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UKIP Seemingly Advocates Compulsory Forced Abortions!

Posted by Greg Lance - Watkins (Greg_L-W) on 19/12/2012

UKIP Seemingly Advocates Compulsory Forced Abortions!


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The corruption of EUkip’s leadership, 
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is what gives the remaining 10% a bad name!  


UKIP Seemingly Advocates Compulsory Forced Abortions of any deformed or disabled foetus!
I quote the details on a UKIP controlled Forum with some incredulity!!



it seems little wonder that UKIP has closed down its in house and incestuous party Forum, which was heavily policed and censored, to control what the public found out about UKIP from reading it – including the sordid rants of UKIP NEC members, and the abuse of individuals by the ill informed and self interested on that Forum.We note the rant of the embarrassing toady of yesteryear who lied, cheated and defamed for Farage, Douglas Denny, who now as an NEC member further brings shame on UKIP with his rants, shame and fantasies which ended up in The Guardian exposing UKIP’s extremist anti homosexual stance as displayed by this UKIP NEC member.

Astonishingly there are still some who see UKIP as fit for purpose despite their racist, anti homosexual, extremist associates with whom they work in The EU pan EU political group The EFD!

Fortunately the media is starting to expose the corruption, dishonesty and defamatory bullying and criminal activities of UKIP.

It may well be just a case of the higher up the tree the monkey climbs the more you see its arse andf lets face it they have more than their fair share of fools, bullies, and self servers!

Though it may be just as a result of UKIP postings on Forums controlled by UKIP as with that of Douglas Denny, Mick McGough and other members of UKIP leadership or comments about them as with this following posting on a UKIP controlled and often dishonest and defamatory site:

Today, 12:14 AM #1


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Default Is it true what Dick Sniffen says about UKIP

This is what’s going out on the BNP website. Is this what the UKIP candidate said?
Expectant mothers with foetuses discovered to have Down’s syndrome and other disabilities should be made to have compulsory abortions, according to UKIP candidate Geoffrey Clark’s manifesto.
If it is it’s WRONG. Is this UKIP’S stance?

To view the original CLICK HERE.




IT DOES SEEM UKIP Has Belatedly Taken action Due to Bad Publicity!:

UKIP suspends Down’s syndrome abortion call candidate

Geoffrey Clark
Geoffrey Clark is standing for election to Kent County Council and Gravesham Borough Council

A UKIP candidate who called for an NHS review to look at compulsory abortion of foetuses with Down’s syndrome or spina bifida has been suspended.

The party said Geoffrey Clark, who is standing for Kent County Council, would not be a UKIP councillor if elected.

Mr Clark said on his website he did not endorse the abortion idea but suggested it to cut the national debt.

Learning disability charity Mencap said it was disgusted and horrified at Mr Clark’s personal manifesto.

UKIP said Thursday’s ballot paper would still list him as its candidate but, pending an investigation, he would not be a UKIP councillor.

Chartered accountant Mr Clark, 66, who is also standing for Meopham North ward on Gravesham Borough Council in Thursday’s by-election, says on his website his comments are personal and do not reflect UKIP policy.

He calls for a national debate and an urgent government review of the NHS, which he says “risks becoming unaffordable in the future”.

The review should look at “compulsory abortion when the foetus is detected as having Down’s, spina bifida or similar syndrome which, if it is born, could render the child a burden on the state as well as on the family”.

He says the review should also look at medical treatment for those aged over 80, “which is disproportionately costly to the NHS” and might also include “legalising euthanasia and giving free euthanasia advice to all folk over 80”.

He told the BBC: “I don’t intend to offend.

“What I am trying to do is to provoke a debate in the nation because I am so disenchanted with our politicians.”

‘Forced eugenics’Mark Goldring, chief executive of Mencap, said: “Much has been written about the Paralympics this summer changing attitudes towards disabled people for the better.

“Yet in the very same year, a council candidate has proposed forced eugenics against disabled people.

“It is abhorrent that Geoffrey Clark sees disabled people solely as a burden when people with a learning disability lead full lives and make valuable contributions to their communities and families.

“We question if he is fit for public office.”

Mr Clark, who describes himself as a member of Meopham Parochial Church Council, Rotary International, the Royal British Legion and the Youth Hostels Association, says population, immigration and threats to the green belt are linked issues close to his heart.

If elected, he promises to promote the Christian ethic and British culture, roll back Islam, contain UK population growth and restrict immigration.

A UKIP spokesman said the party rejected Mr Clark’s “abhorrent” views.

“The party was not aware of these views when it allowed him to stand under our name,” he said.

“Mr Clark has been formally suspended as a UKIP candidate and will not be standing for the party again.

“We would like to apologise to anyone who has suffered distress as a result of this matter.”

To view this article in its original context CLICK HERE

I incline, from a cursory look around the internet, that the choice of Geoffrey Clark right on Nigel Farage’s patch is just yet another example of UKIP’s utter ineptitude and unprofessionalism when you consider his apparent track record as director of a series of defuncy companies and the massive debt relative to apparent assets:

His own personal/political web site shows his utter ineptitude as a potential politician yet it was not until he had dragged UKIP’s name in the ordure in a large number of media stories that UKIP even noticed, it would seem.

As is so often the case the Press Office of UKIP has totally failed the members – it is often the cover-up that proves more damaging than the actual offence!

What ever happened to professionalism and the competence that U*KIP spe4nds a fortune trying to buy!

I note that a week or two ago a half baked letter from UKIP was mailed out announcing they were employing a fast jet junior pilot long ex RAF who seems to have absolutely zero qualifications for his new job as UKIP CEO – Are we to assume he is just another nepotistic placement of a drinking chum of Farage’s, employed as he will be of little threat and will not outshine Farage – like so many before him!

Many will be aware Ladies used to have monkeys to make them seem attractive and lap dogs, with their higher temperature, have been a common means by which to attract fleas from their owners.

UKIP clearly has a problem and not only lets any passing fool, untrained, stand for office and election (just look at its successes and imagine just how low grade its failures must be!), there seems no competent vetting process, no professionalism and just how low grade must its officers and leadership team be to ensure they do not outshine their in house performing monkey  when clearly they have no organ grinder!





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