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Nigel Farage, UKIP & Chris Huhne’s seat + Corby!

Posted by Greg Lance - Watkins (Greg_L-W) on 09/08/2012

Nigel Farage, UKIP & Chris Huhne‘s seat + Corby!

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Nigel Farage, UKIP & Chris Huhne’s seat + Corby!
Will Farage rise to the challenge believing his own foolish publicity about UKIP’s greatly improved poll results and other propaganda!!


Farage pondering standing for UK parliament?

Article | July 18, 2012 – 11:04am | By Andy Carling

FanFanfare for the Commons man?|EPA/ANDY RAIN

Specualation is growing that Nigel Farage, leader of the euroskeptic UK Independence Party, is considering contesting a seat in the UK parliament, but it’s not straightforward.

There could be a by-election in Eastleigh, a constituency that falls in Farage’s seat, but the member of parliament is former MEP, Chris Huhne, a Liberal Democrat. Huhne is facing prosecution over an allegation that the MP asked his wife to take the blame for a speeding ticket. The case is expected to be before the court in October or November.

Should Huhne lose, it is widely expected that he will resign his parliamentary seat, forcing a by-election.

The seat has been closely fought between the Liberals and the Conservatives. Coalition government has not been kind to the Liberals, their support has dropped in the opinion polls and a large share of their activists have left the party, leaving the local Conservatives with an opportunity to capture a seat from their coalition parners.

However, UKIP may feel that they can capture a large part of the vote on a campaign based around an in/out referendum on the EU.

Farage contested the seat in 1994, where he lost to the Liberal candidate by over 23,000 votes. He did manage to beat the Monster Raving Loony Party’s legendary leader, ‘Screaming Lord Sutch’ by 169 votes.

Farage will certainly beat his ’94 vote and he has been actively courting the Tory right in a capmaign to force UK PM David Cameron to hold an EU membership referendum, even a close result in a by-election would seriously concern senior Tories and may manouvere them into making such a referendum a manifesto commitment for the nect general election. Farage would not need to win to ‘win’.

It would not be an easy contest, for UKIP has never come close to winning a UK seat. speaking to local press, Farage said, ““I have absolutely no idea what is going to happen with Chris Huhne’s case but if Chris is found not to have told the truth then it is clear that his position as MP for this town will be untenable. So we face the prospect perhaps of an Eastleigh by-election – it could happen in October or November this year, perhaps spring next year but be assured if and when there is an election we will give it everything we have got.”

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I note there is likely to be a by election in Corby & Northants before that in Eastleiggh and UKIP has a right gaggle of rogues to field – be that the drunk who is Regional Organiser Don Ransom or the liar Derek Clark who glibbly lied about me when I exposed his criminality and then lied to his regional committee to hide the fact that OLAF had found him guilty of fraudulently using over £30K from claims on the public purse a crime for which Tom Wise was sentenced to 2 years in prison!

Alternatively they have an ex military chappy who was qualified as a barrister but no longer practices as he runs a B&B on his son in law’s estate trading off the son in law’s Baronetcy – I gather he doesn’t practice law having fallen foul of it himself!

Facing a challenge that he should resign if UKIP’s candidate is not within 5,000 of the winner Farage has all to gain though is unlikely to accept the challenge as he will wish to blame others for the abject failure of UKIP in British deomestic elections.

However it could prove a useful trial run for Eastleigh as heaven only knows UKIP desperately needs some serious campaigning rather than stunts, smears and sneering at which they are so good and now that they are hugely better funded by both gambling and gamblers the expenses will be a dodle particularly as so few of UKIP’s MEPs have ever made any meaningful donations to the party beyond self interest paymentys to get themselves elected!

Let us see. But let us not forget Farage climbed on the Huhne band wagon early on with claims he KNEW that Huhne had committed the crime as they were on the same plane returning from their weekly jolly in The EU at public expense – as I recall this was a claim he was unable to substantiate later when called on to do so – was he softening up Eastleigh with one of his publicity grabbing stunts?


So let us see if Farage responds to Alan Hardy’s challenge rather more rapidly than David Cameron responded to Farage’s challenge.




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