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Chris Paine now on UKIP NEC but for how long!

Posted by Greg Lance - Watkins (Greg_L-W) on 25/02/2013

Chris Paine now on UKIP NEC but for how long!

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The corruption of EUkip’s leadership, 
their anti UKIP claque in POWER & the NEC 

is what gives the remaining 10% a bad name!  


Chris Paine now on UKIP NEC but for how long!

Repeatedly UKIP has seen the very few honest individuals who get on The NEC dishonestly ousted be that Dr. David Abbott, Richard Suchorzewski, Dr. Eric Edmond and others!

All to maintain the cover on areas of corruption of Farage’s UKIP!



I was interested to note the strange comments on Anthony Butcher’s squalid little forum regarding the placement of individuals on UKIP’s NEC, clearly based on long term experience of UKIP selections and internal elections, the result can not be trusted to have been fairly rigged, and in fact the whole farrago was called into question due to the inept manner in which the rigging seemed to be taking place – hence the re-run!

Consider first the comments on the corrupt and managed Butcher Forum where lies and defamatory slander is something of a norm and every low life suppoerter of UKIP defames anyone with a reasoned alternative view yet few if any have the integrity to put their names to their idiotic comments as they shelter in cowardly and unconvincing anonymity behind their childish fake names!

The comments I noted were:

Quote Originally Posted by Ian Gillman:
We know that ‘Junius’ has consistantly supported one candidate.

No doubt ‘Junius’ and Mr Watkins will now require the quid-pro-quo for that support.

A rather silly fantasy though I gather Team Junius did indeed support Chris Paine.
It would be interesting to know ( to flatter the rather sad, untrustworthy and pedantic lad) what so called ‘quid pro quo’ it is that he fantasises of, particularly since he will note I never supported Paine as a candidate, all be it he was a cut above the others in terms of long term loyalty to UKIP having first risen to prominence in Boston some years ago as a supporter of one of UKIP’s most successful ever PPCs.
Quote Originally Posted by the cowardly Tiquipaya:

I fail to comprehend how Junius and a certain GLW can support Chris Paine his integrity has been questionable at past UKIP East Midlands meetings. Failure to repay £500 pounds as requested by the then treasurer and also a request from the EM committee were ignored by this gentleman. He claimed the cheque had been lost in the post and requested a duplicate the committee obliged only to find that both cheques had been presented for payment, therefore a request for repayment of £500 was made on repeated occasions via email, telephone and verbally without success. This money was earmarked for the Corby constituency, the greed of Chris Paine denied the hardworking members of the said constituency money that had already been allocated to them via the EM committee. Is this the calibre of person that UKIP wants to serve on its NEC? A person that is active for self advancement only.

One can not be surprised that this cowardly individual ‘fails to comprehend’ when he has in fact failed to even notice I had not supported Paine to any degree on my blogs – and you will note my comments at CLICK HERE
In fact I fail to see how this cowardly little man can see my publication of Paine’s letter of 30-Apr-2012 denouncing the behaviour of Derek Clarke’s puppet Regional Committee can be seen as helping Paine when one realises the leadership clique and its claque of cowards and fools have such an antipathy for honesty.
To deal with the claims made by the cowardly poster there would be far more – even some – credibility were he to put his name to his story!

I can see that such a situation might pertain in a committee managed by a drunken taxi driver and an MEP who has openly, frequently and repetitively lied to voters, members and the committee he gathered around him, about his own criminality and fraud yet was all too happy to boast at a public meeting in Derbyshire of how he defrtauded The EU on a regular basis.

You will note the money of which he boasted would not seem to reflect in donations to the party beyond ‘investment’ in getting himself back on the gravy train!

Perhaps it is the utter lack of integrity and habitual dishonesty of Derek Clarke that gave rise tyo the claims made by Anthony Butcher’s cowardly poster and his defamatory statements, which I for one will take with a pinch of salt until he is man enough to put his name to what can otherwise be treated as merely a defamatory smear.

That I have made little mention of the placement of Farage’s support team is hardly surprising as without exception they are unmemorable other than the odious and corrupt Mick McGough who no one of any integrity or self respe3ct would wish to have dealings with.

Perhaps the thoughts of The Junius Team might help clarify the situation:

Sunday, 24 February 2013

Congratulations to Chris Pain!


We would like to congratulate Chris Pain on his election to the NEC. At last, the NEC will have an independent voice! And we would like to thank all our readers who followed our advice to vote for Mr Pain.

We note that Wolfman McGough was re-elected. He now has another term in which to kiss the Fuhrer’s backside. He will enjoy that. It proves that you don’t have to have brains or talent to get ahead in UKIP. You only need the willingness to prostitute yourself for Nigel.

The Wolfman gets ready to enjoy another term as Nigel’s a*se licker
The other winning candidates are non-entities with little talent or brains – ideal members of the Farage Sycophants Club.
Alan Bown (2,678)

Piers Wauchope (2,331)

Sebastian Fairweather (2,293)

Posted by at 14:57

Just for the record may I add my congratulations to Chris Paine for having been placed top in ‘The Process’ – no mean achievement for someone who is regularly quizzed and accused of supplying information to Team Junius – as ever without a shred of evidence on the part of the corrupt leadership of UKIP and its vile claque of cowards and fools.




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