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The Fine Levied On Nigel Farage Did At Least Prove His Guilt

Posted by Greg Lance - Watkins (Greg_L-W) on 29/10/2014

The Fine Levied On Nigel Farage Did At Least Prove His Guilt

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The Fine Levied On Nigel Farage, by the Electoral Commission, for failure to declare some £30K+ Did At Least irrefutably Prove His Guilt


although ignorance of the law is ostensibly no defence and this must be considered to be particularly the case when the ignorance is displayed by those who ostensibly make the law and draw 100s of £1,000s from the public purse for legal and professional advice to have made no issue of the matter and placed a tokenry fine on Nigel Farage was probably the most sensible action on the part of the Electoral Commission.
It does seem that during the period in question Nigel Farage had no intent to defraud in this instance being a matter of a mere 30 or 40 £1,000 – he had far more pressing issues to deal with as he boasted to a Press lunch he had made a profit of around £2million on his expenses during that time and he was after all clandestinely paying his wife around that sum each year, from Ukip resources, not to mention it would seem using selected members of the Ukip & EFD the staff as publicly funded personal entertainment.
It was also during the same period thata sum possibly approaching £1Million was raised by the Ashford scam (declared by Farage to be ‘Ukip’s most successful funding scheme ever’) and that money just seems to have vanished in the ether, as with many other unaccounted sums.
I believe that a clear statement of Nigel Farage’s guilt in this instance, as was shown by the fine, was adequate and I also note acceptance of that guilt was clear in that the fine was promptly paid. This is on its own adequate pending a full forensic accounting of where so many £Millions of public money has VANISHED as is the duty of the Police and other law enforcement agencies to ensure that those in public office act in a transparent and ethical manner providing clear accounting of what happens to tax payers’ money, that of donors and the public purse – I look forward to the acquital of their duty by the Police and revenue authorities in relation to the huge area of suspect behaviour by Ukip, particularly over financial matters!
Could it be that there are those in the Police, HMRC, SFO and similar bodies who have succumbed to bribes in one form or another to orchestrate a cover-up, for little or nothing seems to be being done to bring these people to justice when clearly there are a significant number of people who believe their actions to be criminal.

Nigel Farage fined £200 for breaching electoral laws

The UK Independence Party leader has been fined by the Electoral Commissoin for failing to declare tens of thousands of pounds worth of free office space.

Nigel Farage

Ukip leader Nigel Farage has been invited to join a leaders’ TV debate Photo: Dan Kitwood/Getty Images

Nigel Farage has been fined £200 for breaching electoral laws.

The UK Independence Party leader has been fined by the Electoral Commissoin for failing to declare tens of thousands of pounds worth of free office space.

The electoral watchdog found that the failure to report the “regular non-cash donation of the free use of office premises from a donor, Mr John Longhurst”.

It said: “The failure to report had been ongoing since 2001 and has been independently valued as rising from £3,500 to £3,800 per year over this time.”

Mr Farage has paid the fine, the Commission said. The Commission said that the office was for his own use.

Under the Political Parties, Elections and Referendums Act 2000 all non-cash donations of more than £1,500 must be reported to the Commission.

Although the donations had not been reported to the Commission, they had been properly reported to the European Parliament by Mr Farage.

The Commission is satisfied that there had been no intent to hide the donations.

The Commission also said that the Conservative party had forfeited a £28,000 impermissible donation from a company called Henley Concierge Limited.

A Ukip spokesman said: ​”The Electoral Commission wholly accept that Nigel Farage sought professional advice and followed it in good faith and that the use of the office was not concealed.

“They therefore concluded that Mr Farage was ‘honestly mistaken as to [his] obligations’. Nigel has paid the fine and the matter is now settled.”

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