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UKIP Extremism, Racism, & anti Homosexuality is irrefutable!

Posted by Greg Lance - Watkins (Greg_L-W) on 17/12/2012

UKIP Extremism, Racism, & anti Homosexuality is irrefutable!

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UKIP Extremism, Racism, & anti Homosexuality is irrefutable! But more worrying for UKIP is the fact thgat the media is well aware of this and researching programmes at the moment!!


there have been a number of sound advertisements, comments and video clips from Team Sinclaire over the last week or so – perhaps you would like to consider the contributions to the aim to Leave-The-EU made on radio Bristol:
Lokewise the sound contributions in debate by Katie Hopkins as a part of Team Sinclaire:

Katie Hopkins is also all too willi9ng to stand up for her own region:

It is quite astonishing just howmuch publicity Team Sinclaire have generated for the Referendum and inspite of the endless poisonous sabotage by UKIP who have done so very little towards the campaign and considering the £Millions of public money they have so blatantly stolen or at very least guided to their personal gain.
UKIP are in almost every aspect a disgrace with their extremist associates and their overt racism and their openly anti homosexual stance as they support anti Jewish, Holocaust deniers and racist criminals.
Now we see the spectacle of UKIP having to close its own incestuous supposedly in house Forum to hide the fact of just how barking mad are some of their members and how despite rigid censorship even their NEC members are prone to rant and vilely at that!It seems that the latest of many i8diotic rants from the fantasist and fool Douglas Denny was the final straw with his outpouring of hate and fear of homosexuals and ever permitting them to have legitimised marriages or some such.

The Guardian, I gather, were fascinated by this odious ranting not to mention the streams of abuse and the near institutionalising of attacks on Nikki Sinclaire who had already left the party, openly stating her reason to be revulsion as it was so bound up in racism and extremist politics and involved in the corruption of their EU partners in the EFD – Cash cow as that may be for Nigel Farage!
The Guardian would seem to have rather broadened the issue, stealing something of a march on the serious researchers of the more serious and plausible media – whose time is coming!To quote The Guardian:

Nigel Farage heads for row over Ukip’s anti-gay allies

Active support for far-right homophobes in Europe could mar ambitions in Britain as Ukip narrows gap with Tories

Nigel Farage, leader of Ukip, in London in November 2012

Nigel Farage, whose Ukip party is accused of support for far-right homophobic groupings and politicians in Europe. Photograph: Suzanne Plunkett/Reuters

Nigel Farage, the leader of Ukip, is facing new accusations of homophobia in his party over its links with anti-gay, far-right European politicians and claims that he has backed a populist Polish priest who describes homosexual men as “sodomites”.

Farage – whose party has shot up to 14% in an Opinium/Observer opinion poll today – vowed last week to exploit Conservative divisions over gay marriage, while insisting that his party “respects the rights of gay people to have civil partnerships”. Its poll surge is a serious worry for Conservatives ahead of the 2014 European elections, from which Farage believes his party can emerge with the highest share of the vote of any UK party. Ukip’s support is now almost half that of the Tories, who stand on 29%, 10 points behind Labour on 39%. The Liberal Democrats are on 8%.

While Farage is keen to portray Ukip as tolerant of gay people at home, investigations by the Observer show that it is in alliance in the European parliament with parties containing politicians who have expressed open hostility to homosexuals. Farage himself has been linked to a campaign in Poland supportive of hardline Catholic media outlets that are strongly critical of homosexuality.

In September, Polish free press campaigners produced a statement that they said was from Farage in support of Father Tadeusz Rydzyk, a Polish priest and founder of Radio Maryja and its associated outlets, whose stations stand accused of pumping out strongly antisemitic and homophobic material. Last year Rydzyk greeted the arrival of the first gay Polish MP with the words, “the sodomites are coming; it is a really grave matter”. The statement reported as having been from Farage expressed the Ukip leader’s “wholehearted support” and “encouragement” for the priest’s media outlets, which it said were involved in “a battle to preserve freedom and democracy in Poland”.

Last night a Ukip spokesman said that, although it accepted the statement had been circulated, Farage had not “written or signed” it and was unaware that it ever existed. Ukip, which has 11 of the UK’s 73 MEPs, is the largest member of a group in the European parliament called Europe of Freedom and Democracy, which includes four members of the far-right, anti-gay United Poland party and nine members of the Northern League, the rightwing Italian party.

United Poland MEPs have strongly backed Radio Maryja. They left the European Conservatives and Reformists group – in which Tory MEPs sit – in protest at the Tories’ gay equality agenda in 2011. A United Poland spokesman was reported as having said: “There is no place for homosexuals in our party.”

The Northern League also has members with strong homophobic views. League MP Massimo Polledri recently declared that “homosexuals have to go to the psychologist to feel better”, adding that having a gay son “would be like my daughter telling me she wanted to be a nun or to marry a Moroccan”. The League was one of three parties which last month blocked a bill in the Italian parliament that would have made incitement to hatred of homosexuals an offence.

Rafal Pankowski, author of The Populist Radical Right in Poland and a social science professor at Collegium Civitas in Warsaw, said: “Radio Maryja is very strongly homophobic. It has frequently called homosexuality ‘a disease’ and ‘a major threat to western civilisation’. United Poland MEPs have strongly supported this message. They are a radical right splinter group that competes for the significant homophobic audience of Radio Maryja.”

The independent gay MEP Nikki Sinclaire, who was expelled from Ukip for refusing to sit with Northern League colleagues in the European parliament, told the Observer that Ukip was still “without a doubt homophobic”.

Earlier this year senior Ukip MEP Roger Helmer equated marriage between two gay men with incest. He said: “If two men have a right to marry, how can we deny the same right to two siblings Are we to authorise incest?”

The party’s candidate in the recent byelection in Croydon North, Winston McKenzie, said, days after Rotherham council removed children from Ukip-supporting foster parents, that it would not be “healthy” for children to be adopted by gay couples.

A spokesman for Ukip in Brussels said the party had no link with Radio Maryja, although it had supported the cause of press freedom in Poland. The spokesman said that the fact that Ukip had teamed up with other parties in the European parliament did not mean that it any way agreed with any of those parties’ policies: “It is a marriage of convenience, so we get speaking time in the parliament. There is no necessity for commonality of policy.”

To view the original of this article CLICK HERE

Do NOTE the section I have put in italics in the above article!

The endless deceit and lies of UKIP leadership are beneath contempt – first we had the serial inventions of excuses – contradictory and each less plausible than the last for Farage’s involvement with The BNP which later he turned to his advantage in orchestrating his own version of a Reichstag Fire moment and the Crystal Nacht purge of his enemies who wished to bring transparency and probity to UKIP leadership.

Now the utterly dishonest claim of UKIP’s spokesman as made to The Guardian wwhen you consider the truth!

The truth, as noted by one eagle eyed researcher, who like me wishes to see UKIP cleaned up and made fit for purpose, has spotted that this was an outright lie from the ‘UKIP spokesman’ when you consider that already in the public domain is the letter confirming Farage’s knowledge of the matter AND his signature to the sentiment:

September 28, 2012, at. 6:02

European Appeal Democrat on TV TRWAM

RIRM / D. Nahajowski

President fraction Europe of Freedom and Democracy Group in the European Parliament, Nigel Farage strongly protested against the discriminatory and repressive treatment of TV Trwam by the Polish government and expressed its full support for Dr. Fr Rydzyk CSsR, Director of Radio Maria, and his struggle for freedom of the media in Poland.


This position presented the English leader EFD president of all political groups in the European Parliament. In his view, the decision to exclude TV Trwam by the National Council of Radio and Television, despite a multimillion audience, many years of experience and excellent financial condition – gives rise to important questions about the freedom of the media in Poland. – “TV Trwam presents a consistent vision of the conservative opposition to the current government of the Civic Platform. Given that the new members of the National Council of Radio and Television have been selected by the governing parties, we clearly see the political context of discriminatory treatment Trwam TV “- emphasizes in his letter Nigel Farage. – “Group Europe of Freedom and Democracy” – continues the chairman of the faction – “has always and consistently for freedom of speech and freedom of the media”.Nigel Farage statement:

Polish version [download]

The British also established a public hearing ws. media freedom in Poland, organized in the European Parliament MEPs Miroslaw Piotrowski and Zbigniew Ziobro to express growing concern about the policy of the current government with respect to the independent media. – “Welcomes the initiative of the President of Nigel Farage. I hope that the President of the other political groups in the European Parliament, the first of the European Conservatives and Reformists, European People’s Party and others would like to sign this letter. They all talk about high European standards in the area of ​​media freedom. The signing of this letter will be a proof of sincere concern for civil liberties, not of hypocrisy and double standards. This is an opportunity for Polish MEPs from other political factions Europarliament to turn the heads of their political groups to support initiatives Nigel Farage “- he says,” To our Dziennik “deputy Zbigniew Ziobro.

Nigel Farage hinted Europarliament leaders of the political groups that so far, over two million people have signed a petition protesting against the government’s attempts to restrict activities Trwam TV, and this Saturday, thousands of people will march through the streets of Warsaw in support for TV Trwam and against the violation of freedom of speech in Poland. – “I believe that the demonstrators will hear the message that this to you” (leaders of political factions in the European Parliament – DN) “I direct, and I would encourage you to fight for freedom of speech and democracy in Poland.” – Says the Briton.

Farage also called on the political groups in the European Parliament to sign his letter and join his appeal to the Polish government for the restoration of media freedom and an end to discrimination against the Catholic media in Poland. – “Regardless of whether we share the views of Father Rydzyk and Catholic TV Trwam, the current situation of the media in Poland certainly does not meet the recognized democratic standards and should be of concern to all of us” – concludes his letter N. Farage.

As emphasized by the organizers of public hearingu regarding TV Trwam, prof. Miroslaw Piotrowski Farage’s voice, which worked closely with one political group in the previous term of the EP is the result of a public hearing, which was organized jointly with Zbigniew Ziobro in the European Parliament. – “Let me remind you that after the hearing, a letter sent to the European Commission, German MEP Renate Sommer, the largest political group in the European Parliament, where MEPs sit with the PO. Farage colleague’s voice should shake and the Chairs of the official result in the resolution of the European Parliament. We will be claimed, since there can be no limitations on freedom of speech and discrimination against the Catholic television in the center of Europe. ” – He says, “To our Dziennik” Miroslaw Piotrowski MEP.

Post edited by David Nahajowskiego, Brussels:

Then of course there were the outright lies of Mark Croucher as so called Press Officer, which the Press held in contempt.

One would have thought UKIP would have learned by now that the offense itself is rather less problematic, in the long run, than the idiocy of inventing dishonest cover ups!

More of this will of course be coming out in the media when it finally broadcasts its research – together with a great deal more of which the informed in UKIP are well aware!




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2 Responses to “UKIP Extremism, Racism, & anti Homosexuality is irrefutable!”

  1. Hi,

    as JohnXTaylor aka Stephen Milne, I believe, makes this claim it is probably best to consider why those who have exposed the lies surrounding the Hollie Greig fantasies might wish to use annonimity – Already the vile creatures exploiting the unfortunate Hollie Greig such as Belinda McKenzie, Ian McFerron, Matt Quinn, Stuart Usher, Robert Green, George McKendrick, Sandra Barr and a host of other low lifes have made abuse, dishonesty, distortion and corruption on the internet something of a speciality – leading to some amongst the number being involved in blatant criminality and death threats against those who dare to challenge their scams.

    Interestingly those at the site known as The Hollie Greig Hoax are both contactable and also have made themselves know – thus showing Stephen Milne to be either a liar or a fool. Do visit the site and see their evidence for their claim that the Hollie Greig ‘Stories’ are a Hoax at:

    Also a great deal of information on the scam/hoax can be found at:

    Stephen Milne & others still trying to promote the lies regarding Hollie Greig and the fantasy belief that she was ever sexually abuse on this wb site regarding UKIP-vs-EUkip are clearly way out of their depth as they have desperate need of provenance and it has become clear that there is no such provenance and in fact there has not been one shred of admissible, corroborated or even substantive evidence to support their vile exploitation of Hollie Greig or their accusations against the 20 or so alleged abusers and the 7 or 8 claimed victims – not one shred!

    In fact to continue to promote the scam is clearly nothing more than criminally dishonest mischiefmaking as it has been proven beyond all reasonable doubt that the stories are lies, as are the lies they tell seeking to claim Hollie Greig’s uncle was a victim of assault or murder – a claim for which there is not one shred of sustainable evidence available to refute his obvious suicide.

    Anyone wishing to continue the discussion is welcome to do so at:

    I will be unlikely to publish further comments on this UKIP-vs-EUkip site as clearly they are not relevant to the web site.



  2. leasky said

    ha ha ha hidden in anonymity
    like the Hollie hoax group


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