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The Corruption In UKip Is Quite Astonishing When You Start To List It!

Posted by Greg Lance - Watkins (Greg_L-W) on 13/08/2016

The Corruption In UKip Is Quite Astonishing When You Start To List It!

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The corruption of EUkip’s leadership, 
their anti UKIP claque in POWER & the NEC 

is what gives the remaining 10% a bad name! 


The Corruption In UKip Is Quite Astonishing When You Start To List It & the attraction of Walter Mitty characters is little help!

000a ukip-025 count.png

I posted this Tweet a little while ago shortly after posting about Nigel Farage’s aide George Cottrell’s arrest by the FBI CLICK HERE:

INTERESTING: One of ‘s leadership contenders would SEEM to have invented a Degree & share an iffy CV with an American of same name!

I appreciate it is more than somewhat enigmatic but as yet, as I am hopefull that the media will run with it I have undertaken not to publish the full facts I have discovered – or the details of a senior UKip MEP who claims to have been a University lecturer yet I can only find a record of one GCSE in Social Sciences attributted to him & can find no record of a lecturer of his name  at any Uni.!

UKip seems to be a magnet for Walter Mitty charlatans – such as those who claim to have been Barristers yet do not appear on the public lists & those who gave up glowing City careers to join UKip – even those who purchase ‘Freeman of The City of London’ certificates – another classic you may remember this web site exposed was the total tosh that David Bannerman tried to pass off as his CV when he duped Roger Knapman.

Then again you will remember our exposing of the criminal Tom Wise & Lindsey Jenkins who were both charged with fraud, a fraud he eventually went to prison for and of course the exposing of the fact that Roger Knapman’s family were involved in People Traffiking and the notorious scandal of his attic full of Poles.

Of course there was the exposure of the lies regarding the £11K Nigel Farage claimed to have given to The Metric Martyrs but did not & was ordered to repay to The EU!

Not to mention the publicity we gave to the fact that Nigel Farage was boasting how he had been overpaid expenses by around £2Million at a Press Association lunch some 7 or 8 years ago, and of course you will remember we exposed the fact that his Constituency Office was funded by Julia Longhurst a UKip donnor.

Also of course it was this web site that exposed the fact that Nigel Farage had set up a bank account in the tax haven of The Isle of Man & paid £1/4Million into it to avoid British tax.

This blog also exposed the fact that less than 10% of the money collected in for UKip via Ashford call center was ever paid into UKip. You may remember Nigel Farage described as ‘UKip’s most successfull money raising scheme ever’ (perhaps he should have said ‘scam’.

It was also this web site that exposed the corruption and lies of Douglas Denny and his efforts with Nigel Farage to rig UKip elections.

Also we published the report by UKip’s returning Officer Piers Merchant & his report on UKip corruption CLICK HERE

We also published John Petley’s detailed eviceration of UKip CLICK HERE

We also published the resignation letters of Marcus Stead, Niall warry, Richard Suchorzewski and many others which gave grteat insight into the lies, bullying, duplicity & corruption that is UKip, for more details CLICK HERE

You may also remember the fact that having lost a Court case atempting to close my web sites and the publication of facts about UKip and its people, UKip failed to honour their debt to me of £13,500 + interest CLICK HERE & HERE but I guess it is rather fancifull to speak og UKip and honour in the same sentence!

You will also remember it was this web site that exposed the fraud of Derek Clarke an expenses fiddle that was corruptly never prosecuted but led to his having to pay 10s of £1,000 back to the EU.

You may also remember the publicity this web site gave to the electoral fraud of Malcolm Pearson who admitted laundering monetary donations to UKip through his organisation Global Britain! We also published the criminal scam UKip’s MEP Stuart Agnew was involved in as exposed by the Times.

Also we publicised the scam David Bannerman & Stuart Agnew were involved in frtaudulently obtaining money from the EU to pay Peter Reeve for his UKip political activities!

It was also this web site that published the strange details regarding Diane James some years ago in 2013  CLICK HERE

Then of course you wi9ll remember we published the details of the lies Nigel Farage’s doxy Annabelle Fuller told about Andrew Bridgen MP when she claimed he had sexually assaultedf her when she stole material from his flat including his Government Blackberry, which she downloaded & boasted of, and his House of Commons Security Pass.

We also exposed and published the fact that Annabelle Fuller had published UKip confidential material on the web, when in a position of trust, to harm a UKip candidate in an election.

It was this site that exposed the corruption and lies of John Ison, long before he was exposed in Court as with John Ison’s collusion in criminality with and on behalf of Nigel Farage, which has now also been addressed in Court with tape recordings of their conversations having been played!

You will also remember the exposure of the scurrilous behaviour of UKip when Nigel Farage, Mark Croucher and David Lott ran that scam petition, some years ago, as a money spinner, seemingly for themselves. We also exposed the grave doubts of the claims of Gerard Batten regarding Jasna Badzak and the apparent collusion between corrupt police officers, the Met and UKip.

You may also remember when I exposed the dishonesty of Gerard Batten when he was bragging he would destroy me and shut down my web sites but his lies to the police collapsed on investigation of the simplest nature!

Then there was the sad sick incident surrounding Gawain Towler’s wife’s allegations of his sexual behaviour with his daughter and his braggadocio when in his cups regarding his homosexuality and his libertine approach to sexuality and loyalty and his disregard for his partners sexual wellbeing! The firs item being that which had him deselected and dumped by the UKip SW Regional Committee as a candidate!

Sadly he left his wife who then died of cancer and his children are, I understand, being raised by Grandparents – One wonders will he seek to interfere in the upbringing of the next two children he had now that he has seemingly left his second wife, the Australian Doctor and has now, I understand, recently become engaged to some unfortunate and clearly gullible young woman in her mid 30s! His libertine and louche behaviour bodes ill for this new relationship also I feel.

We also have shown conclusively that Nigel Farage & UKip did much to try to sabotage the Referendum and had no part in ensuring an EU In/Out Referendum was granted – just as we showed Nigel Farage & UKip took absolutely no action to try to prevent the new EU Constitution which eventually morphed into the Lisbon Treaty.

So minded of these facts, and so much more I have publicised, you may well find it expedient to pay assiduous attention to this site and some of my others to keep up with the lies, corruption, dishonesty, fraud and character of UKip and its senior members.

Numbers following my sites has never been a concern, it is the calliber of those who follow, many of whom are media, and the fact that it provides an archive of facts, details, articles and contemporary views and opinions that counts, I believe.

When able I will add the details pertaining to the somewhat strange claims of the leadership candidate exposed at the start of this posting!


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