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So Will Ukip’s Biggest Backer Dump The Farage Cult & Back Boris Johnson?

Posted by Greg Lance - Watkins (Greg_L-W) on 31/08/2014

So Will Ukip’s Biggest Backer Dump The Farage Cult & Back Boris Johnson?

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So Will Ukip’s Biggest Backer, Stuart Wheeler, Dump Farage’s Cult following & status & Back Boris Johnson, having raised the profile, and even possibly installing Douglas Carswell at leader of the Ukip rump to facilitate an amalgamation?


the body language of Nigel Farage, in the walk about in Clacton, belies his braying tones of confidence.
Nigel Farage, leader of Ukip
It does seem all too plain why Farage & his cult may well look worried!
Clearly Douglas Carswell stands every possibility of outshining Nigel Farage’s 21 years of failure to get elected as an MP at Westminster by riding on his Tory popularity that gave him a 12,500 majority in his Clacton constituency. A constituency all too well suited to Ukip and their personality cult as shown at CLICK HERE.
Well may Farage look worried as the last time Ukip had an MP representing them at Westminster was when Bob Spink defected to Ukip also from the Tories and also from an Essex constituency where Essex man seems all too willing to succumb to the blandishments of Ukip’s brand of personality cult soft racism and upholding of arcane values of anti homosexuality, chauvenism and outdated fantasies of what they claim are British values – which are all too distant from the truth when one looks at Ukip’s track record of lies, corruption and bullying, so redolent of the SNP on whom they are so closely modelled it would seem!
It was not long before Bob Spink realised the folly of his ways and scrabbled to disassociate himself from Farage’s style of populism, for the sake of his personal reputation which fell in tatters at the next election!
These were not the only slaps in the face Nigel Farage has had to go with the embarrassment that the only seats Ukip has ever come within a sniff of at Westminster were gifted by the Tory voters of Essex – Now we see Ukip’s biggest backer the professional gambler and old Etonian Stuart Wheeler, who has been attributed the accolade of having engineered Douglas Carswell’s defection to Ukip, though in reality that may have much more to do with a fit of pique and the hissy fit of a thwarted drama quenn when denied a room in the main hotel at the Tory conference than much else.
Though it is widely rumoured that a phone call to Stuart Wheeler the night before he de3fected may well have clinched the deal spurred on by a promise that his electoral expenses would be covered by the millionaire and even the promise of either the clandestine support and funding of a bid for leadership or even a display of overt support to become the leader to make Ukip more palatable to the Tories in a sell out as partners in a coalition when Boris Johnson assumes the mantle of leader should David Cameron be forced out for his bungling of the Scottish referendum or his failure to gain a clear majority in the General Election of 2015.
It can not make sleeping east for Nigel Farage whether at The East India Club or sleeping around EUrope any too east to know that even with his cult following Ukip’s most notable backer ever would seemingly dump him in a heartbeat were Boris Johnson to come to power or challenge for the leadership of the Tories.
Dented as this must leave Farage’s huge ego so many members of his cult are enriched by his position as leader or have hopes of preferment to the gravy train in his gift:
EU MEP Cartoon 03It is all to likely that this will, as when Bob Spink quit in disgust, end in tears – It is even more likely that as Ukip has no room for any ego but Farage’s it will end with blood on the carpet under which for all too long Farage and his cult devotees has swept their soiled behaviour!
Be minded that over the years Farage has built a dedicated veritable army who largely oppose the rabble of ner do wells he has gathered around him, in his efforts to try to shine CLICK HERE or HERE
It is becoming ever more clear the media have little but contempt for Farage using him as a usefull pawn with which to bait the Tories save the likes of Russia Today, Alex Jones, Fox News and various conspiracy THEORISTS who find increasingly his style of schoolboy sneer and bully politics apeals to the underbelly of society just as Alex Salmond does in Scotland!
Increasingly both Farage and Salmond are dependent on those who seek the destruction of these United Kingdoms and are all too willing to bully and bray to achieve it, taking us back in time to a period of divisin and ensuring hatred and poverty if they achieve their aims – I have campaigned tirelessly in the way I am able to oppose membership of the EU and to extricate Britain from its malign clutches only to find that after 21 years of climbing the greasy pole to get their snouts in the trough Ukip have still not the vaguest concept of an honourable exit and survival strategy relative to the EU leaving EUroSceptics and EUroRealists alike bereft of a party to support, that stands the vaguest chance of winning a referendum to Leave_The_EU in the face of the absolute inevitability of the use of FUD (Fear, Uncertaint & Doubt) and the relentless campaigning of the political elite that seeks to keep their snots in the troughs on the odious EU Gravy Train.
JUDAS_GOAT 01We are however surrounded by ‘Judas Goats’!
Leading The Ill Informed To The Slaughter!

I would rejoin Tories… but only with Boris as a leader, says mastermind who plotted coup from his castle

  • Stuart Wheeler lit the fuse on the ‘Carswell coup’ over a secret lunch
  • He has been wining and dining a number of dissatisfied Tory MPs
  • Former Tory said he would not return to the party with Cameron as leader
  • But that could change if Boris took over and brought in Ukip-friendly policies

By Glen Owen for The Mail on Sunday

The Ukip donor who helped to mastermind the stunning defection of Douglas Carswell would consider switching back to the Conservatives if Boris Johnson became leader, he said yesterday.

Stuart Wheeler, the multi-millionaire former Tory stalwart who lit the fuse on the ‘Carswell coup’ over a secret lunch, would not return to the Conservatives with David Cameron as leader.

But that could change if Boris took over and introduced Ukip-friendly policies. 


Stuart Wheeler said he would rejoin the Tories if Boris was in charge

Douglas Carswell (right) with Nigel Farage


Wheeler dealer: Mr Wheeler, left, has been wining and dining disaffected Tory MPs – a process which culminated in last week’s bombshell announcement by Douglas Carswell, right, that he was defecting

Mr Wheeler, a former Tory donor who was expelled from the party in 2009 after diverting his funding to Ukip, has been wining and dining disaffected Tory MPs – a process which culminated in last week’s bombshell announcement.

One senior Tory, Mr Wheeler now reveals, was even wooed by being invited to his 17th Century Jacobean castle.

Dan Hannan, an MEP socially and ideologically close to Mr Carswell, has stayed at the Grade I listed Chilham Castle in Kent where Mr Wheeler lives with wife Tessa and their three daughters, including the Vogue model Jacquetta.


In an interview with The Mail on Sunday, Mr Wheeler explained how he had held court with ‘potential defectors’ at discreet lunch venues.

‘I wrote to about ten Eurosceptic Tory MPs saying “Would you like to have lunch with me? Just the two of us, an out-of-the-way restaurant, we won’t be seen. The only other person who will know is Nigel”. And Douglas was one of them.’

He dined with Mr Carswell two years ago at Central London’s Pearl restaurant, which food critics say offers a ‘sensual dining experience’ involving dishes such as scallops, squid  and lamb Wellington.


Mr Wheeler said he would not rejoin the Tories while David Cameron was leader

But he said that might change if Boris got the top job


Conditions: Multi-millionaire Mr Wheeler said that he would not return to the Conservatives with David Cameron as leader. But that could change if Boris, right, took over and introduced Ukip-friendly policies


Guest: Dan Hannan, an MEP socially and ideologically close to Mr Carswell, has stayed at the Grade I listed Chilham Castle in Kent where Mr Wheeler lives with wife Tessa and their three daughters

Guest: Dan Hannan, an MEP socially and ideologically close to Mr Carswell, has stayed at the Grade I listed Chilham Castle in Kent where Mr Wheeler lives with wife Tessa and their three daughters

‘We discussed everything to do with the EU and Cameron’s leadership,’ said Mr Wheeler.  ‘I don’t think I said “How about defecting?” but I would have said “Would you like to meet Nigel Farage?” And now he has.

‘My guess is that he only made his final decision a fortnight ago.’

Mr Wheeler, 79, who made his £90 million fortune in the spread betting industry, refuses to divulge the names of the other MPs he lunched – including two he believes are ‘close to’ following Mr Carswell in defecting – but he is an admirer of former Defence Secretary Liam Fox, former Shadow Home Secretary David Davis and rebellious Tory MP Jesse Norman.

In Vogue: Ukip donor Stuart Wheeler's daughter Jacquetta

In Vogue: Ukip donor Stuart Wheeler’s daughter Jacquetta

He invited former Tory deputy chairman Lord Ashcroft, but the peer declined on the grounds that it would ‘not be appropriate’.

Mr Wheeler said: ‘There are a lot of Tories I admire. An MEP I greatly admire is Dan Hannan. He has been to stay with me in Kent,’ said Mr Wheeler, adding that he couldn’t remember what was discussed but: ‘I am sure we discussed the EU and everything like that’.

Mr Hannan stated last week that he did not intend to defect to Ukip.

No 10 is furious with Mr Wheeler, arguing that his ‘turncoat’ actions are helping to split the right-wing vote and could allow Ed Miliband to win next year’s General Election.

But Mr Wheeler refutes their analysis. ‘I don’t think it is going to be like that. Labour is terrified of us.

There are a lot of Labour constituencies, particularly in the North, where we are a close second and the Tories are a long way behind – it would be greatly to the advantage of the Tories if we take the seat. So I don’t think it is likely to let Labour in, as the Tories are so keen to put about’.

What could the Tories do to persuade him to return to the fold and bring Ukip voters with him?

‘Well, perhaps if Mr Cameron said “You are right, Stuart, we should be campaigning to leave the EU and introduce grammar schools and I was wrong about climate change [existing]”.

‘But that’s something which is undoubtedly not going to happen. And I think I would prefer not to have David Cameron as a leader either.’

He sees an obvious, stand-out alternative.

‘Boris Johnson would be best for getting votes. However, him being leader is not enough in itself – if Boris introduced those policies [on the EU, grammar schools and climate change] then I should think there would quite likely be a deal between the Conservatives and Ukip. But that is not going to happen’.

The businessman said he also rates former Environment Secretary Owen Paterson and Jesse Norman as potential Tory leaders.

Mr Wheeler –  who added that he regards Mr Carswell as a potential future Ukip leader – knows that the ‘Carswell coup’ has caused panic in No 10. ‘We have got them rattled,’ he said. ‘They should be rattled.’

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