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Extremists Seek To Corrupt Democratic Freedom

Posted by Greg Lance - Watkins (Greg_L-W) on 29/03/2013

Extremists Seek To Corrupt Democratic Freedom

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Clean EUkip up NOW make UKIP electable! 


The corruption of EUkip’s leadership, 
their anti UKIP claque in POWER & the NEC 

is what gives the remaining 10% a bad name!  


Extremists Seek To Corrupt Democratic Freedom as apparent Labour supporters carry out a vitriolic campaign against Freedom of Speech!
Prosecution by the thought police comes ever closer!


that there is no doubt that many in UKIP are racist and as a party their leadership do much to endorse racism, anti Judaism, anti Semitism in their Zionist opposition to Palestine and Palestinians, superstition based incitement to racial hatred, anti homosexuality and more – Under no circumstances should the right to Freedom of Speech be curtailed within the framework of the law.
The poster that extremists in Manchester are protesting at is in no way racist, it is a statement of factual opinion that seeks to limit immigration from the EU – immigration imposed upon Britain without any meaningfull democratic process by the dictatorial centerist agenda of The EU.Laws have been enacted against the interests of Britain that have led to an unprecedented invasion of Britain, unmatched in percentage terms even by conquest in our history.

Britain has never seen such a cultural invasion since 54BC when we were overun by the Roman army – even when Cnutt invaded or William The Bastard no similar percentage of aliens invaded with them!

Let us remember that the very people who are clamouring to impose their will and threatening to break the law by the use of vandalism and violence to force the removal of the awareness posters from UKIP, would be the first to protest their rights under The UN Charter which determines a fundamental human right to self determination – a concept totally ignored by the undemocratic EU whose imposed laws these extremists seek to uphold in contravention of both the basic right of Self Determination and of Freedom of Speech.

Do I agree with the overt racism and support for racists of UKIP and the answer is catagorically no and I find every aspect of the vile prejudice of Batten, Bloom, Pearson, Farage and their undeniable support for racism as repugnant – I see absolutely no acceptable reason to prostitute UKIP and the values of the British peoples to their level of extremism and support for extremists.

Support for The EFD & Bloom’s Pan EU Alliance is odious and unacceptable whilst Batten’s overt incitement to racial hatred and allegiance with the EDL and other extremists based only on his chosen superstitions is utterly repugnant – as is the Zionist extremism and anti foreigner behaviour and views of Malcolm Pearson, as featured in a double page media spead some time ago!

Let us hope that the advertising agency ‘Clear Channel’ has rather more morality and the ethics to stand their ground against the likes of the anti democratic blackmail of the odious campaigners against Freedom of Speech, Opinion and Thought as they have manifest in Manchester!

Free speech under threat as advertising company “agrees” to remove UKIP poster

Clear Channel, one of the largest advertising companies in the UK, has reportedly agreed to stifle free political expression by removing a UKIP poster

by The Commentator on 29 March 2013 20:03


Just hours after a new UKIP poster ad was spotted in Levenshulme, Manchester, a trade unionist-led campaign to have the advertisement removed has apparently led to success, in what opponents have called “a sad day for freedom of speech”.

Campaigners online are boasting about the impending removal of a UK Independence Party poster positioned in “deep-red Labour territory”.

The poster which reads, “Stop Open Door EU Immigration: Enough’s Enough” has recently been posted in Levenshulme, an area of Manchester populated by around 12,000 people. Described as a ‘multi-ethnic’ area, Leveshulme has a significant immigrant population, with 2001 census figures showing a high Asian population, though little suggests a high EU-immigrant population.

The self-described trade unionist and socialist claiming responsibility for the campaign goes only by the name of “Sue” on Twitter. Her handle is BinTheConDems, a name suggesting the trashing of the Conservative (Con) and Liberal Democrat (Dems) coalition government in the UK.

Over the past few hours, “Sue” has called UKIP members “Nazis” and “racists”, and claimed that she and others, “Just got an ad company to take down a UKIP poster where we live. After mass emails and calls from community”.

At around 6pm, “Sue” tweeted, “Levenshulme email and phone call fast campaign means vile #UKIP poster being removed from high street.” 

Campaigners also threatened to vandalise the poster themselves if their demands weren’t met, with one, Rachamuffin, tweeting, “Which one of us has a ruddy big ladder. I’ve got paint and a head for heights!” While others continued, “Actually we don’t need a ladder, just a catapult and paint bombs”.

The story will cause great concern to freedom of speech campaigners as the targeting of a particular political party and a legitimate campaign runs contrary to freedom of expression in the UK. Political parties in the UK are not precluded from advertising on billboards, with the decision over content effectively being left to the company selling the advertising space, in this instance, Clear Channel. 

Clear Channel is one of the largest advertisement-space networks in the UK, boasting work with more than 300 local authorities in the UK and a workforce of over 5,000 internationally.

A UKIP spokesperson told The Commentator, “There is no evidence to support claims that Clear Channel have agreed to remove any posters. However, if it is true, and I hope it’s not, then bowing to extremist, censorious demands like this would make it a sad day for freedom of speech indeed.”

The row comes on the back of a spate of recent UKIP defections, and UKIP’s rise in national polls as of late. 

In November last year, a couple in Rotherham were reported to have been discriminated against when adopting a child because of their support for UKIP. The decision was branded by senior cabinet member Michael Gove MP as, “indefensible“.

– – –

Updated – 21:58 29/03/13: Clear Channel has been in touch with The Commentator to state that no decision has yet been taken on the billboards, despite local campaigners stating the contrary. A Clear Channel spokesperson told The Commentator that the company will be reviewing complaints from both sides and taking a decision after the Bank Holiday weekend. 

Clear Channel’s Twitter account updated at 22:06: “We have received complaints regarding a UKIP poster in Levenshulme, Manchester. We are currently reviewing these complaints we will provide an update once the review has been completed.”

To view the original CLICK HERE





Clear Channel. the agency concerned, having considered the views of complainants have seemingly upheld the British values of democracy and free speech  against the anti democratic attempt to bully and threaten made by extremists and have issued the following statement:

We understand that the issue of immigration is an emotive one, and also recognise that it is a legitimate topic for public debate.
In this instance, we believe that the poster is ASA compliant, and have decided that it will not be removed.

Personally I totally endorse their statement and abhor the efforts of extremists to suppress discussion and corrupt the democratic process.





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Deny the self serving political clique ANY Democratic claims to legitimacy
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Posted by: Greg Lance-Watkins

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