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Nigel Farage So Clearly Exposed As Un-Trustworthy & Inept

Posted by Greg Lance - Watkins (Greg_L-W) on 03/09/2015

Nigel Farage So Clearly Exposed As Un-Trustworthy & Inept

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Nigel Farage So Clearly Exposed As Un-Trustworthy & Inept, as the media are more frequently exposing and as denounced by one of his more, until recently, loyal partners in crime, Douglas Denny

000a ukip-025 count.png

it must be particularly gaulling for Nigel Farage that this cartoon, showing that the media has seen through his paper thin self publicity and have clearly got the message of his being no ‘Superman’ in a cape but just a silly little man in a seedy spivs shabby chique coat, made fashionable as a spin off of the ‘Teddy Boy’ era when Saville Row’s aim to issue an Edwardian style of long jackets and were gazzumped by their own cutters and workshops in the East End slums of London.

Nigel Farage is shown in the cartoon as more akin to the insecure tantrums of Kim Jong-Un(hinged), and all in public circulation the day before Ukip’s anniversary, having been founded 22 years ago on 03-Sep-1993.

Even his staggeringly dishonest and corrupt erstwhile fixer Douglas Denny has once again denounced him – such a pity Douglas Denny lacks the integrity and backbone to expose the truth in full; of the corruption, fraud, bullying, rigging and profligacy Nigel Farage has been so closely involved in, using useful idiots like Denny, John Moran, John Whittaker, David Bannerman, Mark Croucher, John Ison, David Lott, Annabelle Fuller, Mick McGough, Christopher Gill, Gerard Batten and the like as his mouthpieces and fixers.
(Farage must be aware that some of his worms have turned!)
I guess it is hardly surprising that a little man like Denny lacks the backbone and ethics to tell the truth as he was so involved in the corruption and huge sums of money that seem to have unaccountably spiritted away (trousered?) by Nigel Farage and his direct cronies, that he may fear for his own liberty!
It is quite surprising that in 22 years Ukip have achieved so staggeringly little, relative to the colossal amount of money they have had, for Britain other than the enrichment and patform Nigel Farage has achieved for himself and the enrichment of the unsavoury clique he has gathered around him to prop up his ineptitude as a politician, bereft of clear and sound, ethical and workable policies – dependent on populism  – he is to Britain as Alex salmon and Nicolla Sturgeon are, just as Tony Blair, Gordon Brown, Jack Straw and thwe present leadership contenders are to the Labour Party – catastrophicly divisive.
Even the media are finally plucking up the courage to point out that despite Ukip garnering just under 4M votes dotted around the country Nigel Farage is very much a ‘marmite’ character liked by a vociferous minority yet reveiled and held in contempt by the vaste majority – so much so that the General Election was, like all other domestic elections, an abject failure for Ukip and for Nigel Farage even more so having had his 8th. failure to get elected as an MP. His unpopularity is so dangerous and divisive for these United Kingdoms many now realise his involvement in the upcoming EU Referendum may well be the most damaging input to the Campaign to Leave_The_EU, causing many who would vote for the proposition to reconsider their stance and either abstain or vote against!
Here is the cartoon from yesterdays Telegraph:
FARAGE, Nigel 106 Kim Yung Nige 02-Sep-2915
From: “Douglas” <>
Date: Thu, 3 Sep 2015 20:53:46 +0000
To: Denny Douglas. BSc.\(Hons\)<>
Subject: Telegraph Wed2nd Sept Cartoon

Political Distribution List.

Dear Friends and Ex-colleagues,

I note in the Adams cartoon in The Daily Telegraph (Wed 2nd Sept), it is clear the news media have Nigel “sussed” exactly.

It was always the danger of having a dictatorial leader that he would lead in a manner to enhance his own image rather than join in with the larger and far better organised ‘NO’ campaign for the greater good of the EU -OUT cause.

By being so self-centred, by having no response or answers to the referendum in terms of party policy, by denying and ignoring the obvious fundamental changes which have now occurred in British politics with the announcement of the referendum, …this has adversely affected the very rationale of UKIP’s existence and what it stands for as per the UKIP constitution. It is clear Nigel Farage has not thought it out.
UKIP’s very future as a political party is thrown into doubt: for what can UKIP do in British politics after the referendum? What then is the point of UKIP?
I believe UKIP events have left UKIP behind, and as a party it has therefore now become defunct…obsolete.

Nigel has never addressed the main issue which has always been the Achilles Heel of UKIP – what to do in the event that a government actually does give the British people a referendum for being IN or OUT of the EU. Such a referendum is precisely what I and most others in UKIP have been campaigning for in the last sixteen years or more that I have been inside UKIP, and longer outside of UKIP before that.

The Conservatives having now conceded that crucial referendum have, in doing so, cut the legs from under Nigel and his non-policies, thereby crippling UKIP.

UKIP did have a minor role to play in the lead up to the referendum – but only if the Leader Nigle Farage had accepted UKIP being a part of the ‘NO’ campaign – which will gain momentum in due course. He has foolishly rejected that for the sake of his own vanity, hence the NO campaign will leave Nigel and UKIP behind in it’s dust-wake as it forges ahead with good funding and high-powered people to speak on the ‘NO’ campaign’s behalf.
Nigel has cut himself and UKIP off from this vital role…. a very stupid decision in my opinion.

Douglas Denny. Bosham.





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