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UKIP: Jon Ison continues his destruction in the West Midlands

Posted by Greg Lance - Watkins (Greg_L-W) on 05/08/2012

UKIP: Jon Ison continues his destruction in the West Midlands

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Monday, 05-Aug-2012
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Monday, 30 July 2012
The section published by Junius on 30-Jul-2012 was published first at CLICK HERE

UKIP: Jon Ison continues his destruction in the West Midlands

A West Midlands regional membership spread sheet, showing the variations in membership numbers by month shown to the Junius team reveal that its Solihull and Meriden Branch chairman John Ison has set a new party record in losing his association a staggering 16 members since April 2012, that’s nearly a 30% decrease in just 4 months!
Ison has resided over the collapse of the (until recently) largest branch in the West Midlands! Before he took over the branch was thriving had 100+ members, BUT is now down to a pitiful 45 members. (So a near loss of 65 members over his entire chairmanship of just over 12 months!)
In the same period all branch activity as stopped, before ISON took over the branch it had 17 candidates in place for the 2010 local elections. This year he didn’t put up a single candidate!
Proof that more and more people are distancing themselves from this vindictive and largely untrustworthy individual !
Mr Ison now appears to ruling his sinking ship with an iron fist to hold some level of position within UKIP. Aware of his own local unpopularity Ison has refused on hold an AGM for the branch fearing that a vote of no confidence will be issued and passed against him!
Constitutionally this is not allowed though how much longer will UKIP let it continue???????? Will the West Midlands RO step in a either to dissolve the branch or demand an EGM to hold the yearly elections as per party rules ?

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isn’t Gordon Parkin having the same result in his region for much the same reasons? Also I do gather that other than their own personal interests Peter Reeve & Lisa Duffy are having a near catastrophic effect in their region and with UKIP Yoof!
Then of course we note the catastrophic behaviour of Derek Clark who has not only abused his office and the trust of the electorate but lied to his committee, his members and his electorate and been aided by his hugely over salaried staff Ron Ransome The Regional Organiser and his wife in their region.
The abysmal results and general embarrassment of the results in London are irrefutable and as London MEP Gerard Batten has shown the public clearly reject his racist views and incitement to race hate as he works with extremist groups and criminals to promote his personal values (or transparent lack of!).

That the party chairman was sat upon to carry the can and pretended to resign speaks volumes – that even this turned out to be a dishonest move and he is still publishing idiotic newsletters as Party Chairman is plain for all to see. Clearly no one of gravitas, competence or integrity sat on that particular ‘Chair’ with any plausible effect!

Clearly the party lacks any credible leadership or understanding of duty, integrity, morality or responsibility – Farage is on record stating UK elections dont matter! Well no, not to him as his pockets are stuffed with the bribes of The EU!

UKIP couldn’t care less about honesty, probity, democracy or basic common decency it is clear.

The party makes huge claims of leaps forward and expectations of glory yet imn reality they never seem to reflect in the ballot box.
There may well be more members than at their all time low, not so long ago, when estimates had them at 8>10,000 members based upon their turnout to vote and track record in internal elections.

That they have grown is hardly worthy of dispute as one need only look at the caliber of those who they put forward in leadership and the only means of defending themselves would seem not to be results or even sound argument but desperate efforts to denigrate and defame those supporters who dare to have a view contrary to their self interests on the gravy train.

Yes to be fair UKIP has gained a Town councillor in Lydney and describe his result to be based on ‘a strong turnout’ OK let us judge UKIP by their claims:

Alan Preest was elected.

Alan Preest would seem to have had to quit as a Tory County Councillor.

Alan Preest was seemingly forced to resign from The Tory Party.

Alan Preest is a common thief who has been unable to clear his name!

The actual ‘strong turnout’ was in fact only 22%

Thus, yes Alan Preest won but on a vote of indifference with only 16% of the electorate in his sector of this little town even bothering to vote!

Is linking their name with low lifes and liars, thieves and dissemblers, liars and cheats really the way forward for UKIP?

One need only consider those in positions of leadership and responsibility to know the party is of no consequence and going nowhere in its present state.

Mick McGough – Liar, Cheat, criminal (UKIP NEC)

Derek Clark Liar, Cheat, Thief, dishonourable and utterly dishonest (UKIP & EFD MEP)

Gerard Batten Dishonest, proven Liar, Racist, inciter of Racial Hatred, associate of The BNP, EDL, EFD & other extremist groups (UKIP & EFD MEP)

The list is long just look them up on the search tool on this blog or similarly at:
or at:

I am surprised ANYONE would want UKIP in its present form as their candidate, at a time when the majority of the population would support a party seeking to Leave-The-EU IKIP is still bumping along the bottom & of no relevance due to its behaviour.

I am a dedicated UKIP supporter but will ONLY vote for it when it is cleaned up and fit for purpose – which as Junius regularly shows, it is not!





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