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Stuart WHEELER UKIP Treasurer protects HIS money!

Posted by Greg Lance - Watkins (Greg_L-W) on 11/10/2012

Stuart WHEELER UKIP Treasurer protects HIS money!

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Stuart WHEELER as UKIP’s only apparent consequential donnor & UKIP’s Treasurer protects HIS money!!!


this an interesting letter from UKIP’s much proclaimed multi millionaire backer – seemingly their only backer of consequence!

Dear ****


When I was rich I gave the Tories £5 million. Later, disillusioned with their utter failure to do anything about the EU, I gave UKIP money and voted UKIP in the 2009 euro-elections. The Tories expelled me, which was quite reasonable, and lied about how they had done it, which was not.


I am now Treasurer of UKIP. Our finances are slightly better than they were, but that is not saying much (and mine are much worse!). We badly need money which we do not have, to fight at least three by-elections in November. The most high profile will be Corby, where the Conservative MP Louise Mensch, is resigning her seat. 


We are following on from UKIP’s best ever Conference in Birmingham. The media coverage our party is now receiving is like never before and the British political establishment is recognising that UKIP is more popular than ever before.  


Your support over the next few months is absolutely critical for UKIP to succeed.


Stuart Wheeler was at one time a highly successful professional gambler who sold the gambling business he built up for around £90Million – his proud boast was, as I recall, the speed at which he halved this win in a short space of time by making bad investments and bad decisions!

As a gambler it seems he had fairly consistent good luck but as a businessman it seems his competence was fast getting through his winnings!

Stuart Wheeler clearly did not trust UKIP as a condition of his support was, we understand, that he became treasurer but even as treasurer he seemed unable to take sensible actions to protect either UKIP, its members or its reputation – refusing to investigate the lies and corruption that were the very foundation of the accounts he demanded to control!

You will note that he still has in the team the utterly dishonest Mick McGough, the fantasist and fool Douglas Denny, yjr inept and divisive self seeker Lisa Duffy, the proven liar and charlatan Derek Clark the various outright racists willing to work with the scum of EU politics in the overtly racist, anti homosexual, anti Jewish EFD Group which Nigel Farage is a co leader of!

Stuart Wheeler has also kept on the serial liar Mick McGough and I note his old cronie Andrew Smith for whom he was something of a bag carrier is still considered acceptable to UKIP despite the utter disorder in which he left UKIP accounts when he was so called treasurer quitting in something of a panic and leaving Alan Bown to try, and fail abysmally, to field some 28 simple questions regarding the shambols in which UKIP’s accounts were maintained and let us not forget that it was during his brief that John Moran, Alan Bown & Nigel Farage were seemingly acting in concert to raise money via something of a scam called the Ashford Call Center where only just over 10% of the money raise in the name of UKIP was ever to reach UKIP’s account with one sum alone, known to be around £1/4Million, being paid to a private bank account and large sums seemingly laundered through credit card accounts held by Graham Booth.

As treasurer Stuart Wheeler is all too happy to protect his own money but clearly cares not a jot what other money is seemingly purloined nor by whom!

Strange ethics for a man of his means and status!

We also note that Stuart Wheeler would seem happy to have his money associated with the overt racism of both Malcol;m Pearson in promoting his odious Zionist values and the apparent incitement to racial hatred on the part of Gerard Batten who has, in UKIP’s impramature published what can only rationally be called extremist anti Islamic pamphlets based on his own personal prejudices and superstitions.

Also still on Stuart Wheeler’s team is the idiotic little Douglas Denny who sought to orchestrate a kangaroo court against a loyal UKIP regional chairman seemingly just so the utterly corrupt Derek Clark could have sole control of the East Midlands region where subsequently he was found guilty of purloining some £30 > 40K of tax payers money and was ordered to repay it – It was also Douglas Denny who did so much to aid and assist the corruption of Tom Wise blocking every effort to have a disciplinary hearing to either clear his name or throw him out of UKIP for his theft of public money which eventually saw him sentenced to 2 years in prison despite Nigel Farage’s lies on the media to protect himself!

As I recall it was Stuart Wheeler who promised to donate £10K per MEP to match their donation of £10K each – As yet I do not believe Stuart Wheeler has paid out one red cent on these terms as it seems that no UKIP MEP has donated £10,000.

Well who could be expected to pay £100,000 of their own money amongst UKIP’s MEPs for any but personal gain – yes several have in the past made sizeable contributions towards their own election campaigns and maintaining their profile in their region – well of course as it is a sound investment when you consider a one off payment of around £50K for an MEP would likely win them some £80K in payment from the tax p[ayers as what is risibly considered a salary plus of course 10s of £1,000s in attendance allowances and huge amounts surplus in travel costs not to mention the ability in the past to pay their wives and family inflated salaries for little or nothing – of course paying £50 or £100K to ensure a place on the gravy train makes sense.

Where pray are the meaningfull altruistic donations to the party?

I gather none have been made for some considerable time and iot is noted as UKIP’s plastic EUroSceptics leave office none so far has made any notable contribution from their obscenely high severance receipt or their publicly funded most generous pensions much of which it seems was funded by extra monthly payments syphoned from their office allowances!

A quick check of The Electoral Commission site shows clearly that no UKIP MEP has ever made any significant donations to the party!

It seems Stuart Wheeler’s money is safe and anyway in UKIP ‘who cares about the little people’!

We also note that Gerard Batten is further out of favour than heretofore as it seems Nigel Farage, Lisa Duffy and others are actively campaigning for the buffoon Winston McKenzie to be the lead candidate in London – I totally endorse the dumping of the odious and corrupt Gerard Batten and his vile apparent incitement to race hate based on his personal superstitions but surely there must be someone of some stature and gravitas left who supports UKIP who would make a rational candidate as scraping the barrel with candidates like Winston McKenzie, Andrew Smith, Niel Hamilton, Marta Andreassen, Godfrey Bloom, Steve Crowther, Stuart Agnew and their ilk shows UKIP to be not just a failure but something of a joke in poor taste!

One looks at UKIP’s elected officials, elected officers, selected candidates and the scum that form the leadership claque surrounding and promoting the leadership cliwue itself and one can only feel sad to see the dirth of competence, the lack of ability, the absence of gravitas and the invisibility of ethics – a whole party of almost 20 years standing and not only have they not delivered a single solitary result in terms of Leave-The-EU, which is their elected brief, but bereft of anyone of stature or ability who could be expected to deliver anything much more complex than a serious dose of herpes!

Stuart Wheeler believes in the cause of Leave-The-EU and has fallen amongst theives and fools but clearly lacks the ethics or time, at his age, to have a more rewarding hobby – but to be sure he intends to protect his money as treasurer even though he has made it abundantly clear he cares not about fraud, deceit, embezzlement, theft, false accounting, misrepresentation, outright lies – well I guess as long as HIS money is protected for as he says he is loosing it at a faster rate than he made it!

I wonder if Stuart Wheeler has been asked to fund any of UKIP leadership’s netoriously dishonest and corrupt court cases and the lies on which they are so often founded or is payment for these escapades down to the much abused members! I gather despite a most generous health plan for MEPs funded from the public purse that Nigel Farage went so far as to seek to ‘tap up’ the long suffering members for money on account of his light aircraft stunt when it went wrong!

Presumably he will therefore be paying any and all monies he receives from insurance claims in the matter to the party coffers rather than to further bolster his off shore tax avoidance accounts including his Farage Educational Trust in the Isle of Mann where one one occasion a deposit matching monies that went into a UK private account were subsequently deposited it seems!





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