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>GUEST POST: An Open Letter To Douglas Carswell from Jasna Badzak

Posted by Greg Lance - Watkins (Greg_L-W) on 01/09/2014

>GUEST POST: An Open Letter To Douglas Carswell from Jasna Badzak

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The corruption of EUkip’s leadership, 
their anti UKIP claque in POWER & the NEC 

is what gives the remaining 10% a bad name!  


An Open Letter of warning To Douglas Carswell from a former Tory & Ukip insider in Nigel Farage’s clique, Jasna Badzak






An Honest Warning to anyone, regardless of their political orientation, who is thinking to join UKIP

I am writing you from the depth of my heart, with absolute honesty and no agenda other than not wishing to see my worst enemy repeat the biggest mistake of my life, joining UKIP.
I am former Conservative Ward Chair woman in the prime Westminster North Constituency.  I was in the 2005 Conservative by-election a Council candidate, I was also a very active member of the Executive of my local Association and Vice Chair of the Policy Forum.
I fought and was very successful contributor in Conservative elections, local, European, Mayoral and General.  I met David Cameron, George Osborne, I also worked closely with Boris Johnson on his successful campaign to oust Livingstone as Mayor of London, I was instrumental in taking a solid Labour Ward and making it for the first time in history Conservative, with an over 65% swing etc etc.
Then came the controversial and infamous Conservative A list, Noting Hill set, ‘their policies’ of a close circle and not an inch of all the Conservative party, I loved and cherished was abandoned.
I did not go into politics to seek keys to 10 Downing Street or preferment on any level but for a more ‘selfish reason’! 
I am a former refugee who fled the war in my homeland in 1993 and came to the UK, I was welcomed into this country and was given the opportunity to rebuild my life, to get further education, to work, to bring up my son and to enjoy a peaceful life.  I was so grateful that as soon as I was able to stand on my own two feet I wanted to give back something to the community that welcomed me, despite the fact I was not born here, my family didn’t build cities here nor did they contribute here. 
My own country where my family did all those things for centuries had become untenable for me and had kicked me out and UK opened door to me.  For that alone I will be eternally grateful.
I soon began doing community work, setting up Resident’s Association, sitting on Police Consultative Groups and above all helping the disadvantaged.  When faced with issues of how to help those who are homeless, of those who have extremely sick children and similar issues I found I had to ask for political help.  So I became involved in the politics to gain connections to help me to help others.  That was my ‘selfish’ reason to choose to become involved in politics.
As a Tory I never had a problem with any other normal party, Labour, LibDems, Greens.  I worked and cooperated with all of them on the local issues and whenever issues affecting community arose. 
Yes, I fought them during election times, but I had no problem working with them.  I still have a Labour MP and she is a wonderful woman.  In my opinion all these legitimate political parties are full of people like me, people who are doing their best for the love of their communities.  The only difference being the ways we think we can achieve that ultimate goal of creating better lives for all.
In 2008 my whole ward got fed up with ‘A’ lists, puff policies, imposed Oxbridge candidates clueless of politics, lazy, no interest in community work and I with many others left the Conservatives.  We did not defect to any other party but just resigned en masse.  It was then that we were approached by other parties, and I made the biggest mistake of my life and joined UKIP.  At that time I thought that UKIP are just old Conservative Party with rather more Eurosceptic views.
Initially, much like Mr Carswell himself, I was welcomed with open arms.  Nigel Farage was fawning over me (I have the pictures to prove it), there was press coverage, I was a ‘shining star’.  In 2010 I was even  made to be candidate for the 2nd target seat, after Nigel Farage’s, and was one of the selected few, at the UKIP Campaign launch, to be shown to the media at 4 Millbank. 
Yes, Mr Carswell I was in your shoes, before you.
Soon afterwards shocking reality began to sink in.  UKIP doesn’t do political work on the ground, there were no constituents’ surgeries, no campaigning, no canvassing, no contact with the electorate (they are after all, in the immortal words of one of UKIP MEPs, ‘… all stupid bunch who will always vote for us.’ ), let alone any community work offering any chance to help those who need you or to do anything.
Instead Mr. Carswell be warned: you you will be faced every singe day with unpalatable bigotry, class warfare (oh UKIP hates above all those who are educated and have more than a single brain cell in their heads, especially Tory toffs, Labour socialists, LibDems intellectuals or Green enthusiasts), constant internal infighting, gossiping, blackmailing, industrial scale fraud and plain daylight robbery are the norm amongst UKIP leadership team and its close followers. You will find you are constantly hearing and be forced to follow stupidities – ranging from every available conspiracy theory (Jews rule the World, all Muslims talk to each other to hide ‘taqia’, UFOs, Establishment, MI5, FBI, KGB who is following them, Masons etc etc).  If you refuse you will be called every vulgar name you can imagine exists and be harassed daily.
You can also forget about policies (those are created as Nigel’s sees any passing bandwagon to jump on that furthers his personal interest), forget about your input or even proposals. The one thing you will never hear will be how to create a better society for all.
You will also have to accept the fact that Nigel ‘walks on water’, has full and ultimate control of every aspect of the party and don’t you dare steal his limelight or challenge his personal interests.
As to walking on water just consider who would possibly consider the following to be a responsible Press Release:
Embedded image permalink
There really is nothing either professional or clever about trying to belittle one’s rivals!
Then you will have had enough, rude awakenings after many, many sleepless nights and decide to leave.  There is only one catch. You can’t. You can leave UKIP but UKIP will never ever leave you alone.First it will start with hooligans at your door threatening your entire family, late night telephone calls with horrific threats, disgusting letters to your family and friends. 
You will then try to go to Police but will soon find out that all those all too common BNP sympathising Police officers are now UKIP members or supporting Police Officers and you will be arrested based on pack of UKIP lies. Consider the lies and treatment of Nikki Sinclaire, ‘Junius’, Richard North, Heather Connyngham, Richard Suchorzewski, Dr. Eric Edmonds, Delroy Young, Peter Troy, Dr. David Abbott, Greg Lance-Watkins, Petrina Holdsworth, Niall Warry, John West myself and others whose reputation they have set out to try to destroy, for having the temerity to tell the truth about the leadership of UKIP.
It doesn’t matter the fact that you have never done anything illegal, or even any civil infringement in your life, UKIP will create or attempt to create ‘your crime’ (from laughing to UKIP posters, non-existing sexual attacks, stalking their wives from your hospital bed, or ‘fraud’ which also does not exist).  Then you will spend some considerable time (yes, Mr Lord) on police bail until UKIP’s CPS lawyer conjure ‘charges’ based on no evidence, no case to answer.  Consider the fact that Nikki Sinclaire has been on bail for 29 months and even though now charged has received no details regarding her alleged offences, is this the new UKIP style of ‘British Justice’?
You will no doubt still think, ‘this cannot happen in the UK’, we are a country based on rule of law and judicial integrity and will choose to go in front of jury, or so we believe!  The only problem will be the Judge in the case, UKIP longstanding friend who will not allow jury to hear or see any evidence but will give 78 pages long rant against you describing you as worse than a mass murderer to ensure your conviction, jail sentence, mandatory visit to forensic psychiatrist  (who will if you are lucky and get a non UKIP doctor he will write conclusion that you are sane, telling the truth, the whole truth and nothing but the truth under oath and have done nothing) and then you will be sentenced to scare you, in an effort to ruin your life, destroy your health and everything you have worked hard to achieve and to silence you so that you can never challenge the Cult status of UKIP or it deified ultimate power – Nigel Farage! 
If you are lucky few ex UKIP members, who have seen through the lies, bullying and the smoke and mirrors that are Nigel Farage’s cult will eventually contact you to tell you how much UKIP and Nigel were boasting in advance how they set you up, how you will be jailed, how articles who will appear about your conviction are written long before your conviction by UKIP Press Officer, saturated with a pack of lies and dishonest distortions, the implication being how crazy you are, how dangerous you are and above all how you should not be contacted.
The arrogance of UKIP’s leadership is undeniable as is their hubris with regard to their duty of representation of the electorate but the back stabbing and plotting is an omnipresent stench that poisons the soul of UKIP and any hope they might carry out their duty.
And I am the lucky one.  I am still here writing this (despite massive heart failure, inability to walk properly, breathe properly and limited chances of long term survival, brought about by the abuse and the stress of defending myself from these evil people), others are in hiding, too scared to say anything, some with medically recognised depression and some in desperate situations. Even members of the inner sanctum of UKIP such as Annabelle Fuller have been hugely harmed by their association with the Farage Cult and has described herself as having mental problems, and clearly she has attention seeking behaviour patterns.
Finally, you are right, you do not have to listen to a single word I have said today and feel free to do with your life whatever you want to.  I am just writing to warn you in advance or at least give you the opportunity to read this much later – Mr Carswell at least you will have been warned just what kind of mistake you made some 48 hours ago.
With my very best wishes,
Jasna Badzak MBA
Former UKIP Press Secretary,
UKIP Genereal election candidate
and now:
a ‘criminal’ convicted of a crime that does not exist.
Posted by myself as I largely agree with the outline and detail of Jasna Badzak’s open letter to the Tory defector Douglas Carswell.




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