo’ tag for journalists provokes NUJ

UKIP leader Nigel Farage

‘I call on the party’s MLA David McNarry to disassociate himself from the comments of Councillor Reilly’

THE President of the National Union of Journalists has called on the Chairperson of Nigel Farage’s UK Independence Party in the North of Ireland, Councillor Henry Reilly, “to clearly and unambiguously” withdraw his description of press reporters in Armagh and Down as  “Provos”.


NUJ President Barry McCall said he was shocked and dismayed at the attack on local journalists made last night (April 8th) at a meeting of Newry & Mourne District Council and what he described as the unwarranted accusation of bias against professional journalists employed by newspapers serving their local communities. 

Councillor Reilly made his comments during a debate on strip-searching in prisons arising from a motion tabled by another councillor.

The NUJ said:

“During the debate Councillor Reilly, speaking in the third person, declared, ‘The press, looking at Reilly with disgust when he talks, they are Provos too probably.’”

Councillor Reilly refused a request from fellow councillors to fully withdraw the remarks, saying:

“I haven’t called the press . . . any particular journalist a Provo. I will make generalised statements that some papers have a nationalist/republican bias. It is a commonly-held perception among the unionist community.”

The five journalists there presented Mayor John McArdle with a signed request for Councillor Reilly to withdraw the remarks but he insisted that he had made no charge against any individuals and therefore no precise apology was needed.


Séamus Dooley, Irish Secretary of the NUJ (pictured right), acknowledged that Councillor Reilly “is entitled to express strong opinions but not in a manner which is unacceptable or seeks to tarnish the reputation of individuals”. He added:

“This is an outrageous attack on the local media which should not go unchallenged. Elected representatives need to be mindful of the potential implications of public utterances of this type.

“Mr Reilly has abused his position and failed to avail of the opportunity given to withdraw his statement. He occupies a leadership position with UKIP Northern Ireland and I call on the party’s MLA, David McNarry, to disassociate himself from the comments of Councillor Reilly.”

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