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UKIP Slighted & Ambitious Trash & Unprofessional In Fighting …

Posted by Greg Lance - Watkins (Greg_L-W) on 26/03/2013

UKIP Slighted & Ambitious Trash & Unprofessional In Fighting …

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Clean EUkip up NOW make UKIP electable! 


The corruption of EUkip’s leadership, 
their anti UKIP claque in POWER & the NEC 

is what gives the remaining 10% a bad name! 


the back stabbing, squabbling and viciously odious behaviour of those on the make and the take in UKIP and those who feel they were in some way outwitted, out maneuvered or out performed in their efforts to climb the unsavoury and particularly greasy pole that UKIP provides on route to a place on the gravy train, or preferment in some way, can be measured by the following UKIP controlled public Forum posting.
Let us start off with this posting from an embittered and particularly repetitive pedant, on the UKIP controlled forum – I shall spare them the embarrassment of identifying them, suffice to say not the most reliable sources for information and untrustworthy, as I have found to my cost, also!
Many a sound and proven story exposing UKIP has foundered on this particular obsessive’s insistance on over egging the cake to impress. Clearly not realising that the simple facts and cross referenced truth suffice, one item at a time rather than throwing all the mud in the water and making it unpalatable for any investigator and too tedious for words!
Well what do YOU think:
Yesterday the ‘Junius’ internet site gave notice of its future intentions to publicise evidently unpleasant e-mails.
Just as though the trailer at the cinema for next weeks film that is to be even better than this weeks offering , the reader is encouraged to ponder then salivate.
The use of nasty e-mails about persons, especially those who gave of their time and resources to build up a volunteer base party is not now a new phenomenon.It has become a device to attain office that, sadly has succeeded.
Of course the e-mails that are to be offered for public consumption are able to be witheld were those within the team not wishing to destroy, then create a vacuum that they perhaps intend to fill.
Has this latest episode been prompted by illegal attacks upon persons computers ?
That method of attaining information has been employed against three persons to my certain knowledge in the past.
As so often with those who aim to be vindictive, convinced of the righteous nature of their fantasies, yet again we note they have jumped to the conclusion that an obvious 2 + 2 =s something other than 4.The deduction was so half witted that they failed to note the contact on Junius was awaiting forwarding of the material from me and I had firstly to redact to protect my sources and then to endeavour to ensure the veracity of the material I had been supplied!

The only reason I paid ANY attention to the gossip was that having compiled the posting late last night, as I endeavoured to post it Firefox crashed, deleting both the posting and the auto backups!

Sadly, as so often happens in a rush to judgement, the author of that foolish Forum post has got entirely the wrong end of the stick!
Then we have the spectacle of this foolish individual expounding on matters of which they clearly have little or no understanding – and just when is there proof someone’s computer was ‘hacked’ by someone in UKIP. Though I appreciate the grubby little sewer rat Nigel farage has employed ‘Mark Croucher, has from time to time claimed knowledge of hacking to make his lies more plausible and be of greater value to his pay master!
Clearly only a half wit would willingly put their computer forward on the internet without a serious degree of anti virus protection and a professional firewal of some sort. Frankly I do NOT believe that there has been either consequential or competent hacking within UKIP as such and as for GCHQ taking an interest on UKIP grounds dream on – they have better things to do, though clearly they don’t do them very well!
The case for having a computer hacked is very limited but without anti virus then clearly one is prone to Trojans and the like and exploitation of the computer by ‘hitch hikers’ either mass spamming or using the address book and the like.
At one moment attacking the duplicitous and corrupt Derek Clark and at the next seeking to defend him; as with the praise they lavish on Nikki Sinclaire and yet the damaging misinformation about West Midlands events!
The trail is long and tedious at one moment sharing information and yet at another, in breech of trust, playing secret squirrel to feed some fantasy or another!”
I would not be surprised if it was this buffoon who is spreading malicious rumours about Chris Pain supplying eMails to Junius and Geoffrey Collier leaking mass circulation ‘e’Mails!!! Or even trying to convince that the cartoons on The Junius Team blog are provided by Pain, leading some of the gullible fools in UKIP leadership to believe they are, when clearly many of them are actually signed photoshop cartoons and the rest are in the same style, mainly appeared in the ex UKipper and BNP sympathiser Andrew Edwards’ ‘e’Mail circulars.
But based on the level of political common sense in UKIP or political judgement one would hardly expect their leadership team to make intelligent guesses let alone professional deductions!
The material to which Team Junius allude on their blog is now my next task and with good fortune and a minimal number of interuptions (firefox not withstanding) I hope to have re-written the post later today – at which stage Junius Team will pick it up and post it, when they have time and their EU work allowing.
Meanwhile I shall await the latest efforts of the pond life of UKIP and its followers to desperately either stab each other in the back as they fight like inebriated ferrets in a pillow case desperately trying to hide their identities behind pseudonyms on the pretence that they NEED to protect their names for ‘internet security’ either they are dellusional or have a very inflated opinion of their worth!
I long ago stopped caring which foolish fake was Tubby arnott, Slime Croucher, Slut (you choose!), idiotic Finch, Mick McTrough, The Oaff Reeve, or any number of clowns too ashamed to put their names to their  vituperative maunderings.
To be fair I rarely read the postings of those who hide in shame there are enough items by honourable men and women to take up my time and at least with information supplied by real people it can be checked!




 INDEPENDENT Leave-the-EU Alliance

Reclaim YOUR Future 
Deny the self serving political clique ANY Democratic claims to legitimacy
Write Upon Your Ballot Paper at EVERY election:
to Reclaim YOUR Future 

Posted by: Greg Lance-Watkins

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