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Ukip’s Dirty Tricks Are Nothing New In Their Chosen Gutter

Posted by Greg Lance - Watkins (Greg_L-W) on 21/12/2015


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Ukip’s Dirty Tricks Towards Their Only MP, The Tory Turncoat Douglas Carswell, Are Nothing New In Their Chosen Gutter.

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Posted by:
Greg Lance – Watkins




Ukip would seem to be upto their standard behaviour seeking to control and defeat those who dare to oppose them or question their style, policies, corruption, racism and lack of vision, strategies or even tactics.

You will remember when the Nigel Farage cult following fell out with

SKED, Alan UKIP Founder 01

Alan Sked and when Farage was out manouvered he quit the party and had meetings with the BNP – many believe it was with a view to joining tjhem and taking over theri leadership:


Subsequently Farage rejoined Ukip and then his cult fan club fell out with the party leader and MEP Michael Holmes, stealing computers from the party HQ when Nigel Farage’s goffer, fixer and sewer rat Mark Croucher broke into the party offices and stole their computers taking them away in the boot of his car!


Michael Holmes was rumoured about, vituperatively attacked and undermined – eventually having a heart attack and after that retiring as an MEP and as party leader.


The field was now open for the Farage Fan Cult, with pond life like

DENNY, Douglas 02

Douglas Denny CLICK HERE & HERE & ALSO HERE, Mark Croucher CLICK HERE & HERE, Annabelle Fuller, Christopher Gill, Gawain Towler,

LOTT, David 01

David Lott and the like willing and able to lie and spin any situation to ensure Farage was elected, including rigging elections and cheating to ensure their sponsor would gain power for their personal gain.


Then we had the leadership elections when lies and corruption became the order of the day with the usual suspects working with nigel Farage to pervert due process such as Douglas Denny’s active campaigning for Farage whilst supposedly acting as returning officer a position from which he was eventually removed for his corruption and lies, also the lies and efforts of such as Annabelle Fuller who was acting with Nigel Farage to ensure his election by telling lies as when she actively lied about a rival, Richard Suchorzewski  telling people he was an active supporter of the BNP and was homosexual – both of which were outright lies of absolutely no merit.


There was the dark era when Nigel Farage acted with members of his fan cult and those he had ensured were appointed to positions to support his dishonesty and prop up his inep-t and corrupt leadership as he and they attacked elected members of Ukip NEC who wished to introduce transparency and accountability to Ukip’s accounts and lies, spin and distortion of process was used to remove Dr. David Abbott, Dr. Eric Edmonds and others.


There was also the selection process for MEP candidates in which

McGOUGH, Michael 05

Mick McGough lied to advance his position and also set out to intimidate rivals with the support of Nigel Farage and his selected NEC – individuals like John West were lied about and efforts made to block them.


Mick McGough also acted as a stalker and disseminator of dishonest spin about such as Richard Suchorzewski for Nigel Farage, seemingly in respopnse to support from Farage for his own enhancement.


The selection process was utterly corrupted for Nigel Farage and his personal appointment supervising the selection process Christopher Gill actively colluded in the lies and corruption – for more facts

MERCHANT, Piers 04

Piers Merchant, as the returning officer, put in his report of the corruption CLICK HERE


Then there was the active campaigning by Farage’s fan cult against

PAIN, Chris 01

Chris Pain CLICK HERE for details.


More recently there was the conivance against

BADZAK, Jasna 01

Jasna Badzak and the lies and corruption utilised with the Courts to obtain a completely unsound verdict against her and the recent withdrawal of a dishonest and corrupt legal claim against her by Nigel Farage’s long term associate Gerard Batten.


#524* - THE FILTH OF EUkip - McGough et al.

Mark Croucher, a long term employee of Nigel Farage’s also acted for the party, aided with dishonest support from Paul Nuttall MEP and the party Press Office to try to silence myself and my publication of facts and the truth about Ukip and its leadership, wherein a palpably dishonest abuse of the due process of law and the Courts was implemented  – The case was dismissed by the Courts and costs were awarded in favour of myself – to date Ukip have failed to pay the costs ordered against their employee and still have a debt to me of some £13.1/2 thousand + interest, a debt of honour which unsurprisingly Mark Croucher & Ukip lacks the integrity to pay.


Then there were the false claims and lies of

BATTEN, Gerard 09

Gerard Batten MEP and the aid from his cronies in the Metropolitan Police to try to have me arrested and prosecuted on false claims of racist attacks against him and harrassment, similar to his effortts to silence journalists in the mainstream media – there is now every probability that his dishonesty will face the Courts where such activity can expect a substantial custodial sentence, which would no doubt be exacerbated by his obvious abuse of public office!


At the moment it is worth noting that Nigel Farage is colluding in a corrupt and groundless case against Nikki Sinclaire, which started with Nigel Farage’s widely stated annoyance that she had been elected as a Ukip MEP – it is interesting to note that it does seem self evident that Nikki Sinclaire’s work output and commitment to the cause put every one of Ukip’s MEPs tos shame and her results far outstripped any one of them, which did nothing to endear her to the useless bounders who had been elected, and her donations of her own money to supporting the cause rather than the donations made by a few of the MEPs which would seem only to have been in their own personal interest to support their own campaigns for election or re-election. That Farage was actively involved in colluding with others to have Nikki Sinclaire is an open secret.


In keeping with these and many other similar actions it is clear that Ukip are still instigating corrupt and dishonest actions to try to deliberately damage rivals of Nigel Farage – as in this example highlighted in the media today:

BLACKMAILED: Ukip’s only MP was the target of a secret tape plot to smear his private life by ‘dark forces’ within party

  • Douglas Carswell received call after blazing row with a Farage senior aide
  • The caller asked personal questions about his private life and his marriage
  • Now emerged recordings of conversations circulated in his constituency
  • Carswell called for ‘fresh face’ as leader and slammed ‘dark forces’ in party 
Douglas Carswell (pictured with wife, Clemantine) has hit out against ‘dark forces’ in Ukip after learning yesterday of an apparent ‘blackmail plot’ against him

Douglas Carswell (pictured with wife, Clemantine) has hit out against ‘dark forces’ in Ukip after learning yesterday of an apparent ‘blackmail plot’ against him

Douglas Carswell has hit out against ‘dark forces’ in Ukip after learning yesterday of an apparent ‘blackmail plot’ against him involving secret tapes and false allegations about his private life.

The Ukip MP received a phone call from a party figure asking ‘grossly intrusive questions’ about his marriage – which he now believes was a warning to him to stop rebelling against Nigel Farage.

Happily married Carswell, 44, says the allegations are completely untrue, and he has refused to be silenced on the future of the party.

The call was made a few days after Carswell had a blazing row in the Commons with one of Farage’s key aides, party secretary Matthew Richardson. He told Carswell he would ‘regret’ crossing him.

Now the MP has been horrified to learn that secretly recorded Ukip conversations shortly after the row – in which wild allegations were made about his personal circumstances – have been circulated in his constituency.

On Friday, Carswell infuriated Farage by calling for a ‘fresh face’ as leader in the wake of the party’s poor performance in this month’s Oldham by-election. Farage said Carswell should ‘put up or shut up’.

The bust-up with Richardson took place four days after Ukip’s disappointing General Election result, which saw Carswell returned to Parliament as the party’s only MP.

It came after he emailed Richardson and Farage to say that he would only be taking a proportion of the £650,000 in taxpayer funding which Ukip was allowed to claim in the new Parliament. Carswell insisted that this so-called ‘short money’ should only be spent to help him represent his Clacton constituency.

But Richardson – who is also embroiled in the ‘Tatler Tory’ row as a close friend of Mark Clarke, the campaign manager accused of bullying – stormed down to the Commons to say it should all be appropriated by Ukip’s cash-strapped head office.

Last night Carswell gave an account of the confrontation and the sinister call which followed.

He said: ‘Richardson was both aggressive and insistent during the meeting in a Commons committee room, telling me that he would determine how the short money was spent. He said I would be like a US Senator representing the 4 million people who had voted for Ukip.

‘I told Richardson that it was not for him to make such decisions. I was there to represent my Clacton constituency. The money had to be spent correctly, in accordance with Commons rules. He told me that Ukip could spend the money as it wished. I can only imagine he felt that he was acting with Nigel’s blessing.

The call came after he emailed Richardson and Farage to say that he would only be taking a proportion of the £650,000 in taxpayer funding which Ukip was allowed to claim in the new Parliament

The call came after he emailed Richardson and Farage to say that he would only be taking a proportion of the £650,000 in taxpayer funding which Ukip was allowed to claim in the new Parliament

‘I went outside, and while waiting for the lift, Richardson tried to threaten and intimidate me. He said that I would regret my decision not to go along with what he had been proposing. I was subsequently told that Nigel said he had “sent” Richardson down to see me.’

The encounter was followed two days later by a meeting between Carswell and Farage during which, Carswell says, the leader displayed anger at his MP’s refusal to take the short money in full. Days later, Carswell received the call from someone he describes as a ‘senior UKIP official’, and was asked ‘a series of totally inappropriate and leading questions about my private life’.


The uneasy relationship between Nigel Farage and his solitary MP turned toxic after Ukip’s election disappointment.

Farage was mocked after resigning as leader then changing his mind, and the situation turned into a row with Carswell over the amount of ‘short money’ – payments to help opposition parties pay for Westminster operations – he should claim.

Carswell objected to being told to claim the entire £650,000 and divert funds to the party HQ, rather than just claiming a sufficient amount to fund his Commons office. 

Carswell, who has a daughter with wife Clementine, said: ‘The suggestions made were preposterous. Either they were stupid enough to believe them, and wanted to scare me into silence by letting me know that they knew about it, or they were threatening me with the spread of false rumours. Either way, it could be construed as blackmail by dark forces’.

Carswell has clashed repeatedly with Farage since defecting from the Conservatives 18 months ago.

The Clacton MP has spoken out against his leader’s negative approach to immigrants and they have signed up for separate ‘Leave’ campaign groups in the upcoming EU referendum. Farage is allied to the Leave.EU campaign; Carswell has joined the Tory eurosceptic-dominated Vote Leave group – leading Farage to grumble privately that Carswell had ‘gone home’ to his ‘Conservative friends’.

Richardson denied any knowledge of the phone call, and added: ‘I did not use threatening language against Douglas. He was the one who got angry.’

When he was a student, Richardson set up the Oxford Gossip online forum where people could anonymously post about their peers.

The site was shut down in 2008 but friends claim he has boasted about keeping the web logs ‘for use when the people become famous’. Richardson denied keeping the logs.

 To view the original article CLICK HERE

Ukip still haven’t given any kind of cogent or responsible response to the facts surrounding their fraud and corruption reported with links CLICK HERE

Then there is the abiding issue of Racism in Ukip CLICK HERE

Here are a few other issues mostly concerning Gawain Towler, which Ukip has failed to sort out CLICK HERE


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