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UKIP’s Desperate Spin IS Dishonesty!

Posted by Greg Lance - Watkins (Greg_L-W) on 05/05/2012

UKIP’s Desperate Spin IS Dishonesty!

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Clean EUkip up NOW make UKIP electable! 


The corruption of EUkip’s leadership, 
their anti UKIP claque in POWER & the NEC 

is what gives the remaining 10% a bad name!  


UKIP’s Catastrophic Local Election & Mayoral Election Results Give rise to their Desperate and Dishonest Spin!

Can UKIP be so clearly out of touch with reality!!



a final round up on the local elections is best shown by the desperate attempt of what would seem to be one staffer trying to hang onto their job by posting spin on a UKIP controlled public Forum:

Yesterday, 11:28 PM #892

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Quote Originally Posted by Niall Warry View Post
By any analysis this is no major breakthrough for EUKIP – if only it was.


218000 people have voted UKIP in this year’s local elections compared with 98000 in 2008.

136 UKIP candidates finished in 2nd place.

50 UKIP candidates scored 25%+ of the vote.

UKIP took 7 council seats in England and 2 council seats in Wales.

A summary which were it to have ANY meaning would also point out that of 4,987 seats UKIP fielded only some 700 candidates of whom a mere 9 were elected in the whole of these United Kingdoms leaving some 650 also rans of absolutely no relevance or status.

In the London Mayoral contest UKIP achieved UNDER 2% coming 6th. and similarly in the Liverpool Mayoral contest UKIP was an embarrassing 2%.

One has to wonder at the sanity of the self styled ImWithUKIP spokes person that can make such a fool opf themselves as to try to pretend UKIP did well under the leadership of the clearly unprofessional, divisive, implausible entertainer Nigel Farage and his low grade team of praise singers and parasites rewarded by or on the promise of reward from the public purse!

Little wonder that ImWithUKIP and the many parasites like him, her or it they are too ashamed to put their names to their rank idiocy!

This blog & Junius predicted more or less exactly what a catastrophic result Farage’s UKIP was likely to achieve but I do concede that I did not believe tjhat UKIP would have quite such a catastrophic result at a time when almost every aspect favoured them for a better result than 9 out of 4,987 seats!

Consider my recent Tweets & Re-Tweets:


Nigel Farage, the philandering drunk who has been convicted of misusing party funds, should now quit as UKIP leader after disastrous night.

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In the country formerly known as Great Britain,the role of local councils is primarily to implement European Union directives. Remember that

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Ken Livingstone believes crime is committed by ‘poverty’ rather than criminals, and has supported the dismantling of traditional policing.

Retweeted by Greg_Lance-Watkins

Good riddance to Ken Livingstone. He’s a thoroughly nasty piece of work who plays off one section of the community against others

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Farage’s candidate Lawrence Webb came an embarrassing 5th. with LESS THAN 2% in London Mayoral vote – another catastrophy for Farage’s UKIP!

Mick McGough with a record as a proven liar & cheat demeaned UKIP by standing and coming 5th – beaten by LibLabCon AND Greens – Catastrophic

Bent & Narrow find 2 more ballot boxes to count – sounds like when Labour rigged the Devolution vote in Wales! Check the hand writing!!

Well done Meridan Residents gaining a voice on their council to oppose abuse of planning law by so called travellers squatting unlawfully.

Today The BNP with its vile racism, squabbling & odious behaviour is finished as a credible political force. CAVEAT this COULD be UKIP soon

These delayed counts are Britain in microcosm: everything is designed around the convenience of the state bureaucracy.

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Breast cancer is rare in men, but they fare worse than women: -AB

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WCentral London voted UKIP 5th with 3.5% with Greens on 8.7% in 3rd – Yet anot6her Farage catastophy in his unprofessional & dishonest UKIP!

SW London sees UKIP 5th with under half of Green’s vote on 4.9%. Can only be described as catastrophic for Farage’s UKIP after 20 years!

NE London Paul Wiffen for UKIP polled 3.5% for 5th trailing LibLabCon AND Greens on 15.5% Another catastrophic vote for Farage’s UKIP!

Merton & Wandsworth UKIP trails 5th with 2.4% yet another catastrophic result in Farage’s UKIP!

Lambeth & Southwark: UKIP 5th with 2.8% whilst Greens had 11.5% – Another catastrophy for Farage’s UKIP!

Havering & Redbridge: UKIP’s Lawrence Webb on 6.8% came 3rd – bodes ill for Mayoral position where he is currently on 2%! A UKIP catastrophy

Greenwich & Lewisham Farage’s protege Paul Oakley 3.8% came beaten by Greens, LibLabCon & People Before Profit – Another UKIP catastrophy!

Farage’s placement for UKIP Steven Woolfe 3% for 7th position beaten by BNP & Communities United Party + LibLabCon & Greens came 3rd!

6h American Cancer Soc American Cancer Soc@AmericanCancer

#Mother’s Day is May 13. Only 2 days left to donate in honor of Mom and mail a card. Donate now.

Retweeted by Greg_Lance-Watkins

4,987 seats SNP 402, LibDim 393, Plaid 147, Greens 40 +11, Residents Assoc 21 +5, UKIP 9 +0, IC&HC +3, Respect +5 – UKIP vote on about 4%!!

UKIP are rightly so ashamed of their behaviour and candidates that in London they call themselves ‘Fresh Choice for London’ to avoid UKIP!!

The odious fool Kevin Mahoney won a UKIP seat which shows just how desperate UKIP’s plight is in Wales – They have not ONE credible voice!

UKIP Wales results a catastrophy with 2 seats out of 1023 available – Clearly UKIP had no credible candidates, an utter embarrassment.

EU style elected Mayors seemingly resoundingly rejected Now Birmingham voted NO2 this useless & costly additional EU functionary position!

UKIP trashed in Salford Mayoral race coming 17,000 votes behind No 2 in a poor third!

Will Andreasen, Batten, Dartmouth, Coleman, Clark, Agnew, Bufton be selected as Farage rewards toadies eg. Aldrich, Crowther, Hamilton etc.

UKIP currently on 2% in London Mayoral election & the liar McGough trailing last in Brent & Harrow – UKIP Nationally on their normal 5%

UKIP MEP breakaway group out to remove Farage after catastrophic results. Schedule London meeting but unlikely to have the guts for it!

Farage easily satisfied! Spinning to save his income! of 4,987 seats UKIP has won 8 with LibDims on 315 UKIP 8th Place!

UKIP propaganda claims 3rd Part in Britain but LibDims are on 306 seats & UKIP 8! UKIP running at 8th. largest party by seats obtained!!

of 4,967 seats available so far UKIP has 8 has come an irrelevant 2nd. in just under 100 with about 200 seats yet to call!. Catastrophic!!

Greens 23 +5, Residents Assoc 13 +5, UKIP 8 +0, IC&HC +3, Respect +5 – UKIP vote up a few % but catastrophic number of seats won trailing LD

UKIP Catastrophically fulfills predicted results!×6

UKIP 7 seats +1, outstripped by Greens with 16 +3, Respect +5 & IC&HC +5. Clearly a disaster for UKIP with 7th. place in England & Wales!

UKIP lost seats & net gain of 1 so far mid term & Government takes a kicking but UKIP makes no significant gains under unprofessional leader

UKIP looks to have lived down to catastrophic predictions so far ONE seat not the 100s needed gained 2.5% in Liverpool!

UKIP Might Care To Consider, in the light of their risible domestic election results

UKIP Expecting Catastrophic Domestic Election Results

UKIP’s risible results today, as expected, should lead to MEPs of principle quitting The EFD & removing unprofessional leadership from UKIP

UKIP Sponsor states “A Kraut is a Kraut is a Kraut. And the only good Kraut is a dead Kraut” – Racism & religious race hate is endemic!

4,987 Seats up for election today with CLAIMED 10% support anything short of 498 won by UKIP will reflect their TRUE value! – LEAVE-THE-EU

UKIP openly soliciting protest vote having failed to sell their own message! Only able to find 30% credible candidates!

UKIP scrabbling to back peddle on expectations today their unprofessional & racist behaviour has failed to convince

EU Membership (Economic Implications) Bill’s Progress

I note Anthony Butcher’s UKIP controlled forum, all too williong to harbour defamation & lies FROM UKIP is censoring facts about UKIP!

First she came for the Homosexuals & now she has come for the Muslims!

UKIP Candidate Steve Moxon on Anders Breivik!

Steve Mason (formerly BNP) UKIP’s candidate for Orsett attacks UKIP’s rules & UKIP is partners with racists in The EU!

Corruption in UKIP was endemic UKIP MEP Derek Clark’s lies & defamatory comments show it still is

Derek Clark UKIP MEP Disbands Committee to cover his lies!

More about UKIP dishonesty & corruption & the lies of Derek Clark UKIP MEP later on The source for proven FACTS on UKIP

Has Derek Clark UKIP MEP lied again to his Regional Committee, who have sacked him, to dishonestly stay on Gravy Train for personal gain?

Up early, due to Hospital check up! The explanation of Derek Clark UKIP MEP that ALL UKIP committees disbanded was unequivocal on UKIP Forum

Liar & crook Derek Clark UKIP MEP unable to justify his lies & fraud & announces ALL UKIP committees disbanded a week before Local Election!

Marta ANDREASEN Calls for Nigel FARAGE to Resign!!

Marta ANDREASEN’s Unlawfull Election by: Lynnda Robson

Aid worker killed in Pakistan – the Taliban are like most politicians, just self serving cowards abusing their position for financial gain

@TIME @TIMEHealthland You asked what type of Doctor makes the most money – I would contend the very most useless – A political spin doctor!

The iresponsibility of the unelected bureaucrats of The EU can ONLY be described as hubris at a criminal level

[Ticker] Tens of thousands protest in #Spain against austerity –

Retweeted by Greg_Lance-Watkins

Standard & Poor’s lowers credit rating on 16 Spanish banks – @cnbc

Retweeted by Greg_Lance-Watkins

If UKIP was a professional party they would ensure Derek Clark MEP had the integrity to resign TODAY & Farage would consider his position!

Derek Clark UKIP MEP should resign TODAY having been proven to lie to the electorate & defamed those who told the truth about his dishonesty

Derek Clark UKIP MEP should have the integrity to stand down TODAY having lied repeatedly to mislead the electorate & defamed individuals

Conservative Home Over Eggs the UKIP threat …

FACT, AFTER FACT, AFTER FACT all verifiable – all accurate all in my name identifiable as FACTS or retweeted by me in my name as FACTS and all show why UKIP is clearly and undeniably unfit for purpose to represent the interests of these United Kingdoms and the cause of Leave-The-EU under its present leadership and befouled by the claque of self serving parasites gathered around them.
To quote Oliver Cromwell Addressing the rump parliament. April 1653:
“you have been sat too long here for any good you have been doing. Depart, i say, and let us have done with you. In the name of god, go!.”

Words so very apposite when considering UKIP’s present leadership clique, its claque and its parasites!



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