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The Current Plight of UKIP

Posted by Greg Lance - Watkins (Greg_L-W) on 11/06/2012

The Current Plight of UKIP

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The corruption of EUkip’s leadership
their anti UKIP claque in POWER & the NEC 

is what gives the remaining 10% a bad name!  


The Current Plight of UKIP & thus these United Kingdoms!
As shown in concert with Junius!



I was interested to note Junius’ comments at CLICK HERE and elsewhere at HERE on the imbecilic input of Mick McGough & such as Kevin Mahoney and the various cowards in the UKIP leadership claque, all seemingly on the maker and the take – that were featured with many other dishonest comments on the odious little Anthony Butcher’s corrupt UKIP controlled Forum – little wonder that despite his transparent personal ambitions in politics that have seen him move from Party to party he now finds himself something of an outcast acting independently as a parish councillor in Ashton near Bristol!

A detailed series of informative articles and compilations of facts regarding many of the the characters in UKIP and associated with UKIP can be located if you CLICK HERE

it does rather look, from the incomplete summary by Ian Gillman, as if UKIP leadership and its claque are responsible for several £Millions of the money stolen for the public purse and doled out as bribes to UKIP politicians, wannabes and chums and possibly the same again raised directly from supporters has been at worst trousered and at best squandered.

When will UKIP stop showboating, squabbling, posturing and basing the defence of their catastrophic failure in UK domestic politics on ad hominem attacks on its supporters who dare to criticise their utter incompetence, total lack of transparency, contempt for democracy and the clear signs of self serving greed and mediocracy amongst its leadership clique and their claque.

Clearly I could not make the comments about myself that Junius team have made but in mild embarrassment and gratitude for the clarification I can confirm them!

I have only EVER posted in support of the core aim of UKIP towards the aim of Leave-The-EU, that sadly this has involved exposing corruption, dishonesty, lies, self serving, incompetence, fraud and outright theft in the ranks of UKIP leadership clique was NEVER going to make me popular with the low lifes I have exposed, along with a very few other honest men and women who have had the integrity to speak out.

That UKIP is in direct debt to me for some £12,500 + a further £1,000 so far and are too dishonourable to settle the debt is unarguable, as they colluded in the failed court case trying to set me up and bankrupt me that their employee Mark Croucher aided directly by Paul Nuttall, Clive Page and others so resoundingly lost. That trash like this who lack even the integrity to settle their debts as they shelter behind the skirts of The EU perhaps shows just what un British standards they espouse.

That they pretend to such shamefully low standards and even openly default on their debts and lie to and in the courts renders UKIP in its present state completely unfit for purpose and little wonder that their last two major backers were professional gamblers and prior to that Sykes, who made his capital in scrap dealing, who dallied with them (as with Wheeler) in an attempt to put lead into the pencil of the Tories – similarly the duplicitous liar and political non entity Malcolm Pearson, who was considered too stupid, by Margaret Thatcher, to be put forward as an MP and was placed in The House of Lords for his access to money!

To cover their corruption they are all too willing to lie and defame – time and time again using their muppets and puppets and playing on the ambitions of the inadequates and failures they have surrounded themselves with. Inadequates and failures put in place so that their ONLY presentable public performer, duplicitous and self serving in his personal insecurity as he may be, can shine out unchallenged, like a cockerel on top of a dung heap in a particularly squalid farm yard!

I predicted with accuracy the catastrophic outcome of the last general election and also UKIP’s catastrophic result with 9 out of 4,987 available seats won in the local elections and amongst those 9 there are clearly those who do more harm to the EUroSceptic cause and these United Kingdoms than could have been claimed as good done by UKIP over the last 20 years. With standards so low UKIP will continue to go nowhere!

In almost 20 years UKIP has NEVER produced an unarguably sound briefing paper on any subject, has devised and published no Exit & Survival Strategy see CLICK HERE, has very little record of good publicity of any gravitas but much honest bad publicity! UKIP have not even EVER held a sound training program and has failed utterly to inform the British public as to how or why we would in fact be Better Off Out of the EU.

I predicted UKIP was going nowhere and was unfit for purpose and have unfortunately been proved 100% right.

Further I have been lied about, lied to, defamed and attacked for stating the truth again and again. In association with UKIP clearly patriotism, effort and the truth are feared and reveiled!

Unless UKIP has a RADICAL clean-up with resignations of almost all its dishonest, corrupt, indolent, self serving parasites in its leadership clique and their claque they have no meaningful role in British politics as the British people have so voted again and again in domestic politics.

UKIP in its present form is an excrescence doing great harm to the EUroSceptic cause of many of its genuine and ill informed members.

That UKIP has recruited amongst naive and ambitious nobodies, children on the make who with the encouragement of one adult will take on the world whether right or wrong and the elderly who have seen the slide from dignity of Britain whilst they brought6 up the present breed of self interested political nebishes of today!

UKIP must grow up, clean up and start to do some work or fold its tent, admitting it has abjectly failed, and leave the field open for a truly valid EUroRealist force to emerge.

Having a small claque of cowards and filth posturing to protect the rotten core of UKIP is NOT politics I respect, condone or am prepared to collude with – UKIP would seem to be utterly bereft of any of the great values of these United Kingdoms and little wonder that all it can find are failed city clerks, professional gamblers and the rejects of other parties to espouse its cause and suck the life blood out of Patriotism.

Surely UKIP in its self interest and greed must realise what damage they are doing to our Country – do they care or are they as many have claimed merely a buffer invented by the EU to bring EUroScepticism into disrepute?

Let us also note that UKIP having failed catastrophically in the local elections wuith a mere 9 seats out of 4,987 has not only proven their irrelevance in British politics but have done nothing whatsoever of note beyond seek scapegoats for their collective incompetence and attack all who try to show them for the charlatans they are in the hope of creating a clean up of the shower in leadership to give the party some hope of a future of some sort of relevance.

It may well be that UKIP is too ill informed to address the problems head on and campaign to inform the British people and for better media coverage at a time when Spain has effectively gone bust as no one would lend them the money to continue their clearly incompetent governance that sees them with 25% unemployment and a youth unemployment of almost 50% declared – they have absolutely no hope of repayment of loans and so no rational organisation would lend them money.

In steps the least rational financial institute in the world – The EU and in a desperate attempt to fudge the validity of their failed EUro currency they are GIVING Spain a £100 Billion bailout to keep them stumbling forward for a while – thus having failed to solve the Portuguese problem The Irish problem, the Italian problem, the Greek problem they now show they can not solve the Spanish problem.

Expect an upward flurry amongst the professional gamblers of the stock exchanges and money markets but when they realise this is just another handout of public money with no solution or long term gain the gamblers will realise the EUro is as busted as it ever was and without solution and them watch the crash!

Where is UKIP in stepping forward with ideas and solutions as they are paid to do – they like any fool can clamour at the failure but they were elected to WORK towards solutions and they have done NOTHING of any value.


ADDITION 12:45hrs. 12-Jun-2012:
It will be noted that although Ian Gillman’s posting called upon the odious liar Mick McGough to help clarify the apparent systemic theft of money, in one way or another, by UKIP leadership clique and its claque one will note he duplicitously side stepped the request with the following comment posted on the UKIP controlled public forum at 07:21hrs. this morning:
Surely your best course of action Mr Gilman is to contact the Police,the Registrar of Companies,HMRC and the ICAEW with your concerns.Either action will be taken or you will be dismissed as a timewaster.
Clearly it was not Gillman’s intent to destroy UKIP at this stage but to clear up the doubt over missing £Millions he alludes to.

Initially the aim is to find answers and seek to clean the party up and try to give it a reputation and gravitas to restore its position as a force in EUroSceptic politics but clearly Mick McGough is too stupid to see this and seeks the nuclear option rather than admit his involvement in some area of the corruption as perhaps his collusion with Andrew Smith and the undemocratic behaviour of the eastern region committee or his lies regarding his position in the party to cheat his associates in selection on the PMEP lists.

Hard to tell but since clearly were he a man of integrity he could assist the party he clearly declines the opportunity – no doubt for personal gain.


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