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Not just Cameron who is faced by a Challenge!

Posted by Greg Lance - Watkins (Greg_L-W) on 07/08/2012

Not just Cameron who is faced by a Challenge!

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Not just Cameron who is faced by a Challenge!
It seems Nigel Farage who controls UKIP & the pan EU political group of The EFD would seem to be faced by his very own challenge!!

with the resignation of Louise Mensch from the Tory Party in Corby & East Northants just a few hours ago comes a clear challenge for UKIP’s leadership
One is forced to wonder whether Nigel Farage will be as lax in responding to the challenge this has given rise to, as Cameron has been in responding to the challenge from The Farage Party over a debate and possibly for the very same reasons – Farage probably believes that Alan Hardy is irrelevant and going nowhere.
Here is Alan Hardy’s not unreasonable and clear challenge – which I might add is not without fairly general support, in loose terms and principle, amongst the more active and brighter supporters of UKIP – though the small army in the UKIP leadership claque, funded by the largess in the gift of Farage as many are, may well see their route to the gravy train challenged!

Dear Mr Farage,
You will by now have heard that the above member of parliament has applied for the Stewardship of the Chiltern Hundreds. This, of course, paves the way for a by-election.
We have all heard your recent boast that UKIP has overtaken the Lib-Dems to become the third most popular political party. According to you, it seems, UKIP is riding high in the polls and, presumably, it is just a matter of time before we have representation in the House of Commons under your leadership. No doubt UKIP will be fielding a candidate in the forthcoming by-election with high expectation of, at long last, make its presence felt and, in so doing, vindicating you.
Now it is no secret that you and your sycophants (Crowther, Greaves, Duffy, Parkin to name but a few) would, inter alia, dance a jig if I left the UKIP. I, on the other hand, am remaining a member against the day when it has leadership worthy of support and respect. Well I have a proposition for you: If the UKIP candidate in the above by-election comes within 5,000 votes of the winner then I will resign my membership. If, however, he/she does not, then you resign your post as party leader. 
I look forward to your reply.

Indeed the Corby & East Northants seat could well be the perfect proving ground to judge by the lies and duplicity of the low life traitor UKIP has for an MEP in the region – Derek Clark!Let us also remember they have a very highly paid Regional Organiser who boasted of his net salary of £800 a week when hauled before the Courts for utter irresponsibility as a drunk driver – one would think a taxi driver would know better than to behave thus!

At least organisation would be no problem! It is also in one of UKIP’s star regions as it was, almost electing 3 MEPs in 2004, though with Derek Clark & Ron Ransom milking the gravy train for all it was worth the membership has somewhat collapsed, and of course Clark was found guilty of defrauding the public purse and ordered to repay the money he had taken which may well not help.
Ransome will have course have all the time in the world on his hands to Organise Regionally and in Corby & Northants specifically with Derek Clark currently away on one of his long holidays and no longer being on The Regional Committee having stompped off in a huff with both his wife and Derek Clark in contempt of UKIP electorate and belief in democracy being unable to explain their corruption, dishonesty, lies and defamatory comments it seems!
However am I not right that there is a worthy contender for the seat in the guise of a chap who lays claim to being ex Military, a barrister by training, though I understand his bankruptcy precludes him from plying his trade! His connections are, I am reliably informed, impeccable with a Baronett for a son in law and a thriving bed and breakfast business on his estate!
With all these choices open for UKIP to clearly see Farage put our money where his mouth is we can but hope he rises to the challenge.
This could possibly be the springboard to Government for Nigel Farage – not licking the boots of the Tories as some makeweight junior partner bought off with an easy seat, but in his own right, via contesting Chris Huhne’s seat in Eastleigh – for many will remember the speed and alacrity with which Farage stepped up to the plate to denounce Huhne in the first place!
At least Alan Hardy delivers his own challenges on ground he prepared, unlike Farage following in the footsteps of Nikki Sinclaire’s challenge to Downing Street with 100,000+ signatures, that forced a full scale debate in Parliament, on the issue of Leaving-The-EU – she even attended the delivery in her own ‘Ad-van’ a style emulated by Farage though Farage failed to present with cross party support and various MPs!
The Corby & East Northants by election could just be the springboard to turn UKIP fortunes around from being utterly irrelevant to being of some significance for let’s face it a vaulte face would not be out of character when you consider how clearly the Farage Party denounced The Olympics yet how vociferously they now ride on the coattails of success – Will we shortly see Farage selling out UKIP for his own rewards and actively campaigning for Boris Johnson as his new leader!!
We understand that Paul Nuttall is standing in the wings ready to do a knife job on Farage the second he feels he could get away with it and it is for this reason he has been criss crossing the country willing to attend the opening of an envelope to garner popularity with the mass of dullards and politically infantile new supporters of The Farage Party – Particularly if the testament of Jasna Badzak exposing Gerard Batten is, as it seems, founded in veracity as she attests.
Batten might at one time have hoodwinked some that he might have been a contender but his association with criminals, the extremists and his efforts to incite racial hatred as shown by his anti Islamic tracts indicate must surely preclude anyone of any moral fiber supporting his though he can count on support of those without morality or ethics, particularly amongst UKIP MEPs and leadership clique and its claque.
Let us see if Farage will respond positively & rapidly to the challenge or lay himself open to the sneering and posturing we have seen him mete out to David Cameron for not jumping when he clicks his fingers!It is interesting to see The Guardian treading its usual billious line for the left, and rubbing salt in the Tory wounds at the loss of Louise Mensch – when they were giving it large a day or two ago, selectively promoting UKIP as a popular partner for the Tories!

Hardly, when one sees their risible results in British domestic elections, as they are hardly relevant, with less than 30 seats of any consequence, elected out of some 19,500 available and let us accept that many of those elected are more of a liability than a benefit to UKIP!

Realistically they are of no meaningful consequence politically other than an EU protest vote where they achived their route to corruption by the orchestration of the farce of Nigel Farage’ own personal Reichstag Fire moment followed by a faux Crystel Nacht aided by the odious Mark Thatcher and others of similar ilk as they built up The BNP to two seats in The EU and defamed and denigrated to gain stature at the expense of decent men and women – including Tories of some note.

As it is realised that the route ahead to Leave-The-EU is via Article 50 UKIP’s role will become less and less significant and more obviously so as even after 20 years UKIP has no clear exit and survival strategy and clearly little understanding of the complexities of revoking The ECA or 1972 and the subsequent difficulties – Their only defence being to defame and denigrate those who have some understanding of the matter – not to enhance UKIP’s position towards a concept of Leave-The-EU but in some idiotic self interest sold to their willing dupes to ensure Farage and his cliques well being and self enrichment it would seem..




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One Response to “Not just Cameron who is faced by a Challenge!”

  1. Hi,

    it does rather look as if Nigel Farage’s associations with gambling are letting him down with Helen O’Neil in The Guardian with an article showing the odds against Farage leaving him with no honourable ‘out’:

    Bookmaker William Hill is predicting an embarrassing defeat for David Cameron and his party in the by-election for the Corby and East Northants seat following the resignation of Conservative MP Louise Mensch.

    The firm is tipping Labour as the red hot favourite at 1/7 in the fight for the marginal on November 15 and offering the Conservatives at 4/1, with UKIP quoted at 25/1 and the Lib-Dems at a dismissive 50/1‘.

    I wonder if UKIP will survive a putch by Paul Nuttall – clearly he has only a fraction of Farage’s abilities and the progress with Farage has been abject failure!!



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