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Are #UKippers Fighting Like Ferretts In A Sack – Over A Corpse?

Posted by Greg Lance - Watkins (Greg_L-W) on 13/08/2016

Are #UKippers Fighting Like Ferretts In A Sack – Over A Corpse?

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The corruption of EUkip’s leadership, 
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Are #UKippers Fighting Like Ferretts In A Sack – Over A Corpse & one rich man’s ego? Clearly despite its EU income Ukip is dependent on Aaron Banks’ cash!

000a ukip-025 count.png

a measure of just how attrociously badly led Ukip has been for many years is not just the obviouse realisation that even with Nigel Farage having quit as leader he is still controlling his party – but you will note the utter chaos of its NEC & their lack of competence – their fantasy pilot & his dating site con act of their Chairman Paul Oakden and not only is Nigel Farage’s closest aide under the custody of the FBI but it was Nigel Farage’s records that were seized when he and George Cottrell were together in America about to leave – after Cottrell’s bungled drug deal & efforts to blackmail and intimidate whilst they were there!
Then consider the party is broke with an overspend of £850,000 despite the massive value of bribes/(salaries & expenses) from the EU which runs to £Millions a year + the £Millions Farage receives as leader of the EFDD, and there have been no murmurs of his intention to resign frtom this comfy and well funded post.
Then consider that as a party that made much of being anti membership of the EU they spent a paultry £55,000 on supporting the Referendum and had done all they could to prevent the Petition organised by Nikki Sinclaire which had forced the debate to Leave-The-EU on David Cameron & incurred his first major rebellion that led him to include a promise of a finite IN/OUT Referendum in The Tory Manifesto at the last General Election!
Just where has all the money gone? It runs to many £Millions so Draw your own conclusions! In drawing your own conclusion you will note the paucity of donations from Ukip MEPs and staff reflected on the Electoral Commission’s roll of donors!

Accounts reveal Ukip ended last year £850,000 in deficit

Nigel Farage in a pub in Margate
Nigel Farage in a pub in Margate CREDIT: GETTY

The UK Independence Party ended last year more than £850,000 in deficit, according to its latest accounts that show how the party’s finances dwindled after the 2015 election and in the run-up to the referendum campaign.

The party spent £6.7m in the year, more than its £5.8m overall income, as the cost of the general election and a 4.5pc fall in membership numbers took its toll.

Ukip held onto one parliamentary seat in May 2015, as Douglas Carswell kept the constituency of Clacton. Mark Reckless lost his seat to the Conservatives, the party he left to join Ukip. 

Donations overall fell 18pc to £4.4m last year and the party booked no revenue from its online shop, which generated £119,000 from selling Ukip merchandise in 2014, after it was hived off into a separate commercial entity.

Nigel Farage

As a result of its deficit during the year, the party’s funds were £540,000 in the red, compared to a cash pile of £285,000 at the end of 2014.

Ukip recently appointed new chairman Paul Oakden as it looks to replace Nigel Farage as leader, in the wake of the vote for the UK to leave the European Union.

The six leadership candidates do not include Mr Carswell, who along with other parliamentary candidates spent £3.2m on election expenses during last year.

The party also spent £65,000 on membership fees for Europe of Freedom and Direct Democracy, its political bloc within the European Parliament. During the year it also spent a mere £55,751 on referendum expenses, as Brexit-supporting campaigns such as Vote Leave and Leave.EU took a greater role in the debate.

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