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UKIP NEC Results Seemingly A Pack of Lies!

Posted by Greg Lance - Watkins (Greg_L-W) on 22/02/2013

UKIP NEC Results Seemingly A Pack of Lies!

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The corruption of EUkip’s leadership, 
their anti UKIP claque in POWER & the NEC 

is what gives the remaining 10% a bad name!  


UKIP NEC Results Seemingly A Pack of Lies!

Again and again UKIP manages the most inept and unprofessional placement of their clique and the muppets in their claque ever hoping for preferment keep quiet and abuse anyone who dares point out the incompetence!

Little wonder the British domestic electorate do not trust, vote for or support UKIP except as a dustbin for the protest voters!


this statement by UKIP on its official web site at CLICK HERE is quite clearly inaccurate:

NEC election results

Friday, 22nd February 2013

The following results were today announced in the delayed 2012 UKIP National Executive Committee elections:

From a turnout of 32.4% those elected to the five vacant NEC positions were:

Chris Pain  (2,849 votes)

Mick McGough (2,696)

Alan Bown  (2,678)

Piers Wauchope  (2,331)

Sebastian Fairweather  (2,293)

You can see the full NEC here.

These 5 candidates attracted a total of 12,847 votes – have taken no interest in the process as UKIP selections and so called elections are so consistently utterly dishonest and corrupted.

Here we go again!

IF only 5 candidates had been on the list for rigging and 12,847 votes were cast for them ecen that means with 32.4% of the party voting then the party claims to have just short of 40,000 members!

There were many more hopefulls who wanted to take a step forward on the gravy train whether that means the fudged figures were for a membership of 40,000 or hugely more is merely an indication of the corruption and incompetence of UKIP leadership and whatever happened to the endless promises of professionalising the party?
It is almost as much of a farce as the incompetence of the manner in which it is believed by many that the last leadership rigging was carried out or even more notable the farce of foisting The Farage Constitution on the party so that he could draw up the list of candidates to suit himself using his puppets on the NEC.
Clearly I was right to largely ignore the placement of NEC members as proven by the scam shown above.




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