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Gawain Towler drags UKIP into his gutter

Posted by Greg Lance - Watkins (Greg_L-W) on 05/05/2012

Gawain Towler drags UKIP into his gutter

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Gawain Towler drags UKIP into his gutter with his foul mouthed & desperate attempt to keep his job!!



Consider the desperation in UKIP’s spin from their Press Office.

The party spokesman Gawain Towler
“Warsi f*** off, how dare you. B****.”

The sad thing is this sort of behaviour is commonplace in UKIP yet they want people to vote for them.

The so called Warsi incident was totally trumped up and blown out of all proportion since what she said was absolutely true – I was watching the programme when she first made the statement based on the raw data that The BNP had reduced the seats it was standing in and UKIP had increased the seats it was standing in BOTH by 14% – so far 100% accurate.

Baroness Warsi speculated as to whether there was some sort of overlap, not unreasonably conjecturing whether the increase on UKIP’s part was in the same seats as The BNP had withered away which was a rational speculation.

Baroness Warsi can be accused of failing to differentiate between percentages and percentage points in her use of raw data – but why should she if it negates her point which was clearly that as The BNP fell by 14% coincidentally UKIP rose by the same percent!

The BNP stood in 19.3% of seats in 2008; in the 2012 local elections they stood in 5.3%, this is a drop of 14.0% as stated by Warsi though it is in fact a fall of 73%.

UKIP on the other hand in 2008 stood in 14.4% of the available seats but in this 2012 local election they stood in 28.7% of available seats thus an increase of 14.3% but clearly a change of 99% on Their figures!

Obviously there was no implication of a link beyond the 14% change and speculation as to whether this reflected on the ground or implication of collusion.

Little wonder it took the BBC’s arch left wing political spin meister to make an issue of it and a buffoon like Paul Nuttall to fall into the trap and create a BNP link with his totally dishonest claim that UKIP implements a blanket ban on BNP members joining – they may have such a ban but clearly it is meaningless as there are many ex BNP members of UKIP and membership has been used for witch hunts of the most vile kind in UKIP leadership to protect their corruption and income stream!

The intensly left wing BBC position being to use any opportunity to belittle the Tories they were quick to spin this and understandably as they become increasingly aware that the Tory Government is acting responsibly and seeking to cut borrowing and reign in the profligate and clearly self serving public sector – The BBC being a part of that public sector living off of mandatory taxation is fearful for its bloated salaries and irresponsible management and union structures!

Let us not forget that The BBC’s position is so heavily compromised by massive soft loans and funding from The EU as to be utterly untrustworthy as either a news or comment source!

To embarrass the Tories, and there is little doubt this is in selfish self interest, the left wing media are dishonestly spinning desperately for UKIP in the realisation that their results gaining 9 seats out of the 4,987 available at a time when EVERY aspect was in their favour was a catastrophy beyond comprehension so there is every reason to expect the UKIP will collapse and vanish and are clearly no threat to the media’s left wing sponsors – so one last throw of the dice and UKIP is being used by the media like soiled toilet paper to aid the left wing.

Foul mouthed outbursts from a self serving pervert like Gawain Towler who is wholly owned by Farage who saved him from removal from UKIP which was the democratic decision of the party are nothing new and the man is a liar and a cheat beneath contempt.

Let us face it he is not alone amongst UKIP’s spin doctors as they scrabble to hang onto their jobs – he does however pass as secure in his position and uses his own name though being a part of the claque of pond life that are UKIP’s leadership praise singers who are too ashamed to use their own names and hide behind false identities to befoul the body politic and drag UKIP into the gutters they inhabit.
Self interest of this scale is all too often sheltered in shameful anonymity as they lie, cheat and defame as we are all too well aware:
Be it:

The odious claque supporting the leadership in return for feeding on the nipple of the public purse are rightly ashamed of many of their actions and associations!

It would seem the British people are all too well aware of this and despite the somewhat laughable spin that laid claim to a popularity level of third political party in The UK with support as high as 11% across the country when it came to the crunch they fielded 5th or 6th or didn’t even register in most seats with somewhere around 2-5% being the overall result.

How UKIP can so dishonestly portray this as anything other than an unmittigated catastrophy beggars belief, but then look at the calliber of those doing so and study their motive!!

That the BBC and other left wing media are supporting their myth and spin brings into question the integrity of the media!


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