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Just What Is UKIP For? Having such a track record of failures!

Posted by Greg Lance - Watkins (Greg_L-W) on 08/12/2012

Just What Is UKIP For? Having such a track record of failures!

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The corruption of EUkip’s leadership, 
their anti UKIP claque in POWER & the NEC 

is what gives the remaining 10% a bad name!  



never having had personal political ambitions I incline not to have such a rosy tinted view of UKIP and what it rather wildly claims to be its success over the last few months as the small claque of praise singers it has gathered both salaried and ambitious!

UKIP has clearly let us all down with their abject failure to gain the trust of the British electorate in any domestic election of any consequence EVER!

UKIP have indeed picked up new members, in almost exact proportion to the loss of members by The BNP who due to UKIP’s racist credentials via its associations as members of Farage’s cash cow The EFD and Blooms cash cow the Alliance.

UKIP’s results have been obfuscated and made to look good by the fact that the protest votes they could have been expected to pick up rejected them and stayed at home – thus although UKIP seemed to gain a couple of quite good percentages of the turnout in the last 6 by-elections they achieved an average 3.3% of the electorate and came nowhere near even being within strike of winning a Westminster seat.

UKIP has become a political embarrassment but a useful stick with which the media can stir the political pot, at least until in the run up to the next election when they can expect the serious media to do a very in depth exposee and we have seen a number of forays to that recently, such as the recent documentary on Farage damning him with faint praise as a drunken fool on Radio 4.

There are we note, a couple of very consequential commentators amassing material at the moment and conducting interviews for later editing and use.

The sad fact that UKIP has absolutely no one willing to have their name associated with the party of any stature or gravitas, backers who fail to register on the electoral roll and are now seemingly tax exiles in the Channel Isles, not a single MEP of any consequence, integrity or competence.

Not a single MP or PCC, nor a Mayor or councillor of any note or credibility and an embarrassment for staff, in the main appointed it seems for their willingness to act as praise singers for Farage.

UKIP clearly has no vision, no strategy, no tactics, no ethics, no political nouse nor even an exit and survival strategy relative to The EU, labouring under the idiotic belief that the way to Leave-The-EU is to merely run away in breech of contract, defaulting on international treaties and with no thought to consequence.

UKIP has displayed its abject lack of intellectual political thinking or understanding backed by a clear lack of competent PR or Press management managed by people of staggering ineptitude, an embarrassment to others in their occupation.

Sad isn’t it when so many of us had such high hopes of what UKIP might achieve, just a few years ago.





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