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UKIP’s Catastrophic Results are being spun by “Comical Alis”

Posted by Greg Lance - Watkins (Greg_L-W) on 06/05/2012

UKIP’s Catastrophic Results are being spun by “Comical Alis”

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The corruption of EUkip’s leadership, 
their anti UKIP claque in POWER & the NEC 

is what gives the remaining 10% a bad name!  


UKIP’s Catastrophic Results are being spun by “Comical Alis”!

UKIP’s self seeking & self serving sock puppets are turning UKIP into a laughing stock with their spin, their lies, their corruption and the way in which they defame and lie, abuse and censor those who dare to tell the truth!



the number of “Comical Alis” emerging from the ranks of UKIP to desperately save their income stream as good little EUropeans is adding to the farce that surrounds the catastrophic failure of UKIP to live up to their huge spin before the elections!

‘Cometh the hour cometh the man’ be it “Hanoi Hannah” or “Seoul City Sue” or “Comical Ali” himself

It was the F&CO who first formally identified the true problem of telling lies to the electorate when they identified that The EU would become increasingly unpopular as the truth dawned as to how the people had been misled.

UKIP is not dissimilar!

We note part of the “Comical Ali” spin to justify the abject failure to win seats was that UKIP came second in a number of seats – So what?

The claim is that in the 1/3rd of the seats UKIP was able to find a candidate (many of whom were no more than paper candidates) and in the few seats they fought they did well doubling their vote – firstly, well it would be bigger they had more candidates and secondly during a period of massive austerity brought about by Labour’s utter incompetence the Government was bound to be unpopular!

Let us not forget Nigel Farage pointed out to the media that UKIP would benefit from a huge protest vote – true but clearly few voted for UKIP as most of their vote was as Farage pointed out, was protest!

Much is made of the fact that UKIP doubled its vote in some areas – True but were it to double it again would they win more protest votes when largely the public protest by staying at home in disgust at the spin and deception of professional “Chemical Ali” politicians like UKIP.

Had UKIP doubled its doubled vote would they have won more seats than the Greens who hugely out classed them in collecting protest votes or the LibDims who won 49 times as many seats as UKIP!!!

Just remember UKIP’s “Comical Alis” were declaring themselves as the third Party in British politics in the run up to their catastrophic placing as 9th. with just 9 seats out of 4,987 available!

Many will remember how “Comical Ali” became a laughing stock with his loyal denial of any problems as we watched Baghdad being flattened in the background – Just like the idiotic spin from the crassly unprofessional and completely unfit for purpose corrupt and fiddling UKIP with its fascist like censorship of its own members and communist style denunciation abuse, lies and defamation of those who dare to speak the truth about their behaviour, their self serving self enrichment and their catastrophic incompetence as they squabble and back stab amongst eachother in faction teams to get PLACED on lists and enriched by their undemocratic dictatorial leaders.

How sad when so many of us had such high hope of UKIP and even now support their members and their CLAIMED aims by publishing the truth – as with Junius, myself and others.

UKIP’s local election results were an unmitigated disaster and catastrophic – that is an undeniable fact.

Further if they were to continue to grow at the rate they CLAIM it would be at least another 75 years before their unprofessional and clearly incompetent leadership clique and its claque would be of much relevance – other than as puppets for the pro EU left wing media to exploit!


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