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Paul Nuttall exposes UKIP’s true values!

Posted by Greg Lance - Watkins (Greg_L-W) on 30/09/2012

Paul Nuttall exposes UKIP’s true values!

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The corruption of EUkip’s leadership, 
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is what gives the remaining 10% a bad name!  


Paul Nuttall exposes UKIP’s true values on The Politics Show!

We note Katie Hopkins has her own views as well as presenting the aims of the ‘We Demand A Referendum’ campaign and already the scum that support UKIP are posting web sites to defame and denigrate her, Nikki Sinclaire & Gary Cartwright from a position of obscene anonymity!

The fear is palpable as is the betrayal of the electorate for personal gain!


though I agree with the comment made by Team Junius, on their blog CLICK HERE, I do believe that they have failed to point out that the Farage Party, which represents the so called leadership clique and its claque of scuzzy self seekers, and NOT UKIP which is the well meaning, if stunningly naiive and ill informed 10,000 or so ordinary members who lend their names to the corruption, largely in innocence and a spirit of hope over experience.

Sadly the party is driven on as an unprofessional clique of self serving self interested and mutually self supporting and self enriching and unethical rascals.

It is clear they have no clear aims beyond the mantras that hide their own gain, be it sexual, financial or perceived status as they behave like a rather unpleasant gaggle of low lifes on a reality game show – endlessly attacking and abusing anyone who dares to hold an opinion that may counter or question theirs. None are so berated and abused as those who support the aims of UKIP but have seen through the charlatans who control it.

One need only see the fool Nuttall’s contortions to attack Katie Hopkins and the We Demand A Referendum campaign that has actually achieved something.

Nuttall even went so far as to make an issue of accusing them of vote splitting, no doubt in terror at the prospect of losing his over paid position and having to get a job, as he made it clear he considered MEPs to be ineffective and useless.

It is clear that the We Demand A Referendum campaign does not seek office and has no intention of being a political party and upsetting the carefully constructed LibLabEUkipCon of the two main parties and their acolytes, ensuring they remain on their respective gravy trains; merely working to ensure a referendum on their terms and show that the LibLabEUkipCon want no such fair and informed vote of the people (to appreciate this just read the Faragistas pamphlet on Referendum!).

In fact it was clear that what Team Junius had failed to point out was that The Faraginies have no vision, no strategy, no tactics, no exit and survival strategy and no future and are utterly dependent on pointing out the perceived failings of others, actual or imaginary, as they have not a single solitary achievement to their names and had Jimmy Goldsmith and The Referendum Party lived UKIP would already have faded into oblivion as just anothr gaggle of self seekers.

Farage’s Party is so bereft of aims and achievements and so without professionalism, as shown by the fact that after 20 years they have totally failed to build a team, a structure, MPs or even any sound base of elected councillors of any worth, or as Nuttall makes clear provide anyone of any note other than Farage!

Failed and rejected Tories, be they geriatric, crimional or merely fools, hardly represent success!

To try to promote poor old Lord whatever at the conference as a great achievement when he left the Tories around a decade ago, is virtually unknown to the peoples of Britain and retired long ago, shows the bankruptcy of the Farage Party and the insult to the intelligence of the electorate of fielding the proven corrupt dismissed ex Tory Niel Hamilton is no more than an embarrassment.

As one UKIP insider (with experience as a staffer in the claque) noted recently a good way to achieve prefferment in the Farage Party is to prostitute oneself to promotion!

Swanning around in The EU liberally greasing the wheels is no substitute for achievement and as far as I know was not what was meant by ‘climbing the greasy pole’!

That failed elderly Tories may provide a sad backdrop to the boudoir, the antics of the younger members and their obsession with their ‘members’ merely shows the party for the vile little gaggle of amoral, immoral, racist, abusive, anti homosexual, anti Jewish low lifes they indesputably are.

Check out the track record of the other scum in the EFD and then wonder at how the Farage clique and its claque fit so well in that environment of squalid hate and self enrichment!

My congratulations to We Demand A Referendum and the clarity of their message, as they campaign for an informed debate, as a result of a Royal Commission which shows on an honest and cross party basis the cost benefits of membership of The EU, and a clear set of data on which to devise a Safe, sound and well planned Exit & Survival Strategy (No doubt under Article 50 of the EU constitution).

Then and only then can the peoples of these United Kingdoms vote in a straightforward IN / OUT manner.

To study the Tory Fresh Start one Starts Afresh to reaise it is a ‘device’ with two aims:
To ensure that at an apposite moment Campbell and his team can announce they WILL hold a referendum on IN / OUT AFTER the General Election thus leaving UKIP (unsurprisingly) with no role, as ever, in domestic politics.
02. The other side of their coin is to work, through George EUstace and other sham EUroPlastics to provide one of the most corrupt and rigged votes in British history, on a par with the utterly dishonest Welsh Devolution vote which Labour LOST had they not undeniably rigged it!

The aim is an IN / OUT vote, BUT with huge funding from The EU, massive intervention from areas of big business who are so well protected by the EU red tape from any emergent business or level playing field for competition (ensuring that ALL the gravy on the gravy train is divied up amongst the usual suspects).

The IN vote will hold a codicil along the lines of:
‘Knowing that The Government will work hard to negotiate the very best deal they can with such powers as they can have repatriated do you wish to styay in the single market protected in the global economy when the New EU Constitution is agreed in 2016’

The codicil to the OUT vote will be along the lines of:
‘Do you wish to be OUT of the EU and denied the opportunity to influence the decision making of the largest market group in the world, and the protection it offers – exposed to the risks of being alone in a global market in a dangerous world?’

Yes that is the level of dishonesty to which the LibLabEUkipCon and their EU chums will sink to, you have seen the first round in cartoon form from Nuttall & Toby Young aided by The State broadcasters in the video above!

Do not forget Nigel Farage is a leader of The Pan EU EFD Group in the EU, a group that welcomes and advocates EU membership, merely seeking reform of certain details!

Nuttall and his chums come across as little more than crass, dishonest, self serving petty crooks and only Nikki Sinclaire has EVER spoken out as an elected UKIP MEP, against their corruption and acted on her principles and just look at the vile way they chose to attack and vilify her, even stooping to lies and attempted setups.

Good luck with the campaign Demanding A Royal Commission, and a fair and equitable debate, thereafter to decide a simple IN / OUT Referendum with equal funding, no hidden codicils, equal media coverage and absolutely no involvement of non UK citizens or their EU money.

Such a pity none of Jimmy Goldsmith’s family or children were big enough to wear his shoes. However let us not forget Jimmy Goldsmith was supping with the Devil as an MEP, and believed in EU membership!

Unlike Churchill who clearly stated that ‘ If the choice was between membership of EUrope and the open sea Britain was best served by taking to the open sea’!

I shall continue to campaign to leave the EU and will continue to do all I can to inform of the corruption of rascals like UKIP leadership clique and its claque.

Just as I will happily expose ANYONE who seeks to abuse the We Demand A Referendum Campaign for their own personal gain. Similarly I will seek to do my best to defend the principles and values I have held all my life and will support these who act honourably in the interest of OUR Country and its peoples of whatever creed, superstition or colour as held within the law.

I trust that honest men and women who actually support these United Kingdoms will do all they can to campaign for a Royal Commission, ensuring a clear answer to the cost benefit issue of EU membership and the drawing up of a simple plausible ‘Exit & Survival Strategy’ to then ensure a free, fair and informed equitable referendum of a simple IN /OUT.





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