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Will They Highlight Just How Easy It Is To Be In Opposition?

Posted by Greg Lance - Watkins (Greg_L-W) on 30/10/2014

Will They Highlight Just How Easy It Is To Be In Opposition?

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Clean EUkip up NOW make UKIP electable! 


The corruption of EUkip’s leadership, 
their anti UKIP claque in POWER & the NEC 

is what gives the remaining 10% a bad name!  


Will ‘They’ Highlight for the public Just How Easy It Is for Ukip to insult and harangue whilst In Opposition but what would or could they do if given the responsibility of Governance?
Personally I doubt Channel 4 will have the integrity or courage to tell the truth – perpetuating the myth that Governance is easy and even lightweights and clowns like Ukip could do the job!


I wonder will Channel 4 produce a realistic docudrama or just another banal pandering piece of entertainment for the unthinking masses – ‘Benefit Street comes to Drowning Street’ so to speak, a fake reality programme showing just how odious self styled un celebs are, in the main!
One wonders how Channel 4 will deal with the reality that Ukip are so bereft of experience, competence, intellect and leadership that they could barely make a match box let alone a cabinet.
The undeniable total lack of not just vision but policies that are thought through, agreed and costed showing them to be workable may also prove hard for Channel 4 to deal with.
Will Channel 4 have the integrity to tell the truth and show just how little grasp of reality and the pragmatism of politics is understood by Ukip who are largely dependent on the votes of the great mass whose slogan is ‘Why don’t they’ it will be a very different situation when they find that they have become that very ‘They’ who the were bleating about.
To deal with the populist grounding of Ukip, that same ground that has been pandered to in the past to gain votes, when there is no expectation or sense of responsibility for the implementation – such as Oswold Moseley, Adolf Hitler, Alex Salmond, Caroline Lucas, Arthur Scargill, David Icke and their ilk each being duplicitous, dishonest and populist for their own notoriety and advancement with no thought of the consequences. It is clear the closer they came to power the clearer it was they lacked the ability, integrity and responsibility required.
So very Ukip!
Bullying, abuse and bribes are no substitute for leadership, skill, vision and experience. On the point of experience I find it sad that Ukip has failed to attract anyone of noticeable caliber to its NEC or amongst its NEC – just how would they cope were they to gain any authority, let alone control of Government and Drowning Street? Looking at their leadership team I am unable to identify a single responsible individual with any notable experience – no directorships of major companies, no employers of large numbers, no experienced and notable Barristers just a collection of small business owners, a retired betting shop gambler, a book keeper, a farmer and the like.
Little wonder that with such a poor skills base they have proved so ingloriously inept in Local Government and in Committee work in the EU’s pretend parliament.
Ukip will for ever be known for their willingness to show what fools they are
FARAGE, Nigel 97b Posing on a Museum Chieftain Mk 10
EVANS, Suzanne 03
WISE, Tom 04 MEP
BATTEN, Gerard 09
ANDREASEN, Marta 03 http news bbc co uk 1 hi programmes hardtalk 2293519 stm
TOWLER, Gawain 05 advert
ATKINSON, Janice 02
& so it goes on and they are all part of the leadership executive team of Ukip & people vote for them!
OK so Ukip voters believe that there are around 23% of the population who are immigrants when in fact the figure is 13% and they want us to Leave-The-EU and set up an immigrant policy like Australia (who by the way have around 28% of the population who are immigrants!).
With a visitor rate of around 32,000,000 a year on whom our universities, colleges and further education and our tourism industry are dependent, both huge income earners and employers, how will Ukip when it is ‘They’ who have to devise and implement policy, manage the checks and controls to keep the wheels revolving and not drive these huge areas of income into the arms of our competitors like France, Germany, Ital, Spain etc.
Just what is Ukip’s plan when they locate illegal immigrants who can not be deported as they lack recognised papers and no one will have them – just what is the plan?
Just how far will Ukip take its BNPesque racist policies:
IMMIGRATION POLICY - EUkip 01would Nazi style holding camps become the order of the day or would pragmatism take over and each illegal immigrant when found be issued with a summons to appear at Lunar House or Court in Croydon in 3 weeks time in the hope that they would discreetly vanish back into the background never to emerge as there is absolutely nothing we can do about them once her! Just as is happening now with the ‘They’ in power!
Quit The EU being supposedly high on Ukip’s proposals – just how do they intend to do this honourably, responsibly and without catastrophic consequences, we have approximately 9 days food in Britain and ALL the food we import or for that matter export is under contracts, agreements and licenses issued by The EU. Where will we get the Millions of tons of beef, pork, lamb and mutton we currently require or the 10s of Millions of chickens?
Yes we can negotiate new cotracts but not over night – also any new contracts will be bound by the same WTO regulations that the EU signed up to on our behalf and so on with every element of trade and commerce.
Without the relevant EU agreement, compliant with the WTO agreement, being in place and Britain’s signature thereto being substantive YOU wouldn’t even be able to order a pizza on the phone, in fact YOUR phone wouldn’t work, but then again nor would anybody elses! Nor of course would petrol, oil, power or the like flow and as for air travel that would become as impossible as sea travel!
The story is not as simple as Ukip would have you believe but as I said being in opposition and blaming it on ‘Them’ is easy until you become that very ‘Them’ with absolutely no responsible, honourable exit and survival plan and no worked out, costed workable policies anmd an abject lack of the intellectual power baser required to fill the shoes of ‘Them’.
Ukip to date don’t even seem able to get their heads around the need for plans, policy or strategy and resort to name calling and abuse as a substitute.
Just howmany Ukip members, and are there ANY of Ukip’s leadership team, have studied, let alone understood, even so much as FleXcit a shortcut may well be to CLICK HERE
As for money – when you note just how profligate and irresponsible Ukip are with money and how willing they are to abuse and insult in their undeniable abuse of public office and how much money has gone missing it would seem or at very best the £Millions that seem unaccounted from the public purse would anyone be so irresponsible as to give them the keys to The Treasury and control of The Bank of England!

Nigel Farage to take power in Ukip documentary spoof

Channel 4 to use actors alongside real-life footage for a film imagining the party’s first 100 days in Downing Street

A Channel 4 mocumentary is to imagine the aftermath of an election victory by Nigel Farage's Ukip
A Channel 4 mocumentary is to imagine the aftermath of a general election victory by Nigel Farage’s Ukip. Photograph: Steve Bell/Rex Features

Channel 4 will imagine a country run by Nigel Farage in a spoof documentary which will air in the runup to next year’s general election.

The broadcaster, which has previously used the mockumentary genre to put Tony Blair on trial and execute Gary Glitter, will use actors alongside real-life footage for its fictional portrayal of the Ukip leader in Downing Street.

100 Days of Ukip, a working title, will follow the trials of a newly-elected female MP in Farage’s party as she attempts to follow up its promises to create a new Britain free of interference from Europe. Channel 4 said casting for 100 Days of Ukip will be announced soon.

It will be made by Raw TV, the same production company behind last year’s Channel 4 drama documentary Blackout, exploring the effects of a cyberattack on Britain’s national grid, which also combined fictional scenes with archive material.

Tory defector Douglas Carswell became UKIP’s first elected MP in the Carswell byelection earlier this month.

Farage’s party is tipped to gain its second House of Commons representative at the Rochester and Strood byelection on 20 November following the defection of another Conservative MP, Mark Reckless.

Such has been the surge in support for Ukip that forecasts have suggested Farage could hold the balance of power after the national poll on 7 May next year.

Executive producer Richard Bond said: “With support for Ukip growing in the polls, this is timely exploration of the effect their policies might have on Britain.”

Channel 4 said the fictional documentary would “explore the effects of an imagined future in which Ukip win the general election in May 2015 [and] tell the story of how Britain adapts to a change in government policy and political outlook”.

Nick Mirsky, head of documentaries at Channel 4, said, “This is a very exciting commission from a team known for brave and thought-provoking television.”

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