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Mick McGough seeking gain at UKIP’s expense!

Posted by Greg Lance - Watkins (Greg_L-W) on 23/07/2012

Mick McGough seeking gain at UKIP’s expense!

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Clean EUkip up NOW make UKIP electable! 


The corruption of EUkip’s leadership, 
their anti UKIP claque in POWER & the NEC 

is what gives the remaining 10% a bad name!  


Mick McGough seeking gain at UKIP’s expense!
That UKIP has a liar and low life like McGough on its NEC as a spokesman & The CIB & The Freedom Association associate with such an odious fantasist speaks volumes of their current ability to represent EUroScepticism!

Obviously IF there is EVER an In/Out Referendum the likes of McGough will preclude any possibility such organisations will have of being taken seriously – Sadly he is not the only fool in UKIP leadership clique and its claque in fact they seem without one iota of gravitas or credibility!


it is astonishing to note just how the likes of Mick McGough are permitted to so deliberately damage tyhe credibility of the EUroSceptic movement in general UKIP. The CIB & The Freedom Association in particular!
Nigel Farage MEP and Michael McGough

Nigel Farage MEP and Michael McGough (Photo credit: The Freedom Association)

Mick McGough is a proven liar and a cheat who was exposed as a liar and cheat by the report of UKIP’s returning officer having lied to deceive the electorate in selection as an MEP to fulfil his personal ambitions & no doubt for personal gain!

His desperate distortions and utterly irresponsible and repetitive misrepresentations are, one is forced to assume, deliberately damaging to the EUroSceptic movement  – for it is hard to conjecture any other reason he makes such a fool of himself with his lies and criminally obsessive behaviour under law.

You will note this odious excrecence’s foolish fantasies and dishonesties below in starting a thread on Anthony Butcher’s UKIP controlled public forum when he is, rather embarrassingly, on UKIP’s NEC!!
Here is his foolish thread and the responses so far – I have commented clearly prefixed G.L-W>> & ended <<
  1. Yesterday, 07:15 PM #1

    Uber Member mick mcgough's Avatar

    Join Date
    Feb 2006

    Default Why do the GLW and Junius sites post lies

    Is it because they are paid to do so?


    G.L-W>> An interesting speculation which he makes time and again without a shred of evidence in an attempt to dishonestly defame despite clear statements from myself and others as to EXACTLY why as a dedicated EUroRealist I have supported UKIP as founded, for many years and seek to expose the corruption and lies of the likes of Mick McGough and those like him who use it as a vehicle for their own dishonesties and those using it to fulfil personal ambitions and self enrichment!


    Please be assured that I have not, am not and never have been paid in any shape manner or form for my totslly consistent track record of opposition to Britain’s membership of The EU.<<

  2. Yesterday, 07:29 PM #2


    Join Date
    Jan 2010


    It amazes me that no one seems to know who ‘Junius’ is (?).
    I can’t think anyone pays GLW, as his writing style is so off-putting.

    G.L-W>> It is hardly surprising that those who post under the name of Junius retain their anonimity, as if their identities were known it is unlikely that they would be able to obtain much of the information of corruption, dishonesty, racism, bullying and abuse that are prevalent in UKIP’s heirarchy – not to mention the utter incompetence that makes them unfit for purpose as any kind of standard bearer for EUroScepticism.

    As to my writing style I can respect the opinion given and just as some may find the style ‘off putting’ the reade4rship figures of the material I have written over the years would indicate others may find it of interest – Each to his own!

    Just rather a pity this individual lacks the conviction of his comments to put his name to them – a cowards option which demeans the value of tyhe comments!<<

  3. Yesterday, 07:32 PM #3


    Join Date
    Aug 2011
    The North!!!!


    Quote Originally Posted by mick mcgough View Post
    Is it because they are paid to do so?

    Splendid question Mr McGough.

    G.L-W>> some indication of the motivation and stupidity of this cowardly poster! <<

    If only we had an idea because I personally do not believe that they want to ‘clean up UKIP’ as they claim, rather they wish to destroy it.

    G.L-W>> Further proof that this poster is without doubt wrong with regard to myself and also I believe with regard to those who post at Junius – there is clear proof that I have consistently worked to try to ‘Clean-up’ UKIP from exposing the frauds of Tom Wise aided by Lindsay Jenkins and the attempts of Nigel Farage, Mike Nattrass, Roger Helmer, Bob Feel Martinis, Mick McGough, Anthony Butcher and others to protect this criminal who was eventually sentenced to 2 years in prison for his false accounting, fraud, embezelling and theft from the public purse in abuse of his elected office of trust!


    Perhaps this idiot presenting with the fake name would have the integrity to be identified or as I suspect are they merely protecting their position and that of others exploiting UKIP & EUroScepticism for personal gain.


    His comments are clearly fantasies without a shred of substantive provenance – no wonder they are too ashamed to put their name to their dishonesty.<<

    The latest claims against Mr Batten should indeed prove to be their undoing and I dearly hope Mr Batten will be consulting his lawyers in due course.

    G.L-W>> Gerard Batten has a track record proven and in the public domain of association with those reasonable individuals would consider to be racist, extremist and criminal. Further Gerard Batten has provably acted in a manner that is indubitably dishonest, corrupt and holding Justice in contempt.

    Gerard Batten has beyond any doubt acted in a manner likely to be considered an incitement to racial hatred based on his personal superstitions, fears and beliefs.


    That known about Gerard Batten and the duplicitous exploitation of his position to seek to suppress the truth and waste Police time by bearing false witness is beyond doubt – Thus the publication of Jasna Badzak was I believe made in good faith by those at Junius – in an effort to expose corruption within UKIP leadership as Junius have so many times before.


    To date I am not aware of a single solitary item posted of any material fact that is consequentially wrong or in any way untrue on their blog.


    Just as to date NEVER has it been shown that a single fact of any consequence published on my blog was untrue, false or dishonest, or even designed to mislead.<<

    It is very interesting to see the lack of honour among the chief protagonists with Mr Edwards now claiming that Junius may have been set up into publishing false information, a charge that is rejected by both Mr Lance-Watkins and (given their links to Mr Lance-Watkins’ rebuttal) the Junius team.

    G.L-W>> Perhaps the dishonourable coward making these allegations could identify with evidence how Junius or myself have in any way acted dishonourably – unlike himself! <<

    It would appear that the net is closing on the Junius team and this may have been one lie too many

    G.L-W>> Perhaps rather than fantasise the cowardly and dishonouarble poster could identify a single solitary ‘lie’ that Junius has written in many 100s of postings.

    Rather than dishonestly imply that somewhere Junius has ‘lied’ an example would add credibility to this cowardly low life’s anonimous postings and inuendo.<<

    – my personal belief is tht the Junius team have shown an almost Mr Warry like speed to publish the claims without seeking to verify them

    G.L-W>> I note this cowardly excrecence is seeking to defame with a broad brush demeaning themselves by so doing as clearly Mr. Warry has like Junius and I merely acted in good faith as a EUroRealist of long standing, in efforts to ‘clean-up’ UKIP seeking an organisation fit for purpose to represent or lead the EUroSceptic movement. <<

    – the headline is, for them on this occasion, to good to resist. Big mistake

    G.L-W>> So even underhand cowards have opinions though clearly he is not adequately convinced to put his name to his malicious self serving fantasies.<<

  4. Yesterday, 09:25 PM #4


    Join Date
    Nov 2005


    Its a falling out among thieves.

    G.L-W>> I resent and reject the implication in the attempt to smear and defame that I am or have ever been a thief or have ever acted dishonestly or dishonourably.

    I note even the poster is insufficiently convinced of his fantasy to put his name to his dishonesty.<<

    GLW used to get party inside information from Nigel Farage

    G.L-W>> May I ask what evidence the cowardly poster can present to support his claim and as there is none perhaps they will have the integrity to withdraw the allegation and apologise having the integrity to put his or her name to the correction. <<

    and used it to denigrate persons such as Mike Nattrass, Damian Hockney,etc.

    G.L-W>> Another dishonest and duplicitous effort to defame without a shred of evidence. <<

    Farage and he then fell out.

    G.L-W>> An outright lie – my opinion of Farage has not changed since I first became aware of him and I have NEVER fallen out with Farage – his insecurities are for him to deal with! <<

  5. Yesterday, 09:36 PM #5

    Trusted Member Niall Warry's Avatar

    Join Date
    Feb 2006


    Trying to make mischief again I see mick!

    Let’s just assume for a second that this was a ‘set up’ then they have published a ‘set up lie’ not a direct lie.

    Also in years of publishing ‘stuff’ on the true nature of EUKIP I’d say Junius and GLW have been very accurate.

    And despite I’m sure Nigel and Co wishing to silence them only one court case over the copyright of a photograph which they LOST and have still to settle the costs.

    So they obviously are prepared to go to court so why not endless court cases against Junius and GLW?

    I’ll tell you why because Junius and GLW tell you how it is in EUKIP and don’t lie in what they report.

    Oh and BTW thanks mick for giving me the opportunity to explain the above to the viewing public to this forum.

    Last edited by Niall Warry; Yesterday at 09:39 PM.

    G.L-W>> My thanks to Niall warry for his honourable effort to present the truth which is in virtually every aspect correct. <<
  6. Yesterday, 10:37 PM #6

    Uber Member mick mcgough's Avatar

    Join Date
    Feb 2006


    As you probably know Niall the coward GLW has in the past stopped posting about individuals because of threats of violence.

    G.L-W>> Yet another outright lie from Mick McGough in a desperate effort to defame and to save face for his consistent dishonesty.

    I have NEVER ceased to openly state the truth on any subject by threat of any kind from any source.

    Michael McGough your consistent dishonesty and outright misrepresentations and lies consistently bring EUroScepticism into disrepute and greatly aids the EU in discreditting the movement – Your actions are cowardly, contemptible and at times criminal.<<

    Trouble is most of those he attacks are too civilised and resorting to law is costly .

    G.L-W>> I have ALWAYS offered a right of reply, ALWAYS offered the right of correction of any point I have accidentally got wrong CLICK HERE and have consistently been willing to be cross examined in any public meeting on my statements and the exposure of corruption of those seeking to lead for gain at the expense of the public purse.

    Those who I have exposed are NOT gentlemen they are duplicitous low lifes and have clearly not resorted to law as a defence of ‘Veritas’ suffices in civilisation, despite the contemptible efforts to mislead by the likes of Mick mcGough and those in the UKIP claque.<<

    As a failed grubby second hand bookseller whose assets if any will be in his partner’s name is just not worth sueing.

    G.L-W>> Mick McGough demeans himself with this standard of childish and offensive comment which is so provably wrong, having founded the business and built it over the years never once seeking the assistance of any other party or any kind of public subsidies – Mick McGough was of corse an employed bean counter just another occupation as was mine.

    Rather satisfyingly, for me, was that from 1981 I was able to be self employed, with no boss, employing others and doing something I thoroughly enjoyed and despite health challenges was able to close our business with no debts as owner of the entire stock  which was extensive and support myself and my partner for some 7 years without recourse to benefits or the help of others.

    As for ‘grubby books’ one wonder what Mick McGough knows of books, clearly little if anything. Our most valuable stock item was some £20,000 and never once did we buy or sell any item of pornography as ALL our stock was on public display in 8 rooms and we were dependent on both families and parents for our livelihood.


    Mick McGough makes a fool of himself with his ill informed efforts to defame akin to his childish comments about pony tails and his efforts to defame based upon CLICK HERE & HERE<<

    But now he has gone too far by repeating the fantasies of an alien.

    Make sure you have clean nightwear Greg as the knock could come early one morning

    Where else will the knock come?

    Brussels,Bermondsey,Birmingham ? We must wait and see

    G.L-W>> Sadly UKIP leadership clique and its claque can hang their heads in shame as Mick McGough is by no means the only liar, criminal bully and fantasist in their ranks, which probably explains why UKIP in 20 years has been found guilty of fraud on so many occasions, has been proven to be liars, racists and damaging to the cause of Leave-The-EU with their contemptible behaviour.

    Not only was Tom Wise their MEP sent to prison for his theft but Mike Nattrass is well documented as having sought to protect him on the grounds that ALL UKIP MEPs were on the fiddle – as we have subsequently had proved to us with Derek Clark, despite his lies and dishonesty and contemptible efforts to dishonestly defame, had to repay a sizeable amount of money he had obtained fraudulently.

    Other UKIP MEPs who have been proven to fraudulently obtain money and have been forced to repay the money include, Graham Booth, Jeffrey Titford, Nigel Farage meanwhile I understand allegations have been made that are being investigated regarding Gerard Batten as with the investigation of David Bannerman and Stuart Agnew by OLAF which is ongoing.

    UKIP a party of increasingly little relevance, largely due to the incompetence of its leadership, the incredibly low calliber of its MEPs, the staggering ineptitude of its officers and staff and its fractured squabbling nature as they all seem all too willing to parade their differences and stab eachother in the back to jockey for position.

    It would seem that so much money has been stolen and misappropriated by those in positions of supposed trust in UKIP they are clearly not to be trusted, and clearly aren’t trusted by the public, with less than 30 elected seats in British politics out of some 19,500 available, after 20 years!<<


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