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Derek Clark UKIP MEP Disbands Committee to cover his lies!

Posted by Greg Lance - Watkins (Greg_L-W) on 01/05/2012

Derek Clark UKIP MEP Disbands Committee to cover his lies!

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The corruption of EUkip’s leadership, 
their anti UKIP claque in POWER & the NEC 

is what gives the remaining 10% a bad name!  

Derek Clark, MEP

Derek Clark, MEP (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

The odious liar & fraud Derek Clark UKIP MEP!!

Hi,due to a hospital visit today I was up fairly early and had given my various builders, gardners and decorators the day off, so that Lee could enjoy the house in peace!!This gave me the opportunity to read the internet early – The UKIP Forum was interesting and clearly fat boy slim of Sheffield had not donned his shell suit to go to work censoring posts as yet – Thus this post remained, though I’ve not bothered since I’ve been home to check if it has been removed – as have been all the postings regarding the liar and fraudster Derek Clark and his having lied to members, his regional committee, the electorate and the media regarding the money he was ORDERED to repay having fraudulently obtained tax payers money and spent it on staff to get himself re-selected (In the gift of the new Party Dictator under HIS new Constitution) and thus abusing the public purse for personal political gain.

Here is the post from UKIP’s next in line as MEP who would replace the sleaze ridden Derek Clark if he had the integrity to resign.

Chris Paine wrote:

East Midlands Regional Committee
Monday 30th of April:

I went even though I was suffering with a bad man Flu (a sniffle!) which for me is 6 and a half hours night out, straight from work, no food to the UKIP meeting, only to be told that all regional committee’s are no longer in situ through out the country and their chairman and voting members have to be re-selected and until that point they no longer hold office.
I have no problem with re-selection, though this means in the week of council elections we have not got valid committee’s, but I have serious problems with our MEP Derek Clark wasting the other committee members night and my own! Derek had composed this letter on the 12th of April, but did not have the decency or common sense to inform anyone.

At worst we could have been campaigning for UKIP to push us forward for Thursdays elections.

Obviously Derek did not like the fact that he was no longer able to be chairman and was not prepared to answer why he lied to the UKIP regional committee about his OLAF investigation and it’s findings!

It’s nights like this that question the hard work, effort and money we all put into UKIP.

The thing that highlights the stupidity of the situation is that it will be the same people that are selected, because they were selected by each counties branch chairmen.

In the morning, I will ask myself why have I put some much time and effort into something, for something as wrong as this to happen.

Perhaps other UKIP members will inform me what their views are on this.

This reveals just what unprincipled self enriching and self serving pond life UKIP has attracted and kept in its leadership team and the muppets, puppets and political trash that are their claque.No one can claim this behaviour by a long standing Gravy Trainer like Derek Clark, which has clearly been endorsed by Nigel Farage and his brain cell Steve Crowther, and of course Nigel Farage’s PR guru the more than somewhat unstable thief, liar and liability the clearly over paid Annabelle Fuller – HOW can these fools believe the British peoples should vote for such unprofessional corrupt and dishonest rabble – endlessly squabbling for position and personal gain and willing to tell any lie that keeps them feeding from the troughs on the gravy train!

Derek Clark even hoped to dupe his regional committee into believing this blog & Junius would sully their reputations to lie and invent reports of his fraud and dishonesty – Do not forget this slime Derek Clark was the odious individual who colluded with the morally bankrupt Gerard Batten and Douglas Denny to orchestrate a kangaroo court to oust Peter Baker to make way for their controlled puppet – based on trumped up claims of evidence and refusal to permit witnesses who proved they were telling lies – several years ago!Leopards do Not change their spots and Derek Clark is no exception to that rule!

You may also note the information was also viewed by Junius CLICK HERE

I BELIEVE that yet again Derek Clark is telling lies to save his own sordid sleazy skin – Even UKIP leadership can not be so unprofessional as to disband EVERY Regional Committee just to hang onto one of its liars – it has more!

We are reasonably advised by several senior members of UKIP of long standing and good repute (yes there are a few!) that Derek Clark has lied to his Regional Committee – though we can be fairly certain that UKIP’s corrupt leadership will not renounce Derek Clark for his corruption and repeated dishonesty – Does he know too much about the scams to take the risk?

We KNOW Nigel Farage and others in his unprofessional self enriching and self serving leadership team and its claque are and have been all too willing to lie and cheat to enrich themselves on The Gravy Train or to get places on it!

It is the very clear and undeniable unprofessional lack of ethics and morality of UKIP leadership and its sock puppets that have ensured UKIP has achieved so very little in domestic politics and no actual results in moving these United Kingdoms to Leave-The-EU in 20 years, despite the well recorded popularity of the cause espoused by its grass roots rank and file members.

That UKIP leadership has consistently lied to its members and others to keep liars, cheats, fraudsters, thieves and other cowardly individuals on its team happy to lie and defame people to try to cover-up its offensive behaviour and cover for the crimes of its leadership!


. .

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