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UKIP Represented on Hard Talk – Farage not working!

Posted by Greg Lance - Watkins (Greg_L-W) on 06/08/2012

UKIP Represented on Hard Talk – Farage not working!

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UKIP Represented on Hard Talk – Farage not working!
Sadly the picture says it all as UKIP has utterly failed to lead the Leave-The-EU movement one inch cl;oser to exit from The EU!
They don’t even have an exit and survival strategy!

Nigel Farage is appearing on TV on the Hard Talk programme, being interviewed by stephen Sakur, which I understand is showing on Monday 6th August at at 03:30, 08:30, 15:30 and 20:30hrs. on BBC World Service.

This is I believe the second time he has been on the program and his previous time was something of an embarrassment as his interview responses were aggresive, interupting, dishonest and riddled with lies.

I fear we can expect more of the same with his sneering style, cheeky chappy blame everyone else, tendency to slander, lie and libel with little credibility for lack of gravitas as he invents policy on the hoof.
Would that it was otherwise as UKIP supporters like myself greatly value his INPUT when he has a leader to shelter behind to tidy up the mess he makes.
With UKIP leaderless in any real terms and represented across the internet by an abusive, dishonest and vituperative claque – many of whom are clearly ashamed of their own behaviour and shelter behind fake identities as they mount attacks on any supporter of UKIP who wishes to see it cleaned up and made fit for purpose who dares to expose the endemic corruption, hypocrisy and inept criminality of members of its leadership team.

The examples shown of how UKIP would behave if given one scintilla of authority begar belief and show better than any other method just how in their current form they are unfit for purpose and hugely aiding The EU in demeaning the EUroSceptic movement.

In an era where kicking a ball and running around in circles or making a complete prat of oneself on some sleazy media show is greatly adulated indeed the likes of Farage and his clique will garner enough support to continue enriching themselves and rewarding a claque of minders to defend them by seeking to defame those who espouse the issue of Leave-The-EU using grown up concepts.

Dressing up as chickens, racing around in a 1950s scout car and pretending it is a tank and other idiotic lightweight stunts may gain publicity but it has clearly sabotaged the credibility of UKIP’s intellectual foundations – not to mention the damage to their moral foundations as they whore and drink and steal their way around – Their political antics are all too similar to the school inadequate who seeks to curry popularity by writing rude words on the blackboard and mimicing the teacher behind their back!
So expect sneering, insults & policy on the hoof!
As results to date would seem to indicate the picture says it all as The Farage Party antics ‘doesn’t seem to be working’!
IF we try again later let us hope great changes have been made and UKIP has a leader of competence, gravitas and ability and that UKIP has been professionalised.
As one wag stated on Anthony Butcher’s UKIP controlled Forum, in response to the question ‘What Does UKIP Stand For?’.
His response was:
‘The “vision” button on UKIP’s website shows clearly what UKIP stands for , how it sees it happening, what UKIP is doing to achieve that, what it sees the set up will be after withdrawal from EU and what UKIP’s post withfrawal role will be.
If you find it let me know’.
Personally I have wasted much time on UKIP web site trying to find their ‘Exit & survival strategy’ relative to The EU as although they say the words clearly talk is inadequate and there is absolutely no evidence of walking the walk!

I wonder if Farage will present better for the party he totally controls as his own gravy boat on the gravy train!





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