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UKIP Expecting Catastrophic Domestic Election Results

Posted by Greg Lance - Watkins (Greg_L-W) on 03/05/2012

UKIP Expecting Catastrophic Domestic Election Results

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Clean EUkip up NOW make UKIP electable! 


The corruption of EUkip’s leadership, 
their anti UKIP claque in POWER & the NEC 

is what gives the remaining 10% a bad name!  


Despite their lies, propaganda, abuse, bullying & unprofessionalism being transparent some UKIP Muppets & wannabes are still pedling expectations of huge success in British elections today!

More intelligent UKIP members with some political sense are Expecting Catastrophic Domestic Election Results!

What then? UKIP thus having shown that even after 20 years they are unfit for purposwe with their present style & standards!



on the day of the local elections where 4,987 seats are up for election across Britain and over 150 are unopposed the results will be a very major make or break indication for UKIP.Clearly they would need to make significant gains in seats won to have ANY credible future as a political party and I do NOT mean parish and village Councils – I believe it is essential, if UKIP is to survive that they will gain at least 400 meaningful seats at County, District or EU Assembly at very least and less than 100 such seats would suggest they have been rumbled by the British Public.

I note already UKIP is publishing spin to excuse a dismal outcome making much of they could only find candidates for 30% of the seats and many of them are joke candidates or at best paper candidates See The BBC CLICK HERE

Then we note one of The UKIP sponsors has gained outrageous publicity in The Daily Mail stating:
A Kraut is a Kraut is a Kraut. And the only good Kraut is a dead Kraut.”
CLICK HEREI appreciate he is elderly and this COULD be attributed to some form of embittered senility but equally so could his support for UKIP. Is he just a pleasant old gentleman who has been duped into putting his name to support of UKIP much as Bertrand Russell’s peccadilloes (hopes!) led him to support the idiotic CND movement that has so damaged Nuclear research and can be directly blamed for Fukushima!

Additionally Gerard Batten’s extremist seeming incitement to racial hatred based on his personal fears & superstitions CLICK HEREThen we have the ill considered comments of Steve Moxon CLICK HERE

The odious comments of their former PPC now standing in Oxford CLICK HERE

The unfortunate publicity of UKIP’s exploitation of The EU propaganda expenses (tax payers’ money) for booze fuelled jollies for their Yoof Division (which I understand has under 100 members! See their forum which is a virtual vacuum when it comes to comments!) details of their Booze Jollies can be seen in The Mirror CLICK HERE

Roger Helmer’s outspoken and injudicious rhetorical question ‘Will Gay Marriage lead to incest’?

The odious outburst of the award winning Zionist: clap trap from Malcolm Lord Pearson whilst UKIP leader that was founded on race hate based on religion so comprehensively exposed by The News of The World (Little wonder politicians did all they could to silence the ONE paper with an exemplary track record of exposing Political cant and hypocricy – together with Rupert Murdoch’s other media enterprises!)

Then there were the outright lies of Pearson aided by the much passed over ex Tory MP Christopher Gill who as UKIP executives happily lied and defamed Nikki Sinclaire for having denounced The EFD Group and its racist, anti jewish, aggressively pro EU membership stance of reform rather than withdrawal (so very Catholic 😉 !!

Then we have the idiotic so called Press Officer and spokesman for UKIP in London burning a picture of an opponent – revolting as that may be as it is seen, largely as a result of such burnings in less civilised Countries, to be a symbolic killing of the individual – a stupidity of even greater proportions where of those who have even heard of Brian Paddick probably their only knowledge of him is that he has openly stated he is a pervert and practices as an homosexual, which is a perfectly legitimate practice in our Country.

How stupid can UKIP be?

The clear abuse of UKIP’s own rules when it suits its dictatorial and unprofessional leadership with the selection of Steve Mason as an ex member of the sordid racist BNP as a candidate. However he tried to justify himself CLICK HERE the rules clearly state that no ex member of the BNP may join as a member as with the UKFirstParty


Personally I believe there is little chance of cleaning-up UKIP with any meaningful possibility they could become fit for purpose to have a domestic credibility to Leave-The-EU – but as they are the ONLY Party that even mumbles about a desire to Leave-The-EU however implausibly when compared with their unprofessional antics; let us keep trying until something better comes along!

Perhaps that something else could be ‘REFER-ism

So what should UKIP do in the light of catastrophic results yet again when UKIP’s own leadership are clearly expecting a poor outcome as Nigel Farage’s comments to the BBC show.

We note UKIP are downplaying their own status, wisely! We note they claim they expect votes for them to be based upon protest against the Political Parties and Politicians – so even UKIP leadership clearly see themse3lves as little more than a dustbin for all but spoiled papers, seemingly attracting few votes ion their own right based upon THEIR abilities, values and leadership!

Clearly the spin to be expected will be along the lines of ‘never mind the quality feel the width’ when UKIP fails to make appreciable gains in elected seats – however it is ONLY seats that count!
Many will know of Jesse Owen’s glorious win in the 100 yards and his Gold Medal in the 1936 Olympics, The black man from America who so embarrassed and angered Adolph Hitler but few if any will remember, without looking it up, who came second nor that Jesse Owen gained gold for breaking the long jump world record and also 2 further gold medals for his first place in a 200 yard (meter?) dash with a bend and 1st. place in the 400 meter (yard?) relay!
I suggest a meeting of UKIP Patriots should be held chaired by the ONLY UKIP MEP of any credible stance having QUIT the vile EFD Group and NOT supporting the leadership by the unprofessional and clearly incompetent (Judge by the results) over many years.

Let us not forget the last election where UKIP had ANY material success was based upon Nigel Farage’s dishonest orchestrating of his own version of The Reichstag Fire having staged his own version of Crystal Nacht where he invented and played out a completely spurious claim of major infiltration of the party by The BNP and used it to remove the two leading lights, some might say ONLY, honest individuals of any independent stature on The NEC Dr. Eric Edmond and Dr. David Abbott and subsequently Del Young all of whom were willing to stand up to Nigel Farage and seek adult politics and probity in accounting – both of which Farage has energetically blocked over many years resulting in the rotten stench of corruption in UKIP propped up by those without ethics, integrity or morality in return for personal reward.

Let us see Nikki Sinclaire MEP call together those who might wish to act with a modicum of integrity such as Marta Andreasen (though her track record of integrity stinks CLICK HERE), Mike Nattrass who has resigned from The EFD and has just recently openly denounced Farage’s inept and corrupt leadership CLICK HERE

Perhaps, weak, dishonest, corrupt and hopelessly inept as he is we might also see Trevor Colman in support as although he has renounced EFD membership and promised to join the UKFirstParty he still clearly supports the current leadership of UKIP having failed to openly denounce their corruption just as he was brought in by Roger Knapman to try to orchestrate a cover-up of Tom Wise’s criminality as a UKIP MEP. Let us hope he has developed a spine with his new found wealth!

The grouping is far from ideal but were these individuals to make a start and jointly renounce membership of The Vile EFD and make public the scams that Nigel Farage’s leadership are embroiled in they MIGHT manage to effect a clean-up of UKIP and rid them of their parasites both on the staff and in office

Only such a clean sweep would have any meaning and stand ANY chance of creating a UKIP fit for purpose.

Let us hope the risible results give courage to those who might vacillate!

There is STILL a small window of opportunity for New UKIP to be formed but unless it happens they will remain corrupt, corrupted and unfit for purpose – sadly after so many years of coexisting in the septic tank almost all of UKIP’s upper echelons are tainted by the same stench of corruption having turned so many blind eyes as to be blinded to integrity themselves!

Let us hope out of defeat comes courage by those who were led to defeat!


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