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UKIP, CIB, TFA etc. are so befouled by association

Posted by Greg Lance - Watkins (Greg_L-W) on 30/07/2012

UKIP, CIB, TFA etc. are so befouled by association

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UKIP, CIB, TFA etc. are so befouled by association with liars, cheats & low lifes like of Mick McGough!
UKIP is demeaned by such people & by association with The EFD & failure to root out the corrupt in its own leadership clique and its claque of corrupt self seekers!

with at least 25% of the topics & conversation on one of the UKIP controlled Forums being desperate attempts to defame both Junius & this blog for daring to be patriotic, principled supporters of the ideals of the bulk of those, who like us, who support UKIP’s aim to Leave-The-EU which has quite clearly been subsumed by greed, corruption and self interest of its embarrassment in the leadership clique and its claque of self serving wannabes hovering around the honey pot seeking crumbs from the tables on the EU gravy train.
We now have one of the fools in this claque too ashamed to put his name to his naive comment:
Mick, do you realise how few people read or even know of Junius/GLW?
In fact you probably help their readership by keeping threads like this going.
Just ignore them.
If you think they are writing lies, then who cares.
How very true – but how staggeringly silly in its political naivity – politicians seek numbers as shown by the crass who gather around The Farage Party, which offers no meaningful hope having been a spectacular failure with less than 30 people elected to office out of the 19,500 or so seats available by election in British politics and it has taken 20 years to achieve that!
What the foolish little chap hasn’t understood is that it couldn’t matter less how many of the several 100,000 people who read our blogs actually do know of us, with Junius running at approaching 1/4 Million hits a year and my blogs well into 100s of 1,000s, it is a matter of the quality of those opinion formers who read them.
It is also worth noting how many sites mirror our blogs and howmany on post them or quote them. On one of the UKIP controlled Forums our blogs and ourselves feature in at least 1/3rd of all UKIP postings!
But yet again – who cares how many read our blogs or Twitters it is a matter of calliber and relevance and that would seem to be a good percentage of the total.
As with Twitter where the irrelevancy of followers is matched by the general stupidity of most tweets – hence I TRY to keep those I follow to under 50 so that I can read their posts (unlike the idiotic who obviously read very little following 1,000s) similarly as my Tweets are published on the side bar of my blogs and web sites they are read by many more than those willing to risk the attacks of UKIP leadership claque and the nutters from the Hollie Greig hoax or the McCann publicity machine who do not want to be on the list but clearly read the entries.
Take for instance someone like stephen Fry – who cares what he Tweets? or who is interested in what Nigel Farage’s staff Tweet for him and obviously his Twitter account is dishonest as who on earth has the time to read all those incoming Tweets he merely lets people be on his list to flatter them for political gain. One wonders what percentage of his followers either read his staff’s output or are even in Britain!
Better to be read by one individual of influence and consequence than 10,000 fools!
Ill informed as he is this cowardly poster sheltering in anonymity has not twigged the value of a searchable archive of facts and related views. Nor it seems has he any awareness of the number of mainstream media stories that have been in the media as a result of these two blogs.
No doubt the foolish little fellow is unaware that it was as a direct result of my postings and relentless exposure of corruption that Tom Wise UKIP MEP was eventually put in prison and consider the number of facts regarding corruption that first surfaced in the public domain on these two blogs.
It is our clearly avowed aim to expose the corruption, lies, self enrichment, self interest and utter incompetence of UKIP leadership and its claque of corrupt fools that is at the core of our postings – the aim is to CLEAN-UP UKIP to hopefully make it electable to lead & champion the cause of Leave-The-EU, which it has clearly failed to do.
UKIP had some great (if slow in coming) achievements in the early days reaching its zenith with Roger Knapman at the helm in 2004 – it had effectively, through use of such campaigning as was advocated by Dick Morris – And yes of course what he said was obvious and as with any simple principles nothing he said was new or even his own ideas BUT he put it together for UKIP members in a form they were able to take on board.
WHAT has UKIP achieved since 2004? It had 12 MEPs and all that potential and went on to become a total embarrassment currently up to its neck in half baked policies and pretence to be a political party (we need another political party like a hole in the head) when what we need is leadership to Leave-The-EU.
All that UKIP has achieved since 2004 is a series of thefts by its MEPs and their staff and the rise to control of half wits and political idiots like Mick McGough, Malcolm Pearson, Stuart Agnew, Derek Clark, Gerard Batten, Stuart Parr, Steve Crowther and the list goes on!
Results at the polls in British politics speak volumes with UKIP bumping along averaging out at between 3 & 6% of the actual votes at the ballot box after 20 years!
For trying to CLEAN-UP the party we support to make it electable it is little wonder the clique does not wish to be exposed and their claque are in overdrive with lies, defamatory comments and serial desperation to silence the steady flow of information from Junius and my blogs.
Predictably the response of the proven liar who has stooped to criminality to silence the truth Mick McGough was not long in coming to the quote of the anonymous half wit which I posted above!
Today, 06:56 AM #15

Uber Member mick mcgough's Avatar

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I just want it clearly stated they are liers however small the readership

It would be funny if it were not so sad that this liar McGough has licence as an NEC member in UKIP and part of the hangers on with CIB & bean counter at TFA to keep dragging thes organisations into the gutters he inhabits.
Grovelling when Brahms & Liszt?
For details and cross referenced fact regarding the odious little man CLICK HERE a search of this blog (Search Bar: Top of Right side column or CLICK HERE)
OK it is irrefutably proven that this low life pest Mick McGough is a liar, a cheat and willing to demean himself and his associates with his comments and behaviour and to think he has conned his way onto UKIP’s NEC and uis seemingly respected by the illinformed and less intelligent UKIP members who are clearly unaware of the damage he does.
Lets face it this odious little man is exposed and banged to rights with substantive, corroborated, cross referenced facts as a liar, a cheat, corrupt, dishonest and happy to act criminally to gain his self interested ambitions.
This is not a dredge through half informed ancient history and missquotes, this is not smears and innuendo, this is not dishonest implications, nor idiotic fantasies presented as fact but actual fact backed by hard evidence – yet in the name of UKIP this odious excrecence of a man comes out with this comment:
‘I just want it clearly stated they are liers however small the readership’
OK McGough please identify a single solitary lie of any deliberate nature or material consequence that has appeared on either my blog or that of Junius – minded of the facts CLICK HERE
Mick McGough you are a contemptible serial liar and/or a natural low life as you have shown and has been proven – sadly you are not the only one in UKIP’s claque or its leadership clique with the likes of Derek Clark, David Bannerman, Marta Andreasen, Gawain Towler, Godfrey Bloom, Douglas Denny, Lisa Duffy, Gerard Batten, Peter Reeve, Mark Croucher, Tom Wise and so many more.
Little wonder UKIP in its present state has shown itself to be no part of the solution with consistently low support at the ballot box for British politics and is in fact a very major part of the problem related to our membership of The EU and public desire to Leave-The-EU.
UKIP has lost all credibility in British politics as the ballot box shows. Yet it is noted these low lifes are welcome with open arms by the extremists, racists, anti Jewish, anti Muslim, anti homosexual, advocates of membership of the EU with reform & improvement of control over vassal regions, advocates of violent xenophobia and the utter scum of EUropean politics – what an embarrassment for Britain that UKIP are in cahoots with such trash in The Pan EU Political EFD Group!
But McGough clearly has some pretty questionable friends
I note Paul Weston of the British Freedom Party seen by many as extremist & racist: read their material & judge for yourself: CLICK HERE
And then people wonder what I mean by CLEAN-UP UKIP to make it fit for decent informed individuals to vote for to lead or at least parade the values of Leave-The-EU.
Rather than listen to the low lifes of UKIP leadership clique and its odious claque why not take me up on my offer of many years standing – either phone me or arrange to meet me and check THE FACTS.
I am firmly on record as offering to be cross examined regarding the facts I publish on my blogs at any public meeting I can reasonably attend where I will be all too happy to contribute to my aims to work for the cause of Leave-The-EU and towards that aim to seek to Clean-Up UKIP and expose corruption, dishonesty and deceit in public office towards better Governance of Britain and the peoples of these United Kingdoms by the peoples of these United Kingdoms in Britain as a sovereign and independent nation.
The likes of proven liars and self serving low lifes like Mick McGough are clearly bringing UKIP, CIB, TFA etc. into disrepute and hugely assisting The EU by undermining the credibility of the EUroSceptic Movement.
UKIP leadership and the perception it is The Farage Party and the dictatorial controls held by Farage and his clique similarly give a clear air of corruption to add to the already obvious corruption of UKIP as it now is with the incredibly low calliber of its officers, staff and claque does absolutely nothing to help the EUroSceptic cause and it is an undeniable fact that UKIP is of great help to The EU in providing the semblance and pretence of democracy in that they can claim there is an opposition in the EU yet when that opposition jumps through every EU hoop to enrich its leadership and is seen at best as a bunch of inept clowns and at worst as a self serving clique of corrupt fools it does nothing for the aspirations of others to Leave-The-EU.

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