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A Sad Reflection on UKIP’s Damage to EUroScepticism

Posted by Greg Lance - Watkins (Greg_L-W) on 20/12/2012

A Sad Reflection on UKIP’s Damage to EUroScepticism

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The corruption of EUkip’s leadership, 
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A Sad Reflection on UKIP’s Damage to EUroScepticism as Nigel Farage & his little band of crooks, liars, cheats and self serving ne’r do wells repeatedly bring shame on the very EUroScepticism they pretend to!!


much as I find the sneering tones and anti British comments and behaviour of the odious leader of the group The Tories have allied themselves with in the EU and as I hold Guy Verhofstadt the rabid EUroFedralist in little but contempt it is sad to see him so well armed by Nigel Farage’s Party that it is almost impossible to refute what the odious little man says.

It is worth remembering that as leader of ALDE in The EU this odious little Belgian creep speaks for the British Tories and their Limp.Dim. makeweights!

Sadly UKIP is hugely undermined by the irresponsible antics of its so called leadership team and its unprofessional behaviour – exacerbated by the apparent selection of its clearly low grade NEC & staff to ensure that like a cockerel on a dung heap Nigel Farage would seem to shine.

Possibly the greatest damage is done by the greed that has led to UKIP’s association with some of the most odious politicians in EU politics in the extremist, racist, anti Jewish and anti homosexual EFD Group which UKIP supports!

UKIP without competent leade4rship and with its utterly unprofessional behaviour and low grade low lifes and nere do wells plays right into the hands of EUroFedralists – UKIP in its present form is quite clearly EUroScepticisms worst enemy and beimng without ethics, integrity, morality, transparency or probity is beyond any doubt a part of the problem with no place in the solution or the Leave-The-EU stance of the majority of British citizens.

Nigel Farage, Ukip Leader, The ‘Biggest Waste Of Money In Europe’, Says MEP (VIDEO)

The Huffington Post UK


Ukip leader Nigel Farage has made a name for himself in the Brussels for delivering vehement attacks on the European Union and the excesses of European politicians.

However last month he got a taste of his own medicine when Guy Verhofstadt, the MEP who used to be Belgian prime minister, launched into a angry tirade against the British eurosceptic.

“What I think is the biggest waste of money in the EU today is the salary we all pay to Mr Farage,” he said.

“Oh no Mr Farage, let’s be honest about it, you are member of the fisheries committee and you’re never there. Never. In 2011 no attendance. In 2012 no attendance.”

To applause from other MEPs, Verhofstadt, an ardent European federalist, added: “It’s fantastic what you’re doing, you are coming here saying it’s a scandal, the salaries we are paid, and you pay yourself a salary without doing any labour in your committee.”

Farage found the rant highly amusing, which only served to wind up Verhofstadt further. “You can laugh. I hope maybe this will be sent out to the BBC this evening and all the private TV in Britain about how you are cheating your own citizens here.”

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