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Seems Gerard Batten NOT Found Guilty!

Posted by Greg Lance - Watkins (Greg_L-W) on 22/05/2012

Seems Gerard Batten NOT Found Guilty!

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Seems Gerard Batten NOT Found Guilty of some sort of charge(s) of Racism in The Courts!

Seems some sort of gagging order had been in place to suppress the facts and deny the electorate the truth of Gerard Batten’s behaviour as a public servant!!



We hear despite seemingly inciting racial hatred Gerard Batten was found not guilty by employment tribunal recently & awarded costs!

my Twitter of earlier clearly provides inadequate detail – that of course is the limitation of Twitter (well one of them!).

‘Happy Campers’!

You may well remember that Gerard Batten was brought before the Courts on allegations of some kind of racism – which I for one found not remotely surprising as he has proved in the past to have absolutely no understanding of British Justice and has proved himself to be all too willing to pervert the course of justice in collusion with others.Further let us not forget that Gerard Batten has openly published his fears based upon his own chosen superstitions or religious bias in a manner that could well be perceived as likely to incite racial hatred as there is no doubt left that he finds the chosen superstitions and practices of Muslims as a threat, in a manner displsying rscisl prejudice based on religious belief in a distastefull manner.
There was little information as to the details of the charges against Gerard Batten beyond the plausible rumours of racial prejudice which one could well be forgiven was based on his track record and may have led to a ‘Constructive Dismissal’ a speculation I did not make until AFTER the verdict as I had no sound information from the Court Case.
It was not until long after the case that it became clear as to why there were no details available leaving the public to speculate based upon the material in the public domain, as available by phone phrom the Court itself.
It is now known that whether from embarrassment at his earlier track record of corruption of Justice and apparent racial hatred or for some other reason Gerard Batten, as a public servant, had managed to obtain some kind of gagging order on reporting of detailed factual information from the Court – hence the dith of information and the likelihood of speculation since the gagging order would seem to have included the witholding of the fact there was a gagging order!!Had Gerard Batten obtained a super injunction even The Court would have been unable to supply the information, which it did on the phone!
I am unable to locate an official press release or Court record of the case against Gerard Batten but I gather a verdict has been reached an is a matter of open discussion and thus clearly there is no longer a gagging order though Gerard Batten has made no public statement to my knowledge – possibly due to his other odious behaviour risking an airing in the public domain!I gather Gerard Batten was exhonorated of the charges or charge against him in the Courts and a tokenry sum in expenses was awarded him – I can not verify the details but I have heard from normally reliable sources that he was awarded £1,100 but that does seem more than somewhat insulting though presumably the tax payers were paying his bills anyway and he will have been unlikely to repay any award to the public purse!!!This is not an honourable man we are speaking of; as proven by his track record, as I have shown in some detail! CLICK HERERegards,

UPDATE `13:00hrs. 22-May-2012
I am given to understand as follows – though I can provide no corroboration and am thus unsure of the veracity of the claim:
It is untrue he was found not guilty because the case was not fully heard.  All that happened was that he lost his precious reporting restriction and now everything can be openly written about.  Judge rightly said he is politician, is open to public scrutiny, is nothing special and reporting restriction discharged
I will provide further information if it comes to hand – speculation, such as this, is of course a product of attempts to restrict freedom of speech and impose gagging restrictions.Surely those with nothing to hide would wish the facts to be known rather than destroy the fundamental principles of Democracy which are founded on freedom of speech.I understand that there is now likely to be a full hearing and it is  claimed that financial impropriety involving Gerard Batten and his brother has also featured but as I say – the only thing that will now clear his name, due to his efforts to suppress the truth, would seem to be an affidavited statement of facts from him as without such a sworn statement supported by a reputable individual we can obviously not be expected to accept the word of a UKIP MEP or staff member or employed individual as they have lied and misled the public with far too great a frequency.

IF UKIP has achieved one thing in its 20 years it is to prove that they are utterly untrustworthy!

Gerard Batten and UKIP’s serial efforts to gag or censor using dishonest spin, all too often, make a nonsense of Nigel Farage’s flowery statement relative to Section 5 of The Public Order Act.

Where, as ever, Farage has found another bandwagon to jump on!
You will note that UKIP’s position is claimed to be:

Nigel Farage


“Not that I have ever been known to insult anybody in the course of my work, nor indeed that anybody has ever felt the need to insult me or UKIP for that matter.

But the principle that freedom of speech, a basic Liberty, must be defended and protected from well meaning legislation is one that UKIP has supported for years. We have had a commitment to reform Section 5 almost since we had any commitments.

In a robust democracy people must be free to insult and be insulted. We have laws that protect against incitement to violence and hatred, that should be enough. To protect my feelings from those who wish to laugh at me or hold me in contempt is a freedom I never wanted, nor hoped for.

So three cheers for this campaign, three cheers for those like Peter Tatchell, The Christian Institute, David Davis, The National Secular Society, the Freedom Association, Big Brother Watch and all the others standing up for the liberty of people to throw verbal brickbats around.’

To see UKIP’s thoroughly misleading claim see CLICK HERE
The lies and dishonesty and the behaviour of people like Gerard Batten, Mick McGough, David Bannerman, Gawain Towler, Nigel Farage, Stuart Parr, Derek Clark, Christopher Gill, Malcolm Lord Pearson, Paul Nuttall and the rest of the raft of self serving fools show Nigel Farage to be a liar in spirit and actions.UKIP’s involvement with the ‘REFORM SECTION 5’ campaign related to The Public Order Act befouls the entire credibility of the campaign – Just as does their serial attempts to defraud the public purse!G.L-W.


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