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UKIP’s immature, sex obsessed would be Police Chief!

Posted by Greg Lance - Watkins (Greg_L-W) on 09/08/2012

UKIP’s immature, sex obsessed would be Police Chief!+ ADDITIONAL MATERIAL ADDED 05-Sep-2012:


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UKIP’s immature, sex obsessed would be Police Chief!

Well I guess he won’t feel lonely amongst UKIP’s imature sex obsessed leadership with a leader who featured with a prostitute in a double page article and the antics of Godfrey Bloom who was arrested for intercourse with a black prostitute on a car bonnet in the street – pleading diplomatic imunity as a UKIP MEP & British politician!

Yet again UKIP, in choosing this silly little man as a candidate, shows it is unfit for purpose in being unable, it seems, to differentiate between Libertarian and libertine AGAIN!

we have written of UKIP’s folly in association with this foolish little man previously – just put his name in the search box at the top of the right sidebar!
Now he has dragged UKIP’s reputation further into the mire with Private Eye publishing their contempt for him, his behaviour and UKIP.


Police commissioner hopeful invited constituent to ‘bunga bunga’ party

12:27pm Thu June 7th


A UKIP councillor seeking the party’s nomination for Northumbria Police Commissioner invited a constituent to a “Bunga Bunga” party — a phrase used by disgraced former Italian premier Silvio Berlusconi to describe alleged sex parties.

David Potts, who sits on South Tyneside council, bragged on Twitter about his “W&S” and “bunga bunga” parties, and even invited a member of the public to one.

But Potts has denied attending sex parties, claiming that “W&S” stood for “wine & sandwiches” rather than “wives & swingers”. He said:

“My understanding is that [bunga bunga]  is merely a social gathering. The phrase is used among my circle. I may have misunderstood its perceived meaning.”

As well as his, erm, recreational activities, Potts has acquired a reputation as something of an online thug, attacking the council as a “poxy backwater” and making derogatory comments about council employees.

Potts also upset fellow councillors, when he asked porn star Mercedes Ashley to congratulate a colleague on being re-elected.

“As far as I am aware,” said the borough’s only Conservative councillor Jeff Milburn, “I have not been contacted by any American porn stars.”

To view the original of this article about this sordid little man & his make believe friends’ comments CLICK HERE

You will of course note that this odious little chap is ‘SEEKING THE UKIP NOMINATION’ it does not claim he IS the candidate.

Unfortunately in another region the bufoon Godfrey Bloom, a UKIP MEP!, has thrown his hat into the ring, granting every opportunity to befoul the name of UKIP & the reputation of The EUroSceptic movement! – which makes even more of a mockery of the selection of Police Chiefs than that his rival, IF he gets UKIP’s nomination, is John Presscot – though they have similar track records for immature and irresponsible philandry in public office but at least Prescot, however repugnant one may find him, he has held down responsible public office!





as a result of a phone call to my home I received subsequently the following eMail, which I have published in full as it was an attempt by David Potts to alter what I had posted and with no request for privacy. Since he is a local councillor his contaact data will be readily available from other sources so I have mader no effort to conceal them:

From: David Potts []
Sent: 05 September 2012 13:22
Subject: Your website

Dear Mr Lance-Watkins

I did just attempt to telephone you to speak to you about this page on your website I spoke to a lady who was very helpful and took my number.

The accuracy of the article is, in my view, not of an adequate standard. I hope that you will kindly consider adjusting or removing the article. I am happy to give you an exclusive interview, if you feel that this will help remedy the matter.

Please be aware that this is merely a polite request and I have no intention of taking legal proceedings. I am a great believer in free speech and I have a lot of respect for bloggers such as yourself. I just hope you will permit me to put my side of the story forward.

Many thanks

Yours sincerely

David Potts (Cllr)
Cleadon & East Boldon Ward

To which I have replied:

From: Greg Lance-Watkins
eMail: Greg_L-W (

Tel:      UK: 01594 – 5-2-8 . 3:37




Sorry – I tried to call you back as soon as I returned #0796 – 0544 716


I regret it may be a transcription error so do send me the number & I will call as soon as possible.


Your concerns are noted and of course I will grant a right of reply and in the interim I have added this correspondence to the end of the blog in question for added clarity – I trust this assists in amelioration of your claims in the interim.


The post in question is:


You will note there are other posts which comment on you which you may also wish to respond to – these can be found by use of the search facility on my blog.


You will appreciate that as I am a long term supporter of the original stated aims of UKIP and ethics in public office, my efforts are made to seek a root and branch clean-up of the unarguably corrupt UKIP, particularly wiithout competent leadership or ethical individuals in its leadership team – A fact that you will have found all too apparent if you take a genuine interest in UKIP as a vehicle to Leave-The-EU and not just a bolt hole for failed politicaians seeking their own prefferment and enrichment!


The aim is a party of some gravitas which is fit for purpose and worthy of a vote!


I do try to ensure accuracy in all my posts and grant right of reply on any polite and reasoned grounds – as in your instance. You will of course note that I rarely take the comments of cowards sheltering, what is frequently their dishonesty & personal ambitions, behind pseudonyms but when identifiable individuals repy I always seek to assist to ensure accuracy.

You may be interested to note my undertaking at:


Also you may be interested to note that in the literally 1,000s of postings related to UKIP I have never ONCE been found to have deliberately misled or stated a consequential error of fact – despite the army of parasites seeking reward in UKIP who, together with lawyers read my blog on a very regular basis both for their own gain and also in their salaried capacities I am reliably informed.

I have ammended every single error of fact that has been brought to my attention which is to date about 3 and all three were VERY minor. IF the facts regarding you, which werte sourced from a political web site where, incidentally, those who endeavoured to defend your behaviour clearly did you more harm than good – IF you can show substantial error please accept my apologies as I did seek and found corroboration on various web sites, indicating the strong likelihood of the veracity of the facts I then published.

As someone who is constantly attacked and lied about by the low lifes in UKIP, both named and cowards, I can well comprehend the possibility of total drivel accumulating on the internet as with that about me by stalkers acting in malicious self interest like Mick McGough, Matt Quinn, Belinda MacKenzie, Annabell Fuller, Gerard Batten, David Icke, Mark Croucher, Douglas Denny and other clearly dishonest individuals – it is a sad reflection on the ethics and integrity of UKIP that so many are of their ranks!

Some Government they would make!!!





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