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UKIP boasts of being all bull …

Posted by Greg Lance - Watkins (Greg_L-W) on 05/08/2012

UKIP boasts of being all bull …

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UKIP boasts of being all bull …!
They even have the bull as their conference logo!

as you may know UKIP leadership, in their collective wisdom (ie. Nigel Farage told them) have decided to hold their annual Farage Feste in Birmingham.
They even have a logo for the event but it is rather unclear as to whether the bull is the Bull symbol of Birmingham.
Perhaps the Bull symbol of The EU where mythology has it Zeus dishonestly disguised himself as a bull on which his daughter EUropa rode to her wedding to find she had been conned and was raped by her Father!
So very apt an allegory of how Britain was duped by the bull from Edward Heath, Geoffrey Rippon and their fellow political elite & civil servants to csarry us into a muylti partnered marriage where we were raped by those very partners on an ongoing basis.
Perhaps The Bull of Merrill Lynch led to the slaughter and served up cheap on the plate of Bank of America defaulting to its shareholder, investors and members due to incompetence, dishonesty and the over payment of its self important directors and staff. Not to mention the criminality of some of its leadership team and its claque!
Perhaps it is more prosaic and the bull just represents the same old UKIP bull peddled year in, year out where supporters are told the party will professionalise, the membership has hugely grown, the polls show we are on the verge of controlling Government, just one more push is needed which members must fund whilst MEPs bank their money in tax havens and fund their chums and family.
Either way I guess you can count on ‘Bull’.
The same old, same old from Mr. ‘Fighting Bull’ and doesn’t he keep repeating the same old speeches, soundbites and cheeky chappie excuses – Many tend to call it Bull Sh1t.
One of Gerard Batten’s only comments of value was as you will remember:
To site the event in Birmingham is almost funny as UKIP has been one string of leadership disasters in The West Midlands facing possible High Court action if Nikki Sinclaire MEP, no longer in UKIP, eventually decides to proceed against them for their anti homosexual, biased and bullying dishonesty etc.
We gather their branch chairman Jon Ison is under investigation by the police we suspect on possible charges of colluding to pervert the course of justice and wasting police time, which seems to embroil UKIP, Farage and others as Farage and others have been questioned by the police relative to Jon Ison.
Then of course the only remaining UKIP MEP in what was one of their flagship regions has rejected leadership by Nigel Farage and like Nikki Sinclaire resigned from Nigel Farage’s little money spinner the odious EFD Group of racists, bigots and other lees of the EU political gutter.
We also gather there has been a notable collapse in membership of any caliber in the West Midlands – much in line with the collapse in the East Midlands due to the lies of Derek Clark to cover his theft of money from the public purse supported by his hugely over paid minder Ron Ranson as Regional Organiser for UKIP.
A strange place to choose for a conference one might think particularly in view of so much bull!.




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