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A Roundup & A Bit More ;-)

Posted by Greg Lance - Watkins (Greg_L-W) on 25/07/2012

A Roundup & A Bit More 😉

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The corruption of EUkip’s leadership, 
their anti UKIP claque in POWER & the NEC 

is what gives the remaining 10% a bad name!  


I note that the long past mainstream DJ Mike Read is being hugely promoted as some achievement as a convert for UKIP – Is it imagination or does UKIP only catch the spent shells rather than command the respect of the full round!

I remember Mike Read from the days of Radio Caroline where he broadcast but I presume he never moved on and remained in either children’s entertainment or as the oldest swinger in town with some obscure kids programme as I had not heard of him since unlike a number of the successes from those days like Tony Blackburn.

Just a quick check on Wiki & clearly I am wrong as he did not start as a broadcaster until much later & was on Radio Luxembourg so NOT with iconic names like DLT, Simon Dee, Tony Blackburn & the like on Caroline!
I was right in my assumtion of his obscurity as I was out of Britain in the ’70s and his manstream carreer seems brief as he left the BBC in 1991 but hung on in the business in local radio so perhaps I can be forgiven for not having heard of him.
However I did think the juxtaposition on the UKIP controlled forum which was a little unkind to this elderly DJ!
What he is expected to bring to UKIP in political competence, gravitas, vision or even cash they fail to mention!
I guess when one has no one of any probity or gravitas I guess that means you have to make the most of such as he.
To be fair UKIP do have a genuine economist on board but like most economists he tends not to say the right things at the right time letting his theories overide political expediency rather frequently in his attacks on UKIP & denounciation of its leadership from time to time!
I do note – as I Twittered previously – he has taken up on the idea that we launched on EUroRealist several years ago when Harry Randall kindly produced a costing of EU membership updating it every 1/4; as he assured me, not so very complex as it was based upon the Government Pink Book produced 1/4ly.
The concept was later taken up using public money, by Gerard Batten and I believe his brother was in some way involved with the printing – for Gerard Batten to claim his brother is retired, as he has recently, was of course bunkum unless he made so much out of his nepotistic relationship with Batten he decided to retire!
Anyway – to continue you will find Tim Congdon’s more recent developement of our idea very helpfull I’m sure as he does have his own economic think tank to back his theories and it will be interesting to compare his version of the cost of EU membership with William Hague’s planned assessment!
You will be pleased to note that Tim Congdon has generously made his information readily available and has also badged a version for UKIP’s benefit see CLICK HERE for the early drafts he has made available.
You may well find some of his papers at IMR Ltd of help in understanding the global economic problems and particularly those of The UK as a result of EU membership.
I believe that William Hague’s planned assessment will be all too prone to presenting the costs of membership of the EU from the corrupt self serving position of the political elite, who do so well out of it, at the expense of the British peoples who are paying £50Million a day or a sum equivalent to £750 per annum per citizen!
I note the efforts of Dr. Richard North, Niall Warry and others to draw up, via their ‘Harrogate Agenda’, a Chartist style 6 points or key resolutions to seek better Governance. Sadly a thankless task as it runs counter the ambitions of self serving groups like the political elites including UKIP, CIB and Better Off Out who all have their personal ambitions far before the needs of these United Kingdoms and our peoples.
That which does not threaten such ambitions would seem to fall foul of the egos of the many inadequates in their entorage!

I stress again my support for the stated original values, principles and aims of UKIP, still espoused by some of its members but clearly not just suffused but rejected by its leadership who know no vile act of false witness, dishonesty and bullying too low to stoop to to defend their personal ambitions – So very redollent of the political elite relative to The EU of which UKIP leadership have become a very real part now seemingly enemies of liberty seeking by defamation to suppress free speech, honest beliefs and even criticism be it constructive or not.

UKIP have clearly, in becoming the antithesis of Libertarian or even for that matter probity, intergrity and ethicality, it has become very much a part of the problem increasingly clearly with no part in the solution.
To listen to those rewarded from the public purse preaching and persecuting others whilst trousering huge sums of money relative to the incomes of many who contribute to their well being and then banking beyond the reach of British tax authorities as does Nigel Farage with his sophisticated trusts in The Isle of Man and his Belgian bank accounts perks exploited by many amongst the political elite particularly those exploiting their positions in The EU.
We then have their ambitious claque with the timmerity to lie and dissemble in their attempts to defame dedicated EUroRealists who dare to point out the corruption!
Mouth Wide Open – Eyes Shut
More Lies Due Any Second!!
Consider the constant childish name calling of buffoons like Mick McGough who do The EU’s work for them and seek to defame critics of the corruption of UKIP which so undermines The EUroSceptic cause – unlike his puppet masters, whose coat tails he hangs onto, people like myself, Niall Warry, Richard North, Junius and many more are motivated by our honest beliefs, honestly held so astonishing to one with his ‘morality’ who can not understand duty or belief and is insistence we all act as he would ‘for money’!
The comments and chatterings of such as Mick McGough and an army of cowards bullying on the internet to seek to intimidate to suppress the truth speaks volumes of the calliber of those who have risen to destroy UKIP as a principled and honourable organisation.
Consider this idiotic comment from Mick McGough and do remember this is the odious little man who colluded with Andrew Smith in the corruption of the accounts of UKIP and for which Andrew Smith as treasurer quit and ran from the post when challenged even having circulated eMails advocating and advising how UKIP senior members as to how to cheat The Electoral Commission. An eMail published in full by me some ages ago!
It was that eMail which was a strong part of The Electoral Commissions case against6 UKIP – which as many will remember UKIP lost hands down, only protecting themselves from even greater sentence by invoking and sheltering from British Justice by the device of EU protection!
Do remember it was after all Mick McGough who was so clearly exposed and displayed as a liar who had set out to cheat his colleagues and the electorate – set out in UKIP’s Returning Officer’s own report on corruption in UKIP’s own corrupt methods – that minded note his comment:
Allegedly ?
Being cautious are we Niall? So unlike your lying puppet master who posts without corroboration or due diligence.

Rather than smoke with fire I think you’ll find they’re the remarks of a foreign woman scorned;another example of what we’ve had to endure from unlimited uncontrolled immigration from the EU.

Strange isn’t it that you ,Junius and GLW support the likes of the benefit fraudster Mote and another under investigation .
What a perverse world you inhabit;thank God you are in the minority

Let us fisk this item by item as a matter of record:
Allegedly ?
A device which has no validity under law as shelter from dishonesty.
Being cautious are we Niall?
Clearly not as it would seem that since he has not seen the wealth of documentary provenance and may not have witnesses of Gertard Batten’s racist statements and behaviour he has warned that in his case he is speaking to allegations made.
So very redollent of the standard of integrity of Mick McGough that he tries to smear by distortion!
So unlike your lying puppet master who posts without corroboration or due diligence.
Mick McGough seems to be only too willing to oiverlook his own libellous comments as he is completely unaware of the dilligence taken, nor the corroboration accrued nor even the documentary support of the facts published – yet he is all too willing to lie to support his claims and invent material to make his case.
Those who know Niall Warry or anything of him will appreciate just what fools they make of themselves in the pretence that he acts as ANYONE’s puppet!
Niall Warry is no McGough and acts out of duty, patriotism and principle.

Rather than smoke with fire I think you’ll find they’re the remarks of a foreign woman scorned;another example of what we’ve had to endure from unlimited uncontrolled immigration from the EU.

Yet another very typical example of UKIP’s insidious racism and xenophobia – What evidence does McGough have that Jasna Badzak, a victim of the largely EU created war in The Balkans I understand is now a legitimate resident in The UK married and if not actually  an assylum seeker clearly justified in her presence on those grounds.

Even the undeniably racist Gerard Batten with his vile rants about Islam and foreigners willingly employed this particular ‘foreigner’ Mick McGough defames as an ‘alien’ in one post and a perfidious and dishonest ‘foreigner’ in another. Might this be a case of an Irishman by origin seeking inclusivity one wonders just as the trustees in the death camps of The EU of Germany were as Jews willing to curry favour by abusing other Jews for their Nazi masters!

Strange isn’t it that you ,Junius and GLW support the likes of the benefit fraudster Mote

Perhaps Mick McGough – rather than seek to defame could identify where those at Junius, Niall Warry or I have EVER endorsed criminality – Whether in respect of Ashley Mote or any other, yet I well remember the vile attacks and criminality of those in UKIP which I endured, by way of both harrassment, cyber bullying and defamatory lies and distortion, as they set aout to protect Tom Wise who I denounced as a criminal yet UKIP took no action of any consequence save in seeking to defame me!

You may recall the list of dishonest and corrupt UKIP leadership and those in its claque who set out to cover-up the criminality of Tom Wise and who lied and distorted, bore false witness and sought to defame me for having the timerity to denounce his corruption that led to his prison sentence for two years:

and another under investigation .
I doubt somehow that Mick McGough is alluding to Stuart Agnew or David Bannerman who are under investigation by OLAF, nor of Gerard Batten who is I umnderstand under investigation, nor even Derek Clark who was found guilty of theft from the public purse and ordered top repay a considerable amount of money and is I believe still subject of investigation by The British Police having had the OLAF file passed to them – let us not forget when I denounced Dererk Clark for his fraud as boasted of in public and his dishonesty and corruption how UKIP claque in efforts to curry favour attacked me.
Even now Derek Clark lies to the regional committee and has regularly lied about me and made efforts to defame me – Yet again the facts have proved me right and Derek Clark has been exposed as a liar and a cheat, a low life beneath contempt who abuses his office for gain – let us not forget that it was I who published the details when he carried outNigel Farage’s bidding to obtain new members in his grubby little EU Group which would earn him more money and control of wehat was then the 400 budeget now renamed  to obfuscate yet still under Farage’s control, as with the budget for international travel which seem to be used, not for travel which he has denied UKIP MEPs but actually seems to use as bribes to buy extremist MEPs from other countries at UKIP expense!
Similarly I doubt Mick McGough is alluding to Graham Booth who was found guilty of fraudulent abuse of the public purse and ordered to repay the money or Jeffrey Titford or Nigel Farage who have similarly been found guilty of defrauding the public purse and ordered to repay monies.
Similarly I doubt he is referring to the fact that Nigel Farage was recently called in by the British Police and questioned regarding allegations of fraud against another that would seem to be in themselves dishonest and we gather the aim was to establish just how close to the corruption Nigel Farage’s position is and whether it was an act instigated on his instruction.
Nor I presume is Mick McGough alluding to the potential for follow up action in the High Courts against Nigel Farage, Godfrey Blook and UKIP which has been temporarily set aside by Nikki Sinclaire who received an unequivocal apology subsequent to the guilty verdict against Farage, Bloom and UKIP and there are those who believe that in an effort to avoid High Court action the ambitions of a gullible and stupid dupe John Ison was exploited to try to defame Nikki Sinclaire with falsified accounts which John Ison was paid to keep in order!
What a perverse world you inhabit;thank God you are in the minority
I fully understand why the likes of Mick McGough ‘thank their Gods’ that the likes of Junius, Niall Warry and myself are in a minority – it is a sad reflection that he perceives the honest who risk the wrath of the corrupt by exposing the truth are in a minority.
Again and again the odious claque of UKIP befoul the aims of the majority of their members by their desperate attempts to suppress the truth.
What party finds the obscene racist behaviour as covered on You Tube and in a double page spread in The News of The World not only acceptable but permitted Malcolm Lord Pearson to be their leader and never once denounced his behaviour.
Just what party of duty as an elected representative of the peoples of London are the vile attacks on Islam by Gerard Batten and his seeming efforts to incite racial hatred (seems to work noting Mick McGough’s veiled racism!).
What censure of UKIP’s present leader was ever made for his childish insecurity and drunken exploits with a prostitute that found UKIP with a double page spread in the same Sunday Paper.
The good folk of UKIP do not even have the courage to denounce the vile behaviour of the drunken clown Godfrey Bloom – no doubt to scared of the odious UKIP attack dogs in the harrassment claque who they know would round on them if they dared to denounce his childish and irresponsibility urinating in the corridors of Expensive Hotels he stays in as a rep[resentative of UKIP and OUR Country.
They do not even comment or censure when he is arrested copulating with a black prostitute on  the bonnet of a car in a public street in Brussels and subsequently pleading ‘diplomatic immunity’ to avoid charges or was that when he was arrested for absconding from a bordello in an effort to avoid paying for the affections and services he had bought!

Just as now it is noted that many in UKIP are harrassing me and dishonestly defaming me for having the timerity to publish material that is in the public domain already regarding Gerard Batten – material which would seem largely if not totally to be true.

May I remind readers that Gerard Batten has publicly lied about me, corrupted justice and colluded with Derek Clark & Douglas Denny to prevent justice in the case of the Kangeroo Cort held against Peter Baker.
Gerard Batten has further sought to intimidate and suppress the truth and wasted police time in abuse of his office very deliberately to dishonestly harrass me bearing false witness to seek to have the police act unlawfully on his behalf.
It is the very many proven instances of corruption on the part of Gerard Batten and his criminal associates and extemist chums that leads me to believe that in substance the material received from Jasna Badzak which has been published is in fact true.
Perhaps it is her intention that Gerard Batten acts against her for providing the material so that she can lay out the full documentary evidence and evidence she holds – frankluy I do NOT know and obviously I shall not publish further material I hold without it either being presented elsewhere in the public domain or should I receive further corroboration and substantiation.
As I have stated Gerard Batten is perfectly at liberty to request a right of reply or if he is able to present evidence that the facts provided are untrue I will obviously publish the full details and a detailed apology for having presumed that alt6hough I inclined to believe the evidence of Jasna Badzak I had not published until it was in the public domain and have only published that which is to date.
I stress again CLICK HERE clearly the aim is to publish the truth not sink to the level of falsehood, name calling and childish defamatory comments of UKIP so as to Clean-Up UKIP and try to make it electable to represent the cause of Leave-The-EU for decent honourable and informed individuals not just see it as a rather unpleasant clique of self serving low lifes kept in place by the ambitions of the claque of fools and charlattans mostly on the make an the take!
To be fair Mick McGough is not the only slime in the pack here are the comments of some coward passing themselves off as Arthur Fonzarelli to lie and dissemble:
I nearly choked on a latte when I read that Mr Warry. That’s because here you are, doing the dirty work of Mr Lance-Watkins and the Junius owners (all of whom are banned from here for refusing to substantiate allegations made) and I’m sure if push came to shove, they would drop you like a hot coal. Indeed, there are a number of people who have over the years had every last bit of use squeezed from them by Mr Lance-Watkins and then thrown aside as if they were yesterday’s newspaper. So yet again, you amuse me with your short-sightedness
Let us consider this self serving drivel:
I nearly choked on a latte when I read that Mr Warry.
Pretentious and rather silly – who cares?
That’s because here you are, doing the dirty work of Mr Lance-Watkins and the Junius owners
Perhaps it has not occurred to AF as a result of their motivation by money or the normality of doing the bidding of others that someone like Niall Warry carries out his own beliefs in his own right with honesty and integrity to try to clean-up UKIP as a long term supporter and even longer term EuroSceptic.
A EUroSceptic with varied success but a 100% track record of making such efforts as he can and at his own expense – unlike so many of his critics in UKIP!
(all of whom are banned from here for refusing to substantiate allegations made)
A LIE I was NOT banned for making false allegations I was banned for consistently repeating the truth and every single posting I ever made on the UKIP controlled forum in question is and was 100% verifiable and verified but one can hardly expect an apology from someone who lacks the integrity and ethics to put their name to their defamatory lies!
and I’m sure if push came to shove, they would drop you like a hot coal.
I can not speak for those at Junius though I have no reason to believe these claims to be one iota more accurate about Junius than they are lies with regard to me!
Indeed, there are a number of people who have over the years had every last bit of use squeezed from them by Mr Lance-Watkins and then thrown aside as if they were yesterday’s newspaper.
Another defamatory lie from the dishonest coward – NAME ONE!
So yet again, you amuse me with your short-sightedness
Sadly there is absolutely nothing about the damage done to The EUroSceptic movement by liars and cowards like this odious little creep, who unfortunately is representative of so many who debase and befoul UKIP, making it unfit for purpose as reflected by its abysmal track record at the ballot box of British Politics with less than 30 seats held through election out of some 19,500 available – clearly after nearly 20 years they can only be seen as an abject failure.
UKIP due to the likes of its leadership, staff, candidates and officers is not only unfit for purpose but contemptible in its racism, anti homosexuality, indifference to democratic principles, self seeking, self enriching, anti Judaism, fear of Islam and sordid associates be they British criminals like Gregory Lauder-Frost seen by most respomnsible individuals as an extremist or the gutter extremists of EU politics in their contemptible EFD Group which 1/3rd of UKIP’s own MEPs refuse to sit with despite the money it makes Nigel Farage!
To quote Nigel Farage:
The UK is no closer to a referendum

One has to concede he is probably right on this point but lets face it he and UKIP seem to have done almost everything possible to block the very successfull efforts of Nikki Sinclaire in this direction and when she and she alone led a campaign which UKIP refused to participate in she managed to gather a team and invest both her expenses and her own income in gaining well over 100,000 signatures and forcing Parliament at Westminster to have a full blown debate on the matter.

Yet we had the odious spectacle of Farage acting the charlatan and turning up to TRY to steal the praise for Nikki Sinclaire’s achievements.
Many will remember when UKIP allegedly organised a petition when it did seem that well over £1/4Million of tax payers money wound up in the pockets of David Lott, Nigel Farage and Mark Croucher as the so called organiser of a petition that never took place and can only have been so crassly and incompetently organised deliberately!
Indeed we are no closer to a referendum and it would noty be unreasonable to say – largely due to Nigel Farage’s Party – whether by incompetence, dishonesty or design I leave it to you to weigh the evidence!

 INDEPENDENT Leave-the-EU Alliance

Reclaim YOUR Future 
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