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Marta ANDREASEN Calls for Nigel FARAGE to Resign!!

Posted by Greg Lance - Watkins (Greg_L-W) on 01/05/2012

Marta ANDREASEN Calls for Nigel FARAGE to Resign!!

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The corruption of EUkip’s leadership, 
their anti UKIP claque in POWER & the NEC 

is what gives the remaining 10% a bad name!  


Marta ANDREASEN Calls for Nigel FARAGE to Resign!!



The Court Judgement against Marta Andreasen in full can be viewed at CLICK HERE

That Marta Andreasen is clearly corrupt, blatantly dishonest and utterly discreditted has never been in contention – that EUkip have exploited her dishonesty seems obvious and that the liars, cheats and low lifes can expect reward as a part of The EU scam is clear for all to see!

Marta Andreasen is unfit as an MEP for these United Kingdoms and brings shame and contempt on the due process of EUkip’s own legally constituted rules and so called Constitution. It is

clear that EUkip lack the moral compass to find their way home let alone lead anyone forward!



just so that this never slips from view!

Marta Andreasen VERY CLEARLY calls for Nigel Farage to resign!
Open letter. Why I am calling for Nigel’s resignation

Many in the party have argued for years that to be able to get out of
the EU we need to have a presence at national and local level in
addition to the one we have at European level.

In 2009 when UKIP came second in the European elections we all
celebrated and anticipated the start of a new era where the party would
grow to become a credible option not just at European Level but also at
national and local level.

I put a lot of effort into that election not only by travelling around
the country speaking in support of candidates but also by managing the
party coffers, a key role in a growing party, not least during election.
Complying with the electoral commission requirements and making ends
meet in UKIP proved to be a terribly difficult job as there was no
financial discipline.

However I stepped down as Treasurer at the end of September 2009 with
the enormous satisfaction that having paid all election and ordinary
debts, the party had 150,000 pounds in the bank. I managed this by an
enormous and exhausting control effort while also investing my time in
convincing donors about the credibility of the party.

However today the party is bankrupt and so it has been for the last six
months at least. The reasons are long but can roughly be summarized in
the following:

1. The party has engaged in costly and unnecessary court cases resulting
from Mr. Farage´s internal disagreements with colleagues or staff
members; 2. The party has engaged in the costly and unnecessary
promotion of by-elections where we had no chance at all of winning a
seat; 3. The party has recruited staff over and above its capacity.

The management of the resources that we get from the EU as a result of
our belonging to a political group is subject to the same abysmal
mismanagement characterized by undemocratic and non-transparent
recruitment decisions.

The results of the 2010 General election that followed Ukip’s great
success in the 2009 were disappointing to say the least but I have to
say my disappointment started when Nigel announced he was standing down
as leader 8 months before the General Election and with no advance
notice. Buckingham’s results left me in doubt about his strategic
ability, which up to that point I was convinced he had.

The results of this year, whatever the EU-style massaging of the
figures, are bad without doubt: winning only 0.7% of the seats contested
is a dismal result. And Nigel, who promised great success, should be
the first one to recognize this.

The candidates, the activists and the staff are not to blame. I value
their efforts enormously and in fact those who have succeeded have done
so only on their personal efforts and the ones who have not should not
feel they are to blame.

Campaigning, in my view, does not start two or three months before the
election. We should campaign all the time in different ways and
according to the contributions we are most fit to make. I have been
campaigning all the time since I have been with UKIP: raising awareness
about how taxpayers money is being wasted at EU level, alerting about
the threats the EU is posing for UK citizens and businesses, defending
British people from abuses, participating in financial and budgetary
forums, speaking at schools, universities, public meetings, in all cases
looking to get the best media coverage for the party. The aim of our
campaigning should be to show voters (present and potential) that we
care for them. Then the canvassing and leafleting in the last weeks
before election date would allow us to achieve the objective.

But all those efforts combined become diminished if there is no adequate
leadership, one who is credible and disciplined and who sets the
objectives and recruits responsible people on which he can delegate. And
this is what we are missing.

Nigel is a fantastic speaker and performer, the best I have ever known
in the UK but his performance has not resulted in seat gains in this
election and if we do not want to have the same results in 3 years time
we should start making changes NOW. Nigel was re-elected 6 months ago
but he was not a new comer, in fact he had only resigned from a 3-year
leadership one year before.

I want to see UKIP become an important political option in the UK and
lead the way out of the EU! That is why I have made this call.

I have no plan to stand as a candidate for leadership now or ever. I am
quite conscious that I do not have the profile. But I am confident we
can find the right profile among the membership.

Marta Andreasen

Strasbourg, 12 May 2011

This letter is all the more compelling as Marta Andreasen was very much a placement of Nigel Farage’s and he clearly fiddled the system to have her elected as shown if you view the Returning Officer’s Official Report & Condemnation’ of UKIP’s election methods and lies! CLICK HERE

I first published this material at the time and see: CLICK HERE

The letter itself was published on Marta Andreasen’s blog and I covered that and also the unprofessional behaviour of UKIP with its crass amateur statements and selective leaks – all of which showed just how unfit for ANY public office they were as a party!

There is also a section in The Returning Officer’s Official report on UKIP’s dishonesty & Corruption on the lies and cheating of Mick McGough who astonishingly is still found acceptable as one of the boot lickers and praise singers on the make and the take who is standing for UKIP as a candidate for the EU Regional Council for London and who is still found acceptable by the unprofessional and squalid leadership of UKIP as a wannabe MEP!

Cleqarly UKIP has no ethics, morality or self respect as it lies, cheats, defames and abuses anyone who dares to publish the truth about them or to whom they have any moral debts or owe money!


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