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UKIP & Mental Health Failures!

Posted by Greg Lance - Watkins (Greg_L-W) on 26/05/2012

UKIP & Mental Health Failures!

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UKIP & Mental Health Failures!

UKIP Candidate fails to fill the seat John West was elected to, but has recently vacated due to time commitments!!

you may remember just how corrupt UKIP leadership and those who were willing to lie, cheat and defame for their own personal enhancement such as the now Tory researcher working for David Bannerman for money, as ever, clearly as long as he can be paid by the EU it seems Peter Reeve has no ethics and less principles!

Or the likes of the low life and serial stalker Mick McGough who is so clearly obsessed with me one wonders if he is in command of any of his mental faculties! He is happy to lie on many subjects for his personal gain but his fantasies and groundless ill informed defamatory comments about me are not only criminal but hugely damage UKIP as a credible Party as he is a member of their executive and also his lies do little to help either The CBI or The Freedom Association.

One has to wonder if he is in fact in the employ of The EU or just a massive fan of the scam as he does so very much to damage the EUroSceptic cause and UKIP in particular.
Many will remember how he lied to promote himself on the UKIP MEP lists and then wandered around at the electoral count trying to intimidate John West & making a complete fool of himself and as ever demeaning UKIP!
Then the idiotic Mick McGough, not content with making a fool of himself tried desperately to get a photo of John West with a BNP member in fram – he did achieve that and made much of it – though the fact was that at the count the BNP member had his back to John West and each was talking to separate individuals!

The poor man is a liability to the EUroSceptic movement as when he was trying desperately to demean John West because he worked as a librarian, completely overlooking the fact that West has written and had published several books!

Much mokery was also made of the fact that in his own right John West was elected to the executive of his local mental health trust!

I note now that West has stood down as he can not afford the time, as he is taking a key role in setting up an Independent Radio Station and has been involved in the acquisition of equipment, studios and the training of new staff & devising schedules etc. I gather his own programmes will start sometime next month.

It should be an interesting series of programmes as he has a wealth of knowledge in several fields – not least of which is politics and political history! Such in fact that UKIP’s leader Malcolm Pearson personally asked him to rejoin UKIP!
Interestingly UKIP put forward a candidate for the mental health position, whether in an attempt to embarrass John West or merely to claim they had been elected to something!

You will note their candidate was not elected, despite the claims of UKIP’s great surge forward when 5% of the electorate and 9 seats out of 4,987 was presented as a huge achievement when clearly it was an embarrassing failure.

UKIP’s candidate in this election also failed to be elected t5o the seat John West had vacated!

Eyes wide shut this UKIP candidate failed to get elected to the job John West had vacated:

‘Eyes Wide Shut’
Cllr. Leon Stedman wants to be noted in UKIP!

So yet again UKIP has befouled its own image having so belittled John West when their own candidate bombed!

I’m sure Mick McGough could have given many tips to Leon Stedman on mental health, from his own personal experiences, delusions, criminality and obsessive fantasies!


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